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What is most often sent by international delivery?

International delivery of documents and correspondence

TSM International courier service delivers documents and other correspondence. This service helps companies to quickly coordinate and conclude production, trade and other contracts.

International parcel delivery

International parcel delivery allows you to transfer product samples to potential partners and buyers in a timely manner or send demonstration materials for participation in professional exhibitions and other events. Individuals can receive goods ordered abroad.

International mail delivery

International mail delivery is a great way to organize document flow between company divisions, maintain contacts between business partners and individuals.

International parcel delivery

International shipments of small cargoes by parcels are convenient for sending advertising brochures, product catalogs and samples, and other printed products.

If you're in need of express shipping services, look no further than Time Saving Machine. We're a platform that brings together over 120 shipping companies from around the globe. By using our service, you can save time by avoiding the hassle of searching for domestic and international shipping options, and instead, receive the best offers based on price or delivery time.

Here's how we do it: When you work with us, you'll reap the benefits of both time and money savings. Additionally, our service opens up a wider range of opportunities for shipping items or sending packages to countries where finding a carrier may be difficult. Discover our unique selling points and make an informed choice.

Why Choose Our Express Courier Service

Here are some unique features that set Time Saving Machine apart from its competitors:

  • We save you a significant amount of time by helping you find a reliable carrier for your shipments.
  • Our prices are comparable to, or even lower than, well-known delivery services, thanks to our bulk discounts.
  • We offer express delivery within 24-96 hours to any location worldwide.
  • We accept shipments that other companies may refuse to handle.
  • We deliver to countries that are under restrictions and that other shipping companies typically refuse to deliver to, such as Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, African countries, and island states in remote locations.
  • We provide invoices for your shipments, making it easier for them to pass through customs. This service is included in the price.
  • We assign a dedicated manager to assist you throughout the transaction, whether you are an individual or representing a company.
  • We collaborate with over 120 shipping and delivery companies, offering an express delivery service.

Fast and Timely Deliveries

Time Saving Machine is committed to swiftly identifying the best option for fast delivery, particularly for international shipments. Our streamlined processes allow us to find a solution within 15 minutes, and contract conclusion can be achieved within one hour. If timely prepayment is made, goods can be picked up by a courier on the same day. Depending on the distance and availability of the origin and destination, we also provide same day delivery.

Our option allows you to send important documents, parcels, and ecommerce orders as quickly as possible. We place great emphasis on carefully coordinating the arrival time of the courier for your shipment. By collaborating with our partners, we adhere to the principle of maximum punctuality. In fact, we are renowned for providing the fastest international delivery in the world through our personal air courier option.

When making a decision, the clients communicate with their dedicated manager, ensuring that the proposed delivery option is optimal in terms of time. Additionally, we don't just provide shipping prices from point A to point B; we offer a specially tailored offer that takes into account all of your specified conditions.

Unrivaled Reliability

We have earned the trust of thousands of customers who rely on us to deliver their shipments. Since 2014, we have successfully delivered over a million shipments. Our track record includes the delivery of:

  • important personal and business documents, 
  • parcels containing personal belongings and gifts, 
  • home relocations for families moving between countries, 
  • office relocations for companies affected by sanctions, 
  • restaurant and cheese factory relocations, 
  • transportation of art objects with complex parameters that other companies have refused,
  • delivery of product samples for market entry, and 
  • deliveries between 240 countries across North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

You can check out reviews from our satisfied customers. We've noticed a growing number of repeat customers reaching out to us. Each month, we're seeing more long-term contracts with companies.

When it comes to customs, our invoices and comprehensive set of supporting documents greatly increase the likelihood of a smooth customs process. Our packing advice ensures that your shipment remains intact throughout its journey to the recipient. 

Our Express Shipping Services

We prioritize express delivery options because our goal is to save you time when it comes to finding and managing fast shipping. We primarily offer same-day delivery for domestic shipments or destinations that are nearby and have no borders.

We can also provide next-day delivery through our exclusive air courier service. For international express delivery, you have two options: either through an air courier within 24-96 hours or through a shipping carrier with a delivery time of 5-12 business days. The latter method takes longer due to customs procedures for shipments.

