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The Time Saving Machine company applies a comprehensive approach to the delivery of postal items, including paying attention to the safety of correspondence, parcels and cargo. However, even with careful selection of transport, high-quality packaging, and careful loading, it is impossible to guarantee 100% safety of the transported items, since not all the circumstances of delivery depend on the transport or courier company. Insuring your postal items helps to minimize financial risks from extraordinary situations. Thanks to its partners, TSM provides this service to its customers:

  • on favorable terms;
  • using various programs.

Insured objects

The object of insurance can be any item that is transferred to the delivery contractor for movement within Russia or abroad. Insurance is possible for items that have material value, and those whose value cannot be determined. According to this criterion, postal items can be classified into two groups.

  1. Parcels and cargo with various types of goods, advertising printing, antiques, office equipment, etc. They have an actual cost, based on which the amount of the insurance is determined. If the price of the contents of the parcel or cargo is confirmed by documents, the insurance premium and the amount of payments are calculated based on it. In the absence of confirmation, the market value of the product is taken as the basis.
  2. Corporate and personal documents. People often send contracts, production documentation, passports, diplomas, etc. Such delivery items do not have an actual cost, so the financial terms of the insurance are determined by the policyholder, based on the insurer's rates.

Insurance issuance

The insurance option is available to all TSM customers. The presence of the policy guarantees that the company will minimize all potential risks, and carefully check the reliability of the cargo packaging and the correctness of the accompanying papers. In the event of a dispute with the courier service or the insurer, TSM will deal with the settlement until a decision is received in favor of the client. Thus, getting insurance with the help of TSM will eliminate problems with obtaining a monetary refund if the postal item is damaged during delivery.

The insurance premium is defined as 1% of the declared value of a letter, parcel, book post, or cargo.

You can apply for a policy:

  • online in your personal account on our website;
  • via popular messengers;
  • in the company's office;
  • when giving the postal item to the courier;
  • via a call to a customer service operator;
  • by email.

The Time Saving Machine team, whether you contact an online consultant or a telephone line operator, are ready to explain the details at any time (you can also order a callback).

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