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What is most often sent by international delivery?

International delivery of documents and correspondence

TSM International courier service delivers documents and other correspondence. This service helps companies to quickly coordinate and conclude production, trade and other contracts.

International parcel delivery

International parcel delivery allows you to transfer product samples to potential partners and buyers in a timely manner or send demonstration materials for participation in professional exhibitions and other events. Individuals can receive goods ordered abroad.

International mail delivery

International mail delivery is a great way to organize document flow between company divisions, and maintain contacts between business partners and individuals.

International parcel delivery

International shipments of small cargoes by parcels are convenient for sending advertising brochures, product catalogs and samples, and other printed products.

In an era of unparalleled global connectivity, efficient international document shipping is of utmost importance. Time Saving Machine revolutionizes global logistics with a seamless, cost-effective solution for shipping documents to 240 countries. Be it urgent business correspondence or personal letters, Time Saving Machine ensures efficient global communication.

In today's interconnected world, streamlined international document shipping is vital. Time Saving Machine, a pioneering shipping service, redefines worldwide logistics by offering an economical way to dispatch letters and documents across 240 nations. Whether delivering essential business documents or heartfelt letters spanning continents, Time Saving Machine is a paragon of global proficiency. This service bridges geographical gaps and facilitates cross-border communication for businesses, institutions, and individuals, transcending distance with technology-infused logistics. Time Saving Machine appreciates the significance of international document shipping as a keystone of today's hyper-connected planet.

Why Choose Our Document Courier Service?

The distinctive aspect that sets TSM apart is our ability to offer premium services at discounted prices. This privilege is a direct result of strategic partnerships with industry giants such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT Express, Aramex, Australia Post and USPS, allowing Time Saving Machine to extend wholesale discounts to its clients. This translates into tangible savings for customers. What's more, the service goes beyond cost-efficiency. TMS's commitment to convenience is reflected in its door-to-door courier system that bridges continents, ensuring that documents reach their intended recipients with a sense of urgency and reliability.Moreover, Time Saving Machine's commitment shines through in its approach to packaging. Clients can rely on standard packaging solutions, such as cardboard envelopes, Elsafe plastic packets, or secure plastic bags, ensuring that documents remain intact and protected throughout their journey.You no longer need to spend time searching for the ideal courier service to swiftly and securely deliver documents internationally. Within 15 minutes, a dedicated account manager from Time Saving Machine's international delivery service will select the appropriate rate on your behalf.

Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

In the dynamic sphere of international shipping, the criticality of time cannot be overstated. TSM rises to this challenge by offering a comprehensive suite of personalized courier services, all meticulously managed by dedicated professionals. These adept managers bring their wealth of experience to bear in tailoring courier solutions that seamlessly align with even the most formidable of deadlines.What truly distinguishes Time Saving Machine is its unwavering commitment to precision and speed. When confronted with documents demanding immediate attention, the service employs a uniquely innovative approach. This is where the personal air couriers step in—a specialized team of professionals poised to act swiftly by securing immediate flights to the designated destination country. This rapid response strategy ensures the hand delivery of essential documents within an astonishingly short timeframe of just 24 to 48 hours.

Moreover, the exceptional nature of this service knows no bounds of geography; it spans both brief and extended distances. And while the exact delivery window remains adaptable, hinging on flight availability, the unwavering efficiency remains a constant. With such unprecedented speed and scrupulous attention to detail, TSM truly redefines the very essence of international document shipping. It ensures that materials of utmost urgency reach their intended recipients exactly when required, irrespective of the expanse that separates them.

Exceptional Safety Measures

In an era where data privacy holds immense significance, Time Saving Machine goes above and beyond to reassure clients by unwaveringly adhering to rigorous international standards. The core ethos of the company is centered around ensuring that clients' personal information remains securely confidential, all while maintaining strict compliance with the intricate web of legal requirements that govern international shipments.

Each client engaging with TSM is also accompanied by a dedicated personal manager who expertly shepherds the entire transaction process. This personalized approach guarantees a seamless and secure experience right from the moment the request for an international shipment is initiated, navigating the complexities of customs clearance, especially for crucial and time-sensitive documents, and ensuring the successful delivery of important documents to their final destination.