Same-day Delivery

In certain cases, we even offer same-day delivery. This is usually available for domestic shipping and when utilizing our dedicated air courier service. Allow us to elaborate on the reasons behind this.

When you need to send a package or letter within your country, we will arrange the shipping with a carrier and ensure that you make a prompt payment. We strive to hand over the shipment to the courier as quickly as possible. There isn’t much time remaining by the end of the same business day for the shipment to reach its destination and be delivered to the recipient. 

This is why this shipping method is only available for destinations that can be reached within a 2-4 hour flight. Additionally, considering the time differences within the same country, the urge to get to the destination in time becomes even more challenging.

When you opt for our dedicated air courier service, please keep in mind that our employee will need to purchase tickets, travel to the sender's location, reach the airport, and board the flight. The same process will then occur in the destination city. Due to these logistical considerations, we limit the scope of our same-day delivery option to destinations that can be reached within a 3-6 hour flight.

Next-day Delivery

With this shipping method, we can assure the sender that once the shipment is handed over to a courier, it will be delivered within 24 hours. Carriers may offer this service under various names such as priority mail or express delivery. It is highly favored by e-commerce customers as fast shipping has been shown to boost sales. Although next-day delivery is more expensive than the standard method, it remains a popular choice.

Please be aware that if a direct flight is not available between the specified locations, it is unlikely that the shipment will be delivered in time. In such cases, we will honestly inform our customers that next-day delivery is not possible.

International Express Delivery

At TSM, we offer lightning-fast delivery options through our dedicated air courier service. Our representatives operate in most cities across 240 countries worldwide. 

If you require expedited delivery, our courier will ensure that your package is delivered either on the same day or the following day after you have prepaid the shipping fees. Our dedicated employee will take a flight to either the destination city or a transit airport that allows for efficient and cost-effective transportation. Upon arrival at the destination city, the parcel or envelope will be personally handed over to the recipient. On average, the delivery time for this service is 48 hours.

It is important to note that certain restrictions apply when using this method. The shipment must not be subject to any air travel restrictions, it must not be prohibited for export from the origin country or import to the destination country. Due to the urgency of this service, it is considerably more expensive than standard shipping options.

Standard delivery involves us picking up your shipment and entrusting it to a reputable international courier service that is well-suited for the job. Once the shipment reaches the destination country, we ensure it is delivered to the recipient at the specified time. This method typically takes 8-12 business days, including the time required for customs clearance.

How It Works

Time Saving Machine acts as a platform that brings together different shipping companies from around the globe. Instead of reaching out to each carrier individually and comparing prices and terms, we provide an alternative solution. By contacting us, you will receive the most optimal offer from all the available options.

You can either fill out the form or provide us with your phone number. We can communicate through messaging apps. We offer various delivery options with different timeframes and costs. Once you decide on an option, we will create a contract and you can proceed with payment. Together, we will determine the pickup time for the courier and provide recommendations for proper packaging. Throughout the delivery process, you can track the progress using the provided tracking number.

Booking and Packaging

To request a delivery, simply contact us and provide the following information:

  • - Details of the item(s) you want to send
  • - The cities of origin and destination
  • - The weight of the shipment, including packaging materials
  • - The dimensions of the box or individual items
  • - The desired delivery timeframe
  • - Whether the shipment is ready to be handed over to the courier.

Whether you're an individual or a company, it doesn't matter. You can be the sender, the receiver, or a third party involved. During the booking process, we handle the party responsible for covering the shipping costs. If necessary, we will reach out to the sender to clarify any details and request any additional documentation.

Within 15 minutes, we will find a suitable shipping option, select a carrier, and provide you with the prices for three different options: 

  • dedicated air courier, 
  • standard delivery, and 
  • cost-effective delivery if available. 

Once you have chosen the desired tariff, we will proceed to sign a contract and await the prepayment. The currency for payment can be discussed and agreed upon. After the prepayment has been made, we will coordinate with the sender to schedule the courier pickup according to mutual agreement.

If the shipment is not yet prepared, we can offer guidance on packaging to ensure that the courier accepts the parcel and that the contents arrive intact to the receiver. If you are sending documents, it is sufficient to package them in a plastic bag and seal it with tape. For regular items, we recommend wrapping them in paper or air bubble wrap and placing them in a cardboard box. If the item is fragile, you will need packing peanuts or crumpled paper to fill the empty space inside the box and prevent any rolling.

