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Transportation of goods with a temperature requirements

One of the most important conditions for safe delivery is taking into account the features of the shipment. Therefore, the Time Saving Machine company efficiently organizes the transportation of goods in compliance with the temperature requirements. This service is relevant during transportation:

  • works of art, cultural valuables;
  • perishable products;
  • perfumery, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products;
  • biological materials;
  • objects and materials suffering from low, high or contrasting temperatures.

Refrigerated trucks and climate-controlled vans are used for delivery. If necessary, it is possible to pack the transported items into special climatic boxes.

Related services

Most customers prefer to maximize the security of delivery, given this, TSM offers a comprehensive service. As part of the transportation in compliance with the climatic requirements, you can additionally order:

  • insurance (the cost of the service is 1% of the declared departure price);
  • temporary storage in optimal conditions;
  • rigging works (including using a crane);
  • preparation of accompanying documentation;
  • customs clearance.

It is possible to report on thermal parameters, for example, fixing special indicators on packages. Such stickers change visual characteristics (color or other parameters) when environmental conditions change.

Advantages of cooperation with TSM

Contacting Time Saving Machine is a guarantee of high-quality services for the delivery of your cargo that needs to fit special temperature requirements, because:

  • the company's partners have the necessary licenses and equipment for such work;
  • you can choose the optimal rate for the cost and speed of delivery;
  • a personal approach to the logistics of order fulfillment is practiced.

You can find out any nuances of TSM's work through a chat on the website or by phone — the company's employees are ready to answer questions and give reliable information.

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