This resolute commitment to privacy and security is further solidified through the utilization of comprehensive service agreements, meticulously crafted to outline the responsibilities of all parties involved. These agreements not only offer a clear roadmap for international shipments, but also extend invaluable legal protection. As a result, Time Saving Machine emerges not just as a conduit for moving documents but as a safeguarded passage, ensuring the secure and efficient transportation of important documents, even containing hazardous materials, all while maintaining the utmost respect for data privacy and legal compliance. Time Saving Machine establishes a formal courier delivery service contract with every client, whether they are an individual or an organization.

International Document Shipping

Time Saving Machine's capabilities extend far beyond conventional limitations. Designed to serve a diverse clientele, the service adeptly facilitates the seamless transportation of documents across the globe. Leveraging an expansive partner network, TSM guarantees door-to-door delivery. This comprehensive approach benefits not only individuals who want to sustain connections with loved ones abroad, but also businesses and legal entities with a need for prompt and secure exchange of crucial documents. TSM functions as a bridge that unites people and entities across continents through its efficient and reliable international document shipping solutions.

Tracking and Delivery Confirmation

Gone are the days of anxious waiting and uncertainty. Time Saving Machine empowers clients with the ability to track their shipments with ease. Each envelope receives a unique tracking number after the appropriate rate and service are selected. This tracking number provides clients with real-time updates on their parcel's journey. In instances where additional information is required, clients can effortlessly reach out to their designated personal manager via phone or instant messenger for immediate assistance.

Our Document Shipping Process

Time Saving Machine orchestrates a streamlined shipping process that prioritizes simplicity and efficiency. It commences with the completion of the contact form on the official website, furnishing essential details about the sender, recipient, and urgency. The system's efficiency is superb, as a personal manager responds within a mere 10 to 15 minutes, offering tailored delivery options. Upon agreement on rates, a seamless transition follows, involving the completion of service agreements and submission of passport scans for verification. The rest is handled by the personal manager, who takes care of  all the necessary paperwork and the scheduling of courier pickups. Clients can then track their parcel's journey in real time through the provided tracking number.

Customized Solutions

Time Saving Machine takes a tailored approach to meet the distinct demands of various document categories. Acknowledging that not all courier companies possess the capacity to manage specialized shipments, TSM emerges as a trustworthy and capable choice. Whether the items in question are passports, diplomas, licenses, or other crucial official documents, Time Saving Machine provides a specialized service adept at navigating intricate customs requirements on behalf of our clients. This approach guarantees deliveries that are both prompt and efficient, sparing clients from unnecessary delays or complications. Couriers deliver envelopes with documents to visa centers, educational institutions, courts, and government agencies, or simply hand-deliver them directly to the recipient at home.

Ensuring Document Safety and Confidentiality

Again, the paramount importance that Time Saving Machine places on the security of documents and client information remains unwavering. Going beyond the mere signing of agreements, each and every shipment processed through TSM is secured with a unique tracking number. This meticulous practice underscores the company's resolute commitment to ensuring not only the physical safety of documents, but also the utmost confidentiality that clients entrust to the service.

Affordable Pricing Structure

Understanding the cost dynamics of international document shipping is imperative. Time Saving Machine's pricing structure is underpinned by several factors, including weight, dimensions, delivery urgency, distance, and route complexity. We acknowledge the variations in these elements and tailor our pricing accordingly. For instance, delivering a 1 kg envelope within the US would incur a different cost compared to shipping it from the US to Europe, given the different distances involved. Similarly, differing delivery windows, such as a standard 10-15 business day service versus a swift 48-hour delivery, are priced accordingly based on the route.

Payment Options and Packages

Time Saving Machine's versatility extends to its payment options, with the service accommodating multi-currency transactions. Individuals are granted the flexibility to make payments in their preferred global currency, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience. For corporate clients, TSM goes a step further in catering to their unique needs. We provide invoices that include the organization's specific payment details. This thoughtful approach simplifies the process of bank transfers, allowing corporate clients to execute payments in the currency that aligns with their financial preferences and operational convenience. By tailoring payment options to both individual and corporate requirements, Time Saving Machine stands as a testament to our commitment to providing a comprehensive and client-centric international document shipping solution.

Skip the hassle of finding the right international document shipping service. Let Time Saving Machine handle it for you. Call, email, or DM us to learn about our easy, reliable solutions. 

How to deliver documents?

