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What Can I Send to Russia from UK?

Documents & Mail

We dispatch correspondence across / from / to Russia from UK with a guarantee of prompt delivery and confidentiality. Documents can be sent in envelopes and security packages.

Parcels & Packages

Courier delivery of small parcels to Russia from UK of from it — is a great alternative to mail. The period of delivery is shortened, the safety of the shipment is guaranteed.


Courier dispatch of business and private letters allows to send the correspondence promptly — literally day to day.

Express shipping across to Russia from UK

Courier express delivery to Russia from UK is performed for Companies and private individuals. TSM works with parcels, letters, cargo — any kind of shipment, using different types of transport.

The events of 2022 have made adjustments to the transport and logistics communication between the UK and Russia. But not all courier services refused to serve the territory of the Russian Federation. Some delivery services have laid new transportation routes and continue to carry out shipments both from the UK to Russia and in the opposite direction. One of these is the Time Saving Machine, which is connected to the aggregator platform and today the TSM team prepared the delivery algorithm from the UK to Russia.

Algorithm of delivery from the UK to Russia in 2023

When it comes to sending a parcel from the UK to Russia in 2023, there are a few key points to consider. Firstly, it is important to choose a reliable delivery company like Time Saving Machine that offers efficient and secure shipping services. Secondly, you will need to decide how long you want the delivery to take, as different shipping options may have varying transit times. Additionally, it is crucial to consider the shipping cost and choose a service that fits your budget. Lastly, make sure to check if the chosen delivery service provides package tracking to Russia for added convenience and peace of mind. With an experienced company like Time Saving Machine, you can ensure your parcel arrives safely and efficiently despite the complexities of shipping to Russia.

Choose a reliable delivery company

The recent world events of 2022 have led many major courier services like DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS to cease operations with Russia. However, there is still one transport company connected to the aggregator platform that continues parcel delivery from the UK to Russia despite sanctions - Time Saving Machine (TSM).

TSM is an experienced courier firm that has specialized in international logistics since 2014. In 2023, their logisticians established new legal shipment routes to transport parcels, letters, samples and cargo between the UK and Russia. With many big-name couriers unable to serve Russia anymore, TSM provides a reliable option for businesses and individuals needing to send packages between the two countries. Their expertise navigating the complex trade restrictions makes TSM uniquely qualified to facilitate UK to Russia deliveries.

Decide how long do you want to get the delivery from the UK to Russia

When arranging delivery from the UK to Russia with TSM, customers can choose between three shipping timeframes:

  • Urgent: 1-3 days
  • Standard: 5-15 working days
  • Economy: 21-28 working days

It's important to select the delivery timeframe that best suits your needs. Urgent shipments are the fastest but most expensive option. Standard deliveries balance speed and cost. Economy shipments take the longest but are the most affordable.

To get the best rate for your parcel to Russia, order your TSM delivery as far in advance as possible. Planning ahead allows you to take advantage of lower economy pricing for delivery to Russia, even for faster standard and urgent parcel delivery speeds. TSM's experience navigating trade regulations lets them provide reliable UK to Russia delivery timeframes to meet any schedule, ensuring a smooth parcel delivery process. When you need to send a parcel to Russia from the UK, TSM is your ideal partner, with competitive pricing and expertise to handle all customs documentation. Their specialized knowledge streamlines the process so you can send parcel to Russia seamlessly.

Decide what shipping cost from the UK to Russia will suit you

The price of parcel delivery to Russia directly depends on the transport company's expenses for shipping and the selected tariff. The cost of shipping parcels to Russia with TSM depends on several key factors:

  • Delivery Speed - Faster shipment times generally cost more. Urgent 1-3 day deliveries are the most expensive, while 21-28 day economy shipping is the most affordable.
  • Destination - Shipping to remote regions of Russia or farther distances increases delivery rates. Sending to major cities is cheaper.
  • Package Weight and Size - Larger and heavier packages cost more to ship because of additional handling needs and weight-based rates. Keeping parcel dimensions down reduces prices.

In addition to these factors, TSM's base transportation expenses and selected tariff impact final costs. Customers should consider their speed needs, destination address, package specs, and TSM's competitive rates when budgeting delivery from the UK to Russia. Advanced planning can minimize costs.

What documents are required for express delivery to Russia from the UK

Sending a package via express delivery from the UK to Russia necessitates specific documentation for swift and compliant customs clearance. To expedite the process, a comprehensive commercial invoice is essential. This document should include detailed descriptions of the parcel contents, transportation arrangements, itemized product costs, complete sender and receiver addresses, quantities of each item shipped, package details, and the total declared value for the country. Multiple copies of the commercial invoice, both enclosed within the package and attached externally, facilitate Russian customs' efficient verification of import regulations, aiding in swift customs clearance.

