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Advices how to save money on the parcel delivery to Russia from abroad

In 2023 prices for international transportation to Russia have increased and courier firms cannot give any discounts, because due to 10 packages of sanctions and closed borders, those logistics operators who did not refuse to serve the territory of the Russian Federation as did DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS, have more expenses, so courier companies cannot work in the negative. But there are still a couple of ways to reduce the cost of sending parcels to Russia abroad.

The courier delivery service Time Saving Machine team has prepared the top–3 pieces of advice for how to save money on the shipping of parcels to Russia from abroad.

Use vacuum bags

The cost of international shipment depends on the weight and sizes of the parcel. The heavier and larger the box, the more expensive the price of delivery.

If you want to reduce the volume of the parcel and save money, please, use vacuum bags. Such bags allow you to make the space in cardboard containers smaller by 60 %. In addition, strong polyethylene protects the attachment items from dust and dirt during transportation.

Put items in a box like Tetris

The skill of compact packaging helps you to save money on the parcel delivery to Russia from abroad, because you can use a smaller box for more items inside.

If you put items in a container, like tetris, then instead of two boxes for 90 liters, you will get one cardboard container for 45 liters. Such boxes often have three– and five–layer walls for carrying heavy attachments.

Choose delivery with cargo consolidation in Europe

In 2023 the delivery service Time Saving Machine makes an international transportation according to three tariffs:

  • urgent delivery by air courier in 24–72 hours;
  • standard courier way in 5–15 working days;
  • an economy type of shipping by combined cargo through a consolidation warehouse in 21–28 working days.

The cost of the last variant of delivery is really lower than the first two, because the customer does not pay for the speed and conditions of supply. In this way the courier takes the parcel from the addressee and puts it to the storage warehouse, where the cargo is waiting for the truck that delivers to Russia a lot of other parcels to different recipients.

Don’t know whom to trust parcel delivery to Russia from abroad? Choose the Time Saving Machine courier service. Go to the TSM website and leave there the request for shipment through the connection with the manager in online chat or in WhatsApp and Telegram.

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