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Recommendations from TSM Company before sending a parcel to Russia

To make the parcel delivery in the fastest way, please, follow the list of recommendations that the courier service Time Saving Machine has prepared for the clients of international cargo transportation.

The sender needs to:

  • print the consignment note before the arrival of the courier;
  • turn on the sound on the phone, don’t forget to answer an incoming call from the courier and confirm the time on the appointed delivery day of the parcel, documents or cargo;
  • be at the pre–arranged place for picking up the parcel by courier;
  • give the printed consignment note to the courier;
  • send the invoice to the recipient by e–mail or messenger to get know the list of items in the parcel;
  • refuse to give the courier the client’s contract with the courier delivery service TSM, if the payer is the sender.

The recipient needs to:

  • be in touch until the courier delivers the parcel to the addressee;
  • notify the TSM personal manager if the recipient wants to change the address or contact data;
  • get acquainted with the invoice because the customs service may ask additional questions about the items in the parcel.

Sanction restrictions made the delivery of parcels, cargo and documents impossible to Russia, but the team of Time Saving Machine has solved this problem. However to ship parcels to Russia from abroad without hindrance the TSM needs clients help. When you are going to give the box with items to the courier, please, don’t tell him that your parcel goes to Russia. Time Saving Machine has opened an additional office in Asia. Your shipment will be supplied to the last one and only after that to the Russian Federation. The couriers who pick up the cargo for delivery are hired employees from TSM’s partnership transport companies. They can refuse to take the parcel, if you tell them about the end point in the form of a country that stays under the sanctions.

For more information, please, follow to the website of company and contact one of the managers.

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