For bulk solids and liquids, it's essential to furnish a safety and origin data sheet. This contract should explicitly specify the parties' identities, transaction terms, payment details, and signing date, including the country of origin. Notarized copies of the contract further validate the shipment's details, expediting customs clearance while minimizing potential delays or inquiries related to the weight of the goods. Additionally, certificates of origin play a crucial role by officially declaring the product's country of manufacture, and they provide essential information about the sender, recipient, and goods, including their weight. 

Check if it is possible to track package to Russia

When sending a parcel to Russia, be sure to use a courier service like TSM that offers package tracking. TSM provides tracking capabilities that allow you to closely monitor your shipment's status as it travels from the UK to the recipient in Russia. TSM's tracking provides real-time visibility into your parcel's journey, including when it departs the UK, passes through any transit hubs, clears Russian customs, and finally gets delivered for parcel to Russia. TSM offers online tracking tools and shipment status notifications to keep you informed at every step of your delivery to Russia. Tracking with TSM brings added peace of mind, ensuring you know exactly where your package is during the parcel delivery process, which can be especially helpful if any issues come up.

Find out restrictions on the delivery of certain goods from the UK to Russia

When preparing a shipment from the UK to Russia with Time Saving Machine (TSM), it's crucial to consult TSM for guidance on any potential restrictions or regulations related to the items you intend to send. TSM can provide valuable insights into Russia's import regulations, helping you identify any banned or controlled commodities within your parcel for the country. Russia places limitations on various items, including electronics, food products, chemicals, medicines, and certain technology shipments, and weight may impact compliance paperwork requirements. To avoid customs delays and ensure a smooth shipping process, it's essential to disclose any restricted contents, including their weight, to TSM in advance, benefiting from their expertise in Russian import rules.

Make sure you can ask for help if you have any questions or problems with shipping from the UK to Russia

When using Time Saving Machine (TSM) for shipments from the UK to Russia, you have the benefit of a dedicated account manager who serves as your primary point of contact. This account manager provides specialized support for any inquiries, assistance with import regulations, paperwork, parcel tracking, and transit issues. They possess extensive knowledge of UK-to-Russia shipping procedures and can offer tailored guidance for your specific shipments. TSM's customer-centric approach ensures you'll never have to navigate shipping complexities on your own, as your account manager is readily available to address your concerns, ensuring a smooth process throughout.

Find out what form of payment is for delivery from the UK to Russia

Time Saving Machine (TSM) offers a customer-oriented approach for international shipping from the UK to Russia. They provide versatile payment options, absorb tariff costs with major carriers, and offer discounts of up to 20% for frequent shippers through long-term contracts. TSM's service covers a wide range of items, including temperature-sensitive goods, with meticulous document support. Their personal manager system ensures swift resolution of customs delays. With a global reputation for seamless service, TSM stands out as a preferred choice for international shipping, including to Russia, making them an ideal selection for shipping needs worldwide.

Time Saving Machine (TSM) has launched international delivery services to Russia, backed by a service agreement that ensures consumer protection. With a multi-currency account, TSM accepts payments in various global currencies, making it convenient for parcel to Russia and delivery to Russia. TSM also provides support for sourcing and delivering goods from the UK and worldwide to Russia, offering a secure and hassle-free parcel delivery experience.

Find out the ways of shipping from the UK to Russia

Time Saving Machine (TSM) excels in shipping packages from the UK to Russia due to its extensive network of renowned carriers like DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS, Aramex, and China Express, offering a diverse range of shipping options to the country. They streamline the process by swiftly assessing client needs within 10 minutes, providing convenience and efficiency for both individuals and businesses sending items from the UK to Russia. TSM's flexibility covers various items, from small certificates to substantial industrial equipment, ensuring a seamless shipping experience to the country. They are committed to reaching remote destinations and specialize in hand-to-hand delivery and shipping temperature-sensitive goods, ensuring a seamless experience for individuals and businesses shipping items from the UK to Russia.

Transit Times and Delivery Options

The transit delivery time from the United Kingdom to Russia depends on the selected tariff. Urgent delivery within 24-48 hours is provided by a TSM company agent in Europe to both business address and private address.

Delivery to Russia from the UK within 5 - 7 business days is possible by combining the services of European courier services and logistics companies operating in the CIS for both business and private individuals. Usually, delivery by courier services is transited through the TSM branch in Asia for all clients.

If the client wants to save on delivery costs for parcels from the UK to Russia, the TSM company manager offers an economy tariff with a delivery time of 21 - 28 business days. In this case, shipments from all over the world are consolidated at the TSM partner office located in Europe for both business addresses and private addresses of individuals. After the parcels are collected, the cargo transport departs from Europe to Asia, and then to Russia for delivery to all addresses.

