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The basis of the Time Saving Machine (TSM) company's product is an aggregator of courier and logistics companies` offers for the delivery of letters, parcels and cargo to 240 countries around the world. The online service organizes express delivery of correspondence, parcels up to 50 kg and medium-sized cargo up to one ton.

The company's mission is to save our customers' time by providing the best express delivery service.

For legal entities (B2B), goods and documents are transported at the following conditions:

  • from one A4 sheet with delivery in 24 hours to anywhere in the world;
  • to the secret cargo with the need to observe the temperature regime and delivery to the closed city, to the nuclear power plant.

For individuals (B2C), express delivery of shipments abroad is performed under special conditions.

The service takes care of the customer, providing:

  • control of the courier`s arrival to the sender at the appointed hour;
  • preparation of bills, certificates, references, invoices, packing lists, contracts, safety data sheets and other documents;
  • cargo packaging, labeling, insurance;
  • coordination with customs, brokers in the country of departure and receipt;
  • additional services for storage, lowering and lifting by loaders, rigging work;
  • online tracking on the way to travel;
  • delivery in person to the recipient or to the nearest office by the agreed date.

When executing orders, combined resources are used, including mostly: couriers, warehouses, and planes. But for remote localities, there are also cars/trucks, railways, sea and river vessels. Control over the contractors` work and their own resources is provided by a staff of 37 programmers, CRM and ERP systems, route and cost time gliders operating based on artificial intelligence.

The service provides delivery times from 10 to 48 hours worldwide through the "Our Courier" service. There are 118 employees with open visas to 200+ countries. When an urgent delivery is needed, the courier takes the shipment and flies with it on the next flight.

What do we deliver?
Why can we be trusted with the first shipment?
Courier service aggregator
TSM is an online delivery service to 240 countries that compares offers by price, time, call a courier online. One contract is signed, a single account is created, and managers help and solve tasks for you.
Non-standard shipments
We will help when no one else can. If you need to urgently deliver it in a day or faster, if you need to pack and clear it, if you need loaders or a crane or other non-standard task - WE WILL DO IT!
Combining services with each other
To solve the problems that are important to you and your business, we combine suppliers with each other. If the called courier is delayed, late, unable to arrive in time to deliver or pick up the parcel, we will send a local courier company to intercept the shipment and deliver it to the warehouse or airport. More than 450 courier services and carrier companies have joined our service.
Order more than just a courier from TSM
If you need a transport or a team of riggers, a warehouse for two months, then call the manager of the company “TSM", who will organize without fuss, hassle and additional documents.
Alexey Antonov
CEO and Founder
Alexander Nekrasov
Head of Customer Service
Olga Ostapets
Deputy General Director
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