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Customs declaration

The Time Saving Machine company strives to free customers from routine non-core work as much as possible, and offers an additional service for this purpose - preparing a customs declaration of goods for international delivery. Thanks to this service, senders and recipients:

  • do not get distracted from their main business processes to solve logistics tasks and take care of formalities;
  • enjoy the benefits of timely delivery of goods around the world (efficiency is guaranteed by TSM offices in 200 countries);
  • maintain smooth interactions with customs authorities thatnks to correctly issued documents.

It is important to understand that cargo owners have the right to deal with the declaration themselves instead of choosing a representative. However, our complete service is the most rational option, since it eliminates inconsistencies and minimizes the risks of additional costs. Therefore, it is more economical to conclude a contract for customs clearance together with the main order for international delivery. Cargo declaration services are paid for at a separate rate.

Interaction with regulatory organizations

Monitoring by authorized agencies is often required for goods subject to customs clearance. Products transported across borders need phytosanitary and veterinary oversight with a selection of samples and specimens, and passage of quarantine measures. Time Saving Machine is ready to organize such procedures in accordance with current laws, completely freeing customers from interacting with regulators.

Temporary storage

Sometimes the process of customs clearance involves the need to place the declared goods in temporary storage warehouses. TSM has its own warehouse facilities in 240 countries around the world, so we are able not only to provide the service, but also to offer a relatively low price for it. A temporary storage fee is charged to the importer after three days after the cargo arrives, if the delay in the declaration process was not caused by TSM.

Related procedures

Translation and preparation of documentation. If necessary, and in agreement with the clients, translators are involved to work with invoices and other foreign-language documents. This service reduces the time for processing and eliminates the risk of incorrect transfer, which can cause problems with customs.

Preparation of technical descriptions of the goods or other related documents required for declaration. The work is performed by specialists, which eliminates the risk of incorrect interpretation of the characteristics of the cargo.

Preparation of export declarations. This service is needed if the cargo is delivered to a country where a special declaration is required if the weight and cost limits are exceeded or if controlled goods are transported.

Confirmation of the customs declaration. The order manager informs the importer about the arrival of the cargo, requests the necessary documents for registration, and agrees on the nuances of the declaration procedure.

Formal declaration. If cargo that isn’t subject to any restrictions is transported, it can be declared in the consolidated manifest. This approach reduces the cost of customs clearance and speeds up the process.

Preparation of multi-prepared declarations. For customs clearance of cargo consisting of several items, a more complex document is prepared, taking into account the classification of the codes of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity. Each line of the declaration contains data for only one position.

Customs transit by agreement of the parties. The order manager contacts the importer to coordinate the declaration or other actions when the shipment has arrived.

Temporary import / export of cargo. If the movement of the goods to the destination is forcibly suspended, TSM can prepare the goods for temporary import through customs and subsequent export along the main route. Descriptions, photos, codes, and numbers are used to identify the product.

Declaration correction. When processing documents, changes are allowed regarding the value of the cargo, the classification of the goods contained in it, and the data of the importer. TSM employees make such corrections at the request of customs authorities or customers. The process is possible both during and after the declaration, if the documents are found to be inconsistent with the facts.

Involving an independent broker. TSM can select a third-party declarant at the client`s request. The company is not responsible for the actions of such a broker, but only performs an intermediary role in selection and transfer of authority, charging a small fee for the service provided.

Cost of customs declaration services

ServiceCalculation unitPrice*
Customs declaration processingper cargo (for cargo worth more than 200 euros)starting at 15 000 rub
Customs storageper cargo, from the third business day of the registration procedurestarting at 500 rub/day
Translation of documentationA4 sheetstarting at 1500 rub
Preparation of technical descriptions of the productname of the commodity nomenclature (CN)starting at 350 rub
Confirmation of customs declarationper cargostarting at 1000 rub
Formal declarationper cargostarting at 15000 rub
Preparation of multi-product declarationseach code in the CNstarting at 400 rub
Customs transit (with filling in 1 CD sheet)per cargostarting at 8000 rub
Declaration correctionper A4 sheetdepends on the complexity of corrections
Transfer of cargo to an independent brokerper cargostarting at 750 rub

* Prices are shown without VAT and fuel surcharge.

Documents for customs declaration

The complete set of documents is determined by the ownership of the cargo to a legal entity or a physical entity and the cost of the international shipment.

The set of documents required by companies includes:

  • proforma invoice with a detailed description of the cargo;
  • air waybill/invoice;
  • permits (if necessary).

The proforma invoice is issued in two copies, in Russian and English (or both bilingual), and is certified with the organization's seal. All documents are accepted by customs only in printed form; filling in by hand is not allowed.

Physical entities who send cargo from Russia abroad must provide:

  • proforma invoice with a detailed description of the postal item;
  • air waybill;
  • original or copy of the contract for customs clearance;
  • copy of the first page spread of the passport (pages with personal data);
  • copy of the visa or residence permit (necessary  for foreigners);
  • copy of the registration document (necessary  for foreigners staying in the Russian Federation for more than a month).

Customs clearance is such a complex process with a lot of nuances that you always need an individual approach. It is possible to determine the scope of work and the cost only if all the available factors are taken into account. To get everything done properly, your best option is to contact a consultant from Time Saving Machine — just call us or use our online service.

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