Do not forget about checking parcels, envelopes, cargo weight by customs services. If the accompanying documents such as invoice, invoice, are filled in correctly without errors, then there will be no delays at the country's borders. Be sure to include accurate business addresses on the paperwork. Therefore, for quick customs clearance, entrust the completion and collection of customs documents to the employees of the international logistics company Time Saving Machine. Their expertise will ensure business address and other details on paperwork are filled out properly for smooth delivery.

Factors Affecting Transit Times

Parcel delivery transit times for international shipments are influenced by a myriad of factors that can significantly impact the efficiency and speed of delivery. These factors, including the country of origin and the weight of the goods, are instrumental in determining how quickly goods can move from the point of origin to their destination. Understanding these variables is crucial for shippers and logistics professionals seeking to optimize delivery schedules and meet customer expectations. Four key factors can significantly influence transit times for international parcel deliveries:

  • Distance and Geography
  • Transport Mode
  • Customs and Documentation
  • Transport Provider and Route

Remote Area Surcharges

Remote area surcharges can impact transit times and delivery options when sending a parcel to Russia from the UK. Russia's vast size and diverse geography mean that some destinations may be considered remote, such as Ust-Nera or Boronuk. Shipping to these areas may require additional time and resources, including extra fuel costs. As a result, courier services may apply surcharges to account for these factors. It's important to be aware of these surcharges and factor them into your shipping quote to avoid any unexpected costs. 

Sending Gifts to Russia

When sending gifts from the UK to Russia, it's important to follow specific guidelines and restrictions. Delivery of gifts to Russia is carried out carefully and reliably from hand to hand by couriers. Gifts under €200 in value enjoy a duty exemption. Real-time tracking is essential for safe and timely delivery, and Time Saving Machine (TSM), offers an advanced tracker. TSM's customer service team helps resolve any delays. Partnering with TSM, a reliable courier service with experience in shipping to Russia, ensures efficient delivery. Proper packaging is vital, and familiarity with Russian customs regulations is recommended. With TSM's global network and customer-centric approach, your gift delivery from the UK to Russia is made easy.

Packing Tips for Sending Parcels to Russia

When sending parcels to Russia, it is crucial to pay attention to the packing process to ensure the safety of the contents. The first step is to purchase a sturdy box, preferably double-corrugated for heavier items. For secure delivery to Russia, each individual item should be wrapped carefully with packing material, such as bubble wrap, and placed securely inside the box. Finally, the box should be sealed with parcel tape in a Union Flag pattern, with the shipping label being the only one on the box and easily readable for parcel delivery.

Box Selection

Selecting the appropriate packaging is crucial when sending parcels to Russia from the UK in order to ensure safe and secure delivery. Here are some important tips to consider for box selection:

  •  Choose a sturdy and durable box that can withstand the rigors of transit.
  • Opt for a box that is the right size for your items to prevent excess movement and potential damage.
  •  Use high-quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or foam customers inserts to provide cushioning and protection.
  • Seal the box securely with strong packaging tape to prevent it from opening during parcel delivery transit.
  • Clearly label the box with the recipient's address and contact information to ensure accurate delivery.

Item Wrapping and Packing Material

One important aspect of sending parcels to Russia from the UK is choosing the appropriate wrapping materials and packing methods. When preparing your parcel for shipment, it is essential to ensure that it is well-protected and secure during transit. Use sturdy boxes or packaging materials that can withstand the rigors of transportation, regardless of their weight.Sending gifts from the UK to Russia in 2023? Rely on the expertise of TSM Company for expert guidance. Contact us at +1 213-459-5581 or visit us online at Our experienced team possesses comprehensive insights into international gift shipping regulations, ensuring a hassle-free and timely delivery of your valuable presents. With advantages such as discounted rates, customs assistance, and delivery guarantees, TSM streamlines the process of sending gifts to Russia and globally. Count on our specialists to handle all the intricacies and transform your international gift shipments into stress-free delivery to Russia and global destinations.

How to send a package to Russia from UK?

Delivery geography

TSM employees and partners deliver cargo to 150 000 settlements in 240 countries. Due to extensive infrastructure and usage of all types of transport express delivery covers 99% regions of the World.

Delivery speed

The speed of orders execution is dictated by the clients’ needs. Express delivery of mail and cargo in-side the City is possible within an hour. The period of delivery to other regions — is a maximum of a day. To speed up the work, couriers deliver shipments by taxi and planes.

Delivery Options

Express delivery from or to Russia from UK is not possible only for cargo that is legally prohibited for shipment.