Tracking and Delivery

Once the shipment has been handed over to the courier, we will provide you with a link and tracking number so that you can monitor the progress of your delivery in real-time. As the package reaches different checkpoints along the way, the information will be updated accordingly. In the event that your order requires a change of courier company, we will send you a new link once the package switches carriers. 

Additionally, your personal manager will receive up-to-date information on how the shipment is progressing through customs. If any obstacles arise, we will intervene in the process by providing the necessary documents, without causing any inconvenience to you unless absolutely necessary.

Ensuring Package Safety

We prioritize your privacy by offering additional confidentiality and security measures for your shipments. If you prefer to keep your items private, we provide various options to ensure it. Let's take a closer look at how we accomplish this.

The packaging process is crucial in ensuring that your shipment remains intact. That's why we offer guidance and oversee the packaging procedure. We strongly advise against using transparent materials. If you wish to prevent accidental reading of your documents, we recommend placing them in a plastic bag and sealing it with tape. The first sheet can be left clean to ensure that nobody can read it.

When the courier arrives, they will bring a branded envelope and seal it in your presence. This ensures that your shipment remains secure throughout the entire delivery process.

If you want to keep your shipping details confidential and ensure that the recipient's personal information remains undisclosed, we offer a service that allows you to send items using a company's name as the sender and receiver. This means that the envelope or package will be delivered to the intended recipient without revealing any personal data according to the shipping company's records. It's important to note that this service is not intended for illegal activities but rather for those seeking a higher level of confidentiality.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

Our shipping prices are either equal to or lower than those found on the official websites of well-known courier services. As a major partner of numerous carriers, we receive bulk discounts which allow us to offer competitive rates.

Shipping costs are calculated based on various factors, including 

  • the origin and destination cities, 
  • exact postal codes, 
  • weight of the shipment including packaging materials,
  • dimensions of the package, and
  • selected delivery option. 

Additionally, the nature of the items being shipped may also impact pricing.

For document shipments, please note that any package weighing over 1 pound will be considered a parcel. For shipments of goods or items in one or multiple boxes, any package weighing over 150 pounds will be treated as freight.

To save on costs, keep in mind that in international shipping, the difference in delivery times can affect pricing. Choosing a 7-day delivery option can be up to 25% cheaper than a 5-day option.

We offer discounts for long-term agreements.

Payment Options

We require 100% prepayment for our services. If you would like to lock in a price before it changes, we can discuss a partial prepayment on a case-by-case basis.

Regardless of your location or banking institution, we can accommodate your preferred currency for payment using our virtual payment system and accepting transfers from multiple services. In the event that you encounter issues using your credit card directly, we will work with you to find a solution.

Get Started with Our Express Shipping Services

Don't waste time comparing numerous offers for fast and reliable delivery - simply visit, contact us via WhatsApp or Telegram, or give us a call +1 213-459-5581 and get the fast, safe delivery you deserve!

