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Algorithm of delivery from the UK to Russia in 2023

The events of 2022 have made adjustments to the transport and logistics communication between the UK and Russia. But not all courier services refused to serve the territory of the Russian Federation. Some delivery services have laid new transportation routes and continue to carry out shipments both from the UK to Russia and in the opposite direction. One of these is the Time Saving Machine, which is connected to the aggregator platform and today the TSM team prepared the delivery algorithm from the UK to Russia.

Choose a reliable delivery company

There are many courier services that specialize in international shipments, and it is important to choose a reliable one with experience in delivering to Russia after world events in 2023, because DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS don’t work with Russia any more. Therefore, only one transport company is still connected to the aggregator platform, which despite sanction restrictions continues to make parcel delivery from the UK to Russia. This is the courier firm Time Saving Machine.

The TSM transport company has been working in the international logistics market since 2014 and in 2023 its logisticians laid new delivery routes for shipping from the UK to Russia in order to transport parcels, letters, samples and cargo to both ends in a legal way.

Find out the ways of shipping from the UK to Russia

In 2023 there are 3 tariffs of international shipping from the UK to Russia available for TSM clients:

  • delivery by personal air courier on a plane: this method is the fastest one, but the most expensive;
  • traditional way of express delivery: it means that a courier goes to the sender in England, takes the parcel and brings it to the receiver located in Russia from hand to hand in longer shipping time from the UK to Russia than by personal air courier, but faster than by Royal Mail;
  • multimodal type of sending a parcel from the UK to Russia refers to the transportation of cargo through various kinds of transport, including sea and consolidation warehouses: this choice is the most budget–friendly, but also the slowest method of delivery.

Decide how long do you want to get the delivery from the UK to Russia

Before ordering delivery from the UK to Russia, it is necessary to choose the terms of international shipping and mark deadlines for transportation of the parcel. In courier service TSM there are available 3 variants of delivery time to Russia:

  • urgent supply in 1–3 days;
  • standard type in 5–15 working days;
  • economy way in 21–28 working days.

Keep in mind that delivery will cost less if you order it in advance.

Decide what shipping cost from the UK to Russia will suit you

The price of parcel delivery to Russia directly depends on the expenses of the transport company for shipping and the selected tariff. But there are several other factors that determine what the cost of supply will be:

  • delivery speed: faster shipping usually costs more, so the price of delivery may affect the speed at which packages are delivered;
  • shipping destinations: the location of the delivery destination impacts the price of transportation, with further distances and remote areas generally costing more;
  • package weight and size: larger and heavier packages usually cost more to ship due to their size and the additional handling required;
  • competitiveness: in a highly competitive market, businesses need to keep delivery prices low to remain competitive and attract customers.

What documents are required to express delivery to Russia from the UK

In the Time Saving Machine company, each client is provided with a personal accompanying manager who helps with the documents for customs, including:

  • invoice: this document provides key details about the shipment, such as the description of the goods, their value, origin, consignee, and the terms of sale;
  • packing list: this document provides a detailed breakdown of all the items included in the shipment and can include information on the weight, size, and quantity of each item;
  • export declaration: this document certifies that the goods comply with all the necessary export requirements;
  • certificate of origin: this document verifies the country of origin of the goods and may be required to assess customs duties and taxes;
  • airway bill or bill of lading: these documents are used as proof of shipment and include important information such as the shipment’s destination, the consignee, and the carrier information.

Check if it is possible to tracking package to Russia

When ordering international delivery through the TSM service, the client receives a track number and a link to a website where it is possible to monitor the movement of the parcel or documents along the logistics route. Also, a personal assigned manager tracks the delivery process, through which you can find out up–to–date information.

Find out restrictions on the delivery of certain goods from the UK to Russia

The UK and Russia have imposed restrictions on certain items that are banned or limited for shipping, along with specific requirements that must be met when shipping packages. It is recommended to ensure that your package meets the import regulations to avoid any legal issues. Items that are commonly prohibited for international shipping from the UK to Russia include:

  • illicit drugs;
  • explosive materials;
  • weapons;
  • counterfeit goods