Service Restrictions

Urgent delivery to Russia from UK of shipments any size and configuration weighing up to 2204 lbs is carried out.

Dimensions and weight

The parcel is assigned an identification number. It is enough to enter it into a special line of the online service and click the "Track" button to see the status of the shipment on the way to the addressee. You can find out the number from the courier or manager.

Delivery cost

The price of services by the basic rates, developed for Letters, parcels, cargo. Increased rates are provided for urgent shipments. The cost includes only the expenses necessary for high-quality delivery.

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How does the service work?
After you have left a request on our website or by phone, based on your time and budget requirements, our managers will select the best offer for delivery. After approval, a courier comes to you, picks up your postal item, and delivers it.
Can you send parcels to Russia now?
Yes, you can send parcels to Russia with Time Saving Machine (TSM). TSM's extensive network includes DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS, Aramex, China Express, and numerous other logistics companies, providing customers with a seamless and hassle-free international shipping experience to Russia. They handle a wide range of shipments, from small certificates to large industrial equipment, ensuring delivery to both big cities and small villages.
Which courier services deliver to Russia?
TSM collaborates with a comprehensive range of courier services to deliver parcels to Russia. This network includes prominent carriers like DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS, Aramex, China Express, and more. By partnering with TSM, customers can access multiple courier options, eliminating the need to individually contact each carrier for cost, transit time, and transportation information.
How long does post take from Russia to the UK?
The time it takes for post to travel from Russia to the UK may vary depending on the selected shipping option and courier service. TSM offers various delivery options, including express services that can deliver items between countries within 24 hours using air couriers. The specific delivery time can be determined based on the chosen service and its associated transit times.
What are the customs requirements for shipping to Russia?
When shipping to Russia, it's essential to adhere to Russian customs requirements. TSM's comprehensive service includes assistance with customs documentation and compliance. They also provide support in the event of customs delays, ensuring the necessary documents are in order for efficient and clear customs. Properly completing a Russian customs declaration form is the final step to facilitate swift customs clearance upon arrival in Russia by express delivery.
What are the duty-free import limits for parcels to Russia?
Duty-free import limits for parcels to Russia are subject to change and depend on various. They may vary based on the value of the items being shipped. It's crucial to note that shipments under €200 in value enjoy a duty exemption. TSM ensures that clients can navigate these regulations efficiently, minimizing import duty or tax charges for parcels falling under this limit.

Why choose TSM for shipping to Russia from UK?

delivered shipments
Saving time

Saving time. The developers of the online service have created a website through which, in a single window mode, the site user compares the prices and terms of all courier services connected to the platform, and logistics specialists have developed the shortest delivery routes. Depending on objective conditions, the transportation can take an hour, a day, or take up to three days.

Up to
2204 lbs
The envelope,
the package,
and the piano.

The envelope, the package, and the piano. We will transport the shipment of any size and weight. We will even help with moving to another country or another continent, carefully transporting any archive with documents there.

60 min
time saving
From A to Z or why we work turnkey

From A to Z or why we work turnkey. Turnkey delivery of documentation abroad is a full support: assistance in filling out supporting documents, packaging, calling a personal courier, if it is import or export, then assistance with customs clearance, as well as insurance. We make sure that your shipment is delivered in one piece and on time.

750 000 $
Insurance policy
up to 750 000$

Insurance policy up to 750 000$. The risks arising during delivery abroad, according to the insurance policy, are assumed by us. We carefully check the supporting documentation, pack the shipment securely, which is important for obtaining a refund. If there is an insured event or a disagreement with the delivery service, we take measures to eliminate the difficulties encountered until a positive decision is reached. Please note that insurance is charged separately in the amount of 1% of the declared value.

Customer Reviews

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I want to thank this company for the flawless service from the beginning to the end of the process. You guys are so good! In particular, I single out the manager Mikhail. My choice between several companies depended on him. The delivery was from Kazan to Australia. Everything went fantastically. Complete instructions for each step before sending. The courier arrived on time. No worries. Completed on time, as promised 6-7 days. Hand-to-hand. I don't even know what to wish you guys, just prosperity. You're perfect. I will use your services in the future. I recommend you to everyone!
The original diplomas were safely delivered at the speed of light from Moscow to Quito (Ecuador). The prices turned out to be among the most attractive, the estimated delivery time was 9-12 days, but they were delivered in 5!
To complete the task of sending a specific parcel from Moscow to the UK, I decided to go with TSM. Firstly, because of the cost (lower than the carrier company), secondly for the service provided (full preparation of accompanying documents and courier call), thirdly for the payment convenience. Thanks to TSM for all of the above!!! I definitely recommend this company!

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