Delivery geography
TSM employees and partners deliver cargo to 150,000 settlements in Russia and 240 countries. Thanks to the extensive infrastructure and access to all types of transport, express delivery covers 99% of the populated regions of the world.
Delivery speed
The speed of delivery depends on your needs. Express delivery of mail and cargo inside the city is possible within an hour. The speed of delivery to other regions takes a day at most. To speed up the delivery, couriers deliver shipments by taxi and plane.
Delivery Options
You can choose either standard or urgent delivery options. We use our own and our partners’ cars, planes, and ships for the delivery of shipments. If necessary, terminals and warehouses are used for cargo storage.
Service Restrictions
Express delivery to or from your city is not possible only for cargo that is legally prohibited for shipment.
Dimensions and weight
We can deliver shipments of any size and configuration weighing up to 2204 lbs.
Delivery cost
We offer standard rates for letters, parcels, and cargo. Urgent shipments are made at increased rates. The cost includes only the expenses necessary for high-quality delivery.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I save up to 70% on delivery?
Choose only the company that offers the best combination of time and price. Delivery is especially inexpensive if you plan the shipment in advance. Road transport is 50% cheaper than air transport. Additional savings are provided by the compact packaging of the cargo.
How does the service work?
After you have left a request on our website or by phone, based on your time and budget requirements, our managers will select the best offer for delivery. After approval, a courier comes to you, picks up your postal item, and delivers it.
Will I need to carry anything far?
Our courier will pick up your postal item from anywhere in the world. The main thing is to specify the exact address from where you need it picked up. We have cars and trucks, and if something is really heavy, then movers will come, and if it is very heavy, then a crane and riggers will also come.
How can I weigh the package if there are no suitable scales nearby?
If there are no scales nearby, then you can use a household scale to weigh your body weight. To do this, take your parcel, stand with it on the scale, and subtract your body weight from the total weight. It is better to specify a little more weight of the parcel. In order to weigh the parcel, use a home scale, and the mobile app Roulette for iPhone or Virtual Ruler for Android will help you measure it.
How to properly pack a parcel?
If you decide to pack your postal item yourself, the packaging must be:
● free of damage and contamination;
● dry and does not leak;
● appropriate for the weight of the item(s) inside;
● without old labels from previous shipments;
● carefully sealed;
● properly marked.
If this is an international shipment, the parcel must be packed in front of the courier.
Do you pack postal items?
Couriers from the TSM delivery service have everything they need to reliably and efficiently pack any postal item - 17 types of cardboard boxes, 7 types of cardboard envelopes, 7 types of plastic bags for small shipments, 4 types of bubble packaging, tubes of different sizes, even containers for alcohol. You can also order wood and metal packaging from us; the production time is one business day. Packaging of letters up to two kilograms is free!
How is the cost of the postal item calculated?
The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the cargo being sent, the size, and the exact address of departure and delivery address, and moreover, the cost is affected by the urgency of delivery and the type of delivery: air delivery is faster, but, accordingly, the cost is higher; a car takes longer, but is cheaper.
When and how do I pay for delivery?
We issue an invoice to legal entities, which can be paid by bank transfer. Individuals can pay by bank transfer in several ways through Robokassa: by bank card, Qiwi wallet, Yandex Money, Alfa Bank, WebMoney, Samsung Pay, Halva.
How fast are your express shipping services?
We offer various shipping options to suit your needs. Our express shipping guarantees domestic delivery within 24 hours, while international shipments can be delivered within 96 hours using our dedicated air courier service or 5 to 12 business days with our standard option.
Can I track my package during express shipping?
Once you've handed your package to the courier, we'll provide you with a link and tracking number. If the shipment is taken by another company, we'll change the tracking number accordingly. Our managers will watch the progress of customs procedures and will send updates via text or email.
Are there any restrictions on what I can send via express shipping?
Certain items, such as plastic cards, biological substances, and cash, may require consultation before being included in your shipment. We're happy to advise you on the feasibility of sending these items domestically or internationally, and we'll assist with any necessary paperwork. Express delivery typically has minimal additional restrictions.

Our Benefits

delivered shipments
Saving time

Saving time. The developers of this online service have created a website through which, in a single window mode, the user compares the prices and terms of all courier services connected to the platform. Also, our logistics specialists have developed the shortest delivery routes. Depending on specific factors, the transportation can take an hour, a day, or up to three days.

Up to
1,000 lbs
An envelope,
a package,
or a piano.

An envelope, a package, or a piano. We will transport a shipment of any size and weight. We will even help with moving to another country or another continent, carefully transporting any documents there.

60 min
time saving
From A to Z or why we work turnkey

From A to Z or why we work turnkey. Turnkey delivery of documents abroad includes full support: assistance in filling out supporting documents, packaging, calling a personal courier; if it is import or export, then assistance with customs clearance, as well as insurance. We make sure that your shipment is delivered in one piece and on time.

750 000 $
Insurance policy
up to 750 000$

Insurance policy up to 750 000$. The risks arising during delivery abroad and in Russia, according to the insurance policy, are assumed by us. We carefully check the supporting documentation, and pack the shipment securely, which is important for obtaining a refund. If there is an insured event or a disagreement with the delivery service, we take measures to eliminate the difficulties encountered until a positive solution is reached. Please note that insurance is charged separately in the amount of 1% of the declared value.

