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High-quality and content-appropriate packaging is an important condition for the safety of the cargo during delivery. Courier and transport companies that are partners of Time Saving Machine comply with the rules for transporting postal items of all types, so that the goods in transit do not suffer from mechanical damage, moisture, dust and other negative factors.

Packaging materials

TSM partners work with various types of postal items, from letters to cargo weighing a ton or more, including non-standard dimensions. Therefore, all kinds of packaging materials are used:

  • standard and manufactured according to the declared parameters;
  • roll-up and piece-by-piece;
  • paper, polymer, cardboard, wood.

TSM cooperates with hundreds of companies, which makes it easy to solve packaging issues, attracting performers with the necessary materials. Most often, customers require standard corrugated boxes and envelopes. The table below shows the characteristics of popular packaging materials:

NameSizes (cm)Volume weight (kg)Price
Packaging for correspondence and documents
Cardboard envelope22.9 * 32.4not applicable0
Packaging bag made of polyethylene36.5 * 42not applicable0
Packaging bag made of polyethylene50 * 40not applicable0
Packaging for parcels
Cardboard universal box34x32x184264
40 х 48 х 3915264
Wooden crate240 *120 * 150500from 6000
240 *120 * 1801000from 6000
Cardboard Bottle Box14*14*410.7264
Cargo packaging
Foamed rolled polyethylene with a thickness of 3 mmwidth 100, winding length 2500not applicable646
Foamed rolled polyethylene with a thickness of 10 mmwidth 100, winding length 2500not applicable998
Air-bubble film (2-and 4-layer, with a bubble diameter of 5-30 mm, a thickness of 3-12 mm, a density of 50-115 g/m2)width 120, winding length 10000not applicable2550
Corrugated cardboard sheet (number of layers 2, 3, 5, 7)120 * 80not applicable26.4
120 * 100not applicable32.6
200 * 105not applicable56.6
200 * 126not applicable68.4
206 * 120not applicable99.7

Whatever materials you need for packaging, please contact TSM – we can provide any of them. Moreover, some of them are provided free of charge (for example, envelopes for letters up to 2 kg), and some at a symbolic cost.

Professional cargo packaging

The quality and profitability of any work is largely determined by the skills of the performers. Professional packaging of mail and cargo will provide you with a number of advantages thanks to the features of the service from TSM.

  1. Versatility. The presence of a variety of materials and related devices (lodgments, fillers, protective corners, retainers, pallets) allows you to choose the optimal packaging for letters, parcels, book post, batches of goods, and other cargo.
  2. Complexity. Along with complete packaging (from packing the contents in a container to sealing and specifying the address), it is possible to mark the cargo, apply barcodes, QR codes, and identification symbols.
  3. Reliability. The correct choice of packaging is guaranteed according to the criteria of dimensions, volume, weight, strength, and water and dust resistance. The contents will be packed and loaded according to the rules of the carrier of your choice (country, type of rolling stock), which will ensure its safety on the way.
  4. Savings. You won't spend time on non-core activities, so you will be able to use it more efficiently - to solve current business problems. In addition, professionals will pack the cargo as compactly as possible, which means that delivery will be cheaper.
  5. Convenience. The manager will find out the parameters of the cargo in advance to determine the necessary types of packaging. Errors are eliminated thanks to precisely formulated questions and the employees’ experience. The packers will arrive at the appointed time, and carefully perform the work without your participation and monitoring.
  6. Speed. Workers use specialized mechanical and automatic equipment — tape dispensers, sealers, heat shrinkers, marking machines, etc. This speeds up the packaging process.

In addition to corrugated boxes, envelopes, stretch and bubble film, tubes, wooden boxes, shock-absorbing fillers, and other standard materials, TSM uses containers with special characteristics, including impermeability and the ability to set and monitor the temperature. Thanks to this packaging, it is possible to safely transport:

  • perishable products;
  • fragile items;
  • antiques, cultural and artistic items;
  • substances with fat content, intense odor, etc.;
  • liquids (food, industrial, perfume);
  • biological materials, etc.

It is important to understand that for perfect safety, one cargo sometimes has to be packed in several materials. For example, to protect against moisture and dust, a valuable object can be wrapped with tape, and to protect it from impact, it can be fixed in a bed or sprinkled with foam chips, then put in a plywood box. Again, the experience of the workers and the presence of different containers allows you to choose the right packaging components. Thus, professional cargo packaging is more practical than independent packaging in all respects.

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