To send documents by a transport company or courier service, contact TSM. Taking into account the distance between the points of dispatch and receipt, as well as your needs, we will quickly arrange the delivery of documents:

  • by car;
  • by plane - regular or charter flight;
  • by several types of transport.

Experienced and responsible couriers will carry out your delivery with a guarantee of confidentiality. Taxis can be used to deliver documents around the city. We can also quickly send documents by courier service abroad, because our partner companies have employees with open visas to different countries.

Delivery geography

TSM employees and partners deliver cargo to 150 000 settlements in Russia and 240 countries. Due to extensive infrastructure and usage of all types of transport express delivery covers 99% regions of the World.

Delivery speed

The speed of orders execution is dictated by the clients’ needs. Express delivery of mail and cargo inside the City is possible within an hour. The period of delivery to other regions — is a maximum of a day. To speed up the work, couriers deliver shipments by taxi and planes.

Delivery Options

The delivery service provides services in a standard format and urgently. Own and partner cars, planes, ships are used for the delivery of shipments. If necessary, terminals and warehouses are used for cargo storage.

Service Restrictions

Express delivery from or to your City is not possible only for cargo that is legally prohibited for shipment.

Dimensions and weight

Urgent delivery to your City of shipments any size and configuration weighing up to 2204 lbs is carried out.

Delivery cost

The price of services by the basic rates, developed for Letters, parcels, cargo. Increased rates are provided for urgent shipments. The cost includes only the expenses necessary for high-quality delivery.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the service work?
After you have left a request on our website or by phone, based on your time and budget requirements, our managers will select the best offer for delivery. After approval, a courier comes to you, picks up your postal item, and delivers it.
What is the cheapest way to ship documents internationally?
The most cost-effective way to ship documents internationally is to plan ahead and book your shipment well in advance. Longer delivery timeframes tend to be more economical, as they allow for the use of standard shipping services that are typically more affordable than expedited or express options. By scheduling your international document shipment with sufficient lead time, you can take advantage of lower-cost shipping solutions and save on shipping expenses.
How much does it cost to do document courier shipping?
The cost of document courier shipping can vary based on several factors, including the weight of the documents, the urgency of delivery, the distance they need to travel, and the complexity of the route. Typically, expedited and complex shipping services come at a higher price point due to the specialized handling and faster delivery timelines involved. It's advisable to inquire with the specific courier service provider or consult their pricing structure for accurate cost estimates based on your unique shipping requirements.
Can I track my documents during shipping?
Time Saving Machine enhances transparency and peace of mind by assigning a unique tracking number to every shipment. Clients can conveniently access real-time status and location updates for their documents through the courier company's website. This proactive monitoring feature underscores TSM's commitment to providing efficient and secure international document shipping services, giving clients the confidence that their important materials will reach their destinations reliably and on time.
What is the best way to send documents internationally?
For the optimal balance between cost and speed, it's advisable to book your shipment well in advance. Remember, swifter delivery often comes at a higher cost. In summation, Time Saving Machine is the ultimate solution for seamless, secure, and efficient international document shipping. With a comprehensive range of services catering to diverse needs and a commitment to safeguarding documents, TSM is the embodiment of a globally connected world.

Our Benefits

delivered shipments
Saving time

Saving time. The developers of this online service have created a website through which, in a single window mode, the user compares the prices and terms of all courier services connected to the platform. Also, our logistics specialists have developed the shortest delivery routes. Depending on specific factors, the transportation can take an hour, a day, or up to three days.

Up to
2204 lbs
An envelope,
a package,
or a piano.

An envelope, a package, or a piano. We will transport a shipment of any size and weight. We will even help with moving to another country or another continent, carefully transporting any documents there.

60 min
time saving
From A to Z or why we work turnkey

From A to Z or why we work turnkey. Turnkey delivery of documents abroad includes full support: assistance in filling out supporting documents, packaging, calling a personal courier; if it is import or export, then assistance with customs clearance, as well as insurance. We make sure that your shipment is delivered in one piece and on time.

750 000 $
Insurance policy
up to 750 000$

Insurance policy up to 750 000$. The risks arising during delivery abroad and in Russia, according to the insurance policy, are assumed by us. We carefully check the supporting documentation, and pack the shipment securely, which is important for obtaining a refund. If there is an insured event or a disagreement with the delivery service, we take measures to eliminate the difficulties encountered until a positive solution is reached. Please note that insurance is charged separately in the amount of 1% of the declared value.

Customer reviews

All reviews
I want to thank this company for the flawless service from the beginning to the end of the process. You guys are so good! In particular, I single out the manager Mikhail. My choice between several companies depended on him. The delivery was from Kazan to Australia. Everything went fantastically. Complete instructions for each step before sending. The courier arrived on time. No worries. Completed on time, as promised 6-7 days. Hand-to-hand. I don't even know what to wish you guys, just prosperity. You're perfect. I will use your services in the future. I recommend you to everyone!
The original diplomas were safely delivered at the speed of light from Moscow to Quito (Ecuador). The prices turned out to be among the most attractive, the estimated delivery time was 9-12 days, but they were delivered in 5!
To complete the task of sending a specific parcel from Moscow to the UK, I decided to go with TSM. Firstly, because of the cost (lower than the carrier company), secondly for the service provided (full preparation of accompanying documents and courier call), thirdly for the payment convenience. Thanks to TSM for all of the above!!! I definitely recommend this company!
Relocating from Israel to the USA was made hassle-free, all thanks to TSM Express. With a whopping 300 kg of belongings to transport, I was apprehensive, but their service proved exceptional. From start to finish, the process was smooth, and my 300 kg of possessions made it from Israel to the USA without a hitch. Kudos to TSM for their professionalism and seamless relocation assistance. Highly recommended for anyone facing a significant move!
When the need arose to transport vital documents from Italy to the United Kingdom, I turned to TSM Express for assistance. Their impeccable service ensured a seamless and swift journey for my paperwork. From Italy to the UK, my documents reached their destination flawlessly. I appreciate TSM's efficiency and reliability in handling this crucial task. A definite recommendation!
With the holiday spirit in mind, I embarked on a mission to send a surprise across the seas to a dear relative in the USA. Enter TSM Express, a recommendation from my well-connected circle. Connecting with their representative was a breeze, swiftly ironing out all the specifics. To my delight, the very next day saw a courier at my doorstep, parcel in hand! Anticipation fueled my daily ritual of tracking progress via the provided website and its trusty tracking number. Drum roll, please – the journey from Paris to the heart of New York concluded in a mere 4 days! TSM's impeccable service, brimming with dependability and velocity, left me beaming with satisfaction.
I wanted to surprise my girlfriend and send a gift to Brazil for her birthday. I found TSM Express online, quickly placed an order on their site. They called me back within 30 minutes to confirm details. The courier picked up the package the same day! I tracked its journey online. They delivered from New York to Rio de Janeiro in just 3 days! I'm amazed by TSM's speed and service. I'll only be using them from now on.
I urgently needed to ship legal contracts from Manchester to my Moscow office. My friend vouched for TSM Express' expedited international delivery. I requested a same-day pickup and got a call from Alex confirming my courier in just 20 mins! He kept me updated on the transit status via email. The documents traveled securely from the UK and reached Russia in 5 days flat. TSM's personalized service and incredibly fast, reliable shipping exceeded my expectations. They will be my go-to from now for urgent cross-border document logistics.
I had just relocated to Nice and needed to urgently ship boxes of my personal possessions from Auckland. My roommate swore by TSM Express for international moving. I requested a quote online and got a call from agent Victor within 15 minutes! He walked me through the entire process in such detail. Courier picked up my 8 boxes the very next day. All my precious belongings arrived in perfect condition in France in less than a week! TSM's team is simply outstanding. Their personalized service and incredibly fast shipping exceeded my expectations.
I needed to ship some urgent legal documents from Toronto to Frankfurt. My colleague insisted I use TSM Express for reliability. I visited their website and requested a quote. To my pleasant surprise, TSM's agent Margaret called me back in just 10 minutes! We arranged door-to-door delivery with a dedicated courier. He arrived early next morning to collect the sensitive documents. Amazingly, they reached my client's office in Germany in less than 64 hours! TSM exceeded expectations with their responsiveness and incredibly fast international delivery. I'm thrilled to have found my go-to courier for all critical document shipments.
Needed to urgently send my daughter a handmade didgeridoo for her birthday in Istanbul. Googled international couriers and chose TSM Express based on reviews. The agent I spoke to was very helpful. Courier collected the package in Sydney the next morning. Amazingly, it arrived in Turkey just 48 hours later! TSM delivered exceptional service with incredible speed. So pleased I trusted them with this precious birthday gift shipment.
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