Customer Reviews

All reviews
I want to thank this company for the flawless service from the beginning to the end of the process. You guys are so good! In particular, I single out the manager Mikhail. My choice between several companies depended on him. The delivery was from Kazan to Australia. Everything went fantastically. Complete instructions for each step before sending. The courier arrived on time. No worries. Completed on time, as promised 6-7 days. Hand-to-hand. I don't even know what to wish you guys, just prosperity. You're perfect. I will use your services in the future. I recommend you to everyone!
The original diplomas were safely delivered at the speed of light from Moscow to Quito (Ecuador). The prices turned out to be among the most attractive, the estimated delivery time was 9-12 days, but they were delivered in 5!
To complete the task of sending a specific parcel from Moscow to the UK, I decided to go with TSM. Firstly, because of the cost (lower than the carrier company), secondly for the service provided (full preparation of accompanying documents and courier call), thirdly for the payment convenience. Thanks to TSM for all of the above!!! I definitely recommend this company!
Relocating from Israel to the USA was made hassle-free, all thanks to TSM Express. With a whopping 300 kg of belongings to transport, I was apprehensive, but their service proved exceptional. From start to finish, the process was smooth, and my 300 kg of possessions made it from Israel to the USA without a hitch. Kudos to TSM for their professionalism and seamless relocation assistance. Highly recommended for anyone facing a significant move!
When the need arose to transport vital documents from Italy to the United Kingdom, I turned to TSM Express for assistance. Their impeccable service ensured a seamless and swift journey for my paperwork. From Italy to the UK, my documents reached their destination flawlessly. I appreciate TSM's efficiency and reliability in handling this crucial task. A definite recommendation!
With the holiday spirit in mind, I embarked on a mission to send a surprise across the seas to a dear relative in the USA. Enter TSM Express, a recommendation from my well-connected circle. Connecting with their representative was a breeze, swiftly ironing out all the specifics. To my delight, the very next day saw a courier at my doorstep, parcel in hand! Anticipation fueled my daily ritual of tracking progress via the provided website and its trusty tracking number. Drum roll, please – the journey from Paris to the heart of New York concluded in a mere 4 days! TSM's impeccable service, brimming with dependability and velocity, left me beaming with satisfaction.
I wanted to surprise my girlfriend and send a gift to Brazil for her birthday. I found TSM Express online, quickly placed an order on their site. They called me back within 30 minutes to confirm details. The courier picked up the package the same day! I tracked its journey online. They delivered from New York to Rio de Janeiro in just 3 days! I'm amazed by TSM's speed and service. I'll only be using them from now on.
I urgently needed to ship legal contracts from Manchester to my Moscow office. My friend vouched for TSM Express' expedited international delivery. I requested a same-day pickup and got a call from Alex confirming my courier in just 20 mins! He kept me updated on the transit status via email. The documents traveled securely from the UK and reached Russia in 5 days flat. TSM's personalized service and incredibly fast, reliable shipping exceeded my expectations. They will be my go-to from now for urgent cross-border document logistics.
I had just relocated to Nice and needed to urgently ship boxes of my personal possessions from Auckland. My roommate swore by TSM Express for international moving. I requested a quote online and got a call from agent Victor within 15 minutes! He walked me through the entire process in such detail. Courier picked up my 8 boxes the very next day. All my precious belongings arrived in perfect condition in France in less than a week! TSM's team is simply outstanding. Their personalized service and incredibly fast shipping exceeded my expectations.
I needed to ship some urgent legal documents from Toronto to Frankfurt. My colleague insisted I use TSM Express for reliability. I visited their website and requested a quote. To my pleasant surprise, TSM's agent Margaret called me back in just 10 minutes! We arranged door-to-door delivery with a dedicated courier. He arrived early next morning to collect the sensitive documents. Amazingly, they reached my client's office in Germany in less than 64 hours! TSM exceeded expectations with their responsiveness and incredibly fast international delivery. I'm thrilled to have found my go-to courier for all critical document shipments.
Needed to urgently send my daughter a handmade didgeridoo for her birthday in Istanbul. Googled international couriers and chose TSM Express based on reviews. The agent I spoke to was very helpful. Courier collected the package in Sydney the next morning. Amazingly, it arrived in Turkey just 48 hours later! TSM delivered exceptional service with incredible speed. So pleased I trusted them with this precious birthday gift shipment.
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