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5 interesting international shipments to Russia from all over the world beyond 2022

Despite world events in the 2022–2023 period, there are a lot of European businessmen who are ready to develop international communications with Russian manufacturers. They continue to send samples, raw materials, equipment and products to Russia and the transport company Time Saving Machine helps them to do this.

TSM is an aggregator of international carriers. Since 2014 we have been delivering commercial cargoes, documents and parcels with personal belongings. We work only with reliable and time–tested logistician partners and deliver items from door to door. We call it courier delivery and we have prepared 5 interesting international shipments to Russia from all over the world beyond 2022.

Presents new sweet tastes to Russians with delivery of 8 different types of grain coffee from Italy

In September 2022 a customer called the Time Saving Machine company with a request for several different types of grain coffee delivery from Italy to Russia. There were 8 packages of samples — 375 gr each and one pack with a gift of ground coffee. The client had about 2 weeks for delivery of the parcel, so the manager offered him a standard tariff with transportation terms from 9 to 11 working days.

For registration of transport documents for international cargo, the manager ask the client to send:

  • cargo pickup address in Italy: city, street, number of house and office;
  • details of the sender;
  • weight and size of parcel;
  • estimated value of the cargo;
  • delivery address;
  • contact information of the recipient.

In 2 hours the TSM manager made a contract with the customer, charged an invoice for 100 % prepayment, compileted accompanying transport and customs documents for the samples. When the samples were prepared by the sender, a courier appeared on the doorstep of the company and took the cargo. The delivery from Italy to Russia was about 8 working days.

Helps to develop Russian fabric with delivery of steel metric bolts from Serbia

In October 2022 a casting factory spokesman contacted the delivery service Time Saving Machine. He asked the manager to calculate the time and cost of shipping of fixing bolts from Serbia to Russia. The customer focused on the speed of transportation, so the TSM manager offered an urgent supply by air courier in 1–3 days. This tariff includes:

  • delivery support by a personal assigned manager;
  • help of TSM team in making transport and customs documents;
  • reliable additional packaging of cargo;
  • tracking the location of the parcel on the delivery route;
  • shipping by courier from hand to hand.

The client liked the offering service and quickly sent the manager all the necessary information for making the contract with the delivery service and prepayment. Already 2 hours after the shipping request the logisticians put an air courier on the route and he took the cargo from the sender. The international delivery of steel metric bolts from Serbia to Russia took only 2 days and this is under severe sanctions.

Saves 5 devices with delivery of OLED–displays from Netherlands

In May 2022 the TSM manager got a phone call with a request to deliver 5 picks of OLED–displays from the Netherlands to Russia. Such screens are used for smartphones, tablets, televisions and other electronic gadgets. New displays for different devices were in original packaging, but because of the fragile type of cargo the client asked the manager to put the shipment in bubble wrap and wrapped the cardboard box in 2 layers of stretch foil. The Time Saving Machine company provides such service regardless of what kind of transportation tariff the customer has chosen. For shipping to Russia there are four of them:

  • urgent delivery in 1–3 days;
  • standard express supply in 4–8 working days;
  • standart express supply type 2 in 9–11 working days;
  • economy variant of shipping in about 21–28 working days.

The client chose one of them and the TSM company delivered the cargo from Amsterdam to Moscow without any delays.

Overcomes the client’s fear while delivering the powdered state of plant guar from India

In May 2022 on the Time Saving Machine website there was an application for the terms of delivery calculation from India to Russia. They need to send a small package with 1 kg of powdered state of plant guar. It is used in the food industry and this kind of plant is not a dangerous cargo. The box full of the compound was ready to supply and the client had all permits for it.

The TSM manager quickly made the calculation and offered the customer the tariffs different in cost and time. The client chose the standard one and signed the contract with the delivery service, but after 2 hours he changed his mind because of 100 % prepayment. It appeared that the customer had a negative experience with one transport company that carried out shipping on full prepayment. The client had ordered international transportation and while the parcel was on the way, the courier service became bankrupt. Both cargo and money were lost.

The TSM manager was sad about the previous experience of the customer and explained that the delivery service works since 2014 and has 100 % of supplies without delay. With other arguments the manager convinced the businessman to order international transportation through Time Saving Machine and in 7 days the parcel with the Indian powder was in Yekaterinburg.

Saves reputation with delivery of motherboards from China

In April 2022 the TSM manager got an application to ship some free samples of motherboards from China to Russia. The customer’s priority was the speed of delivery. The dates for testing the samples were set and the reputation of the company depended on whether the motherboards would arrive on time.

In a matter of minutes, the manager made a contract, charged an invoice for payment and filled out transport and customs documents. The next day after the application was made, the courier already took the samples from the sender. The delivery from China to Saint–Petersburg took less than 10 days and the recipient got them earlier than the date for testing samples started.

Do you need a reliable delivery service of transportation cargoes to Russia? Please, go to the website of the TSM company, contact the manager and get fast shipping from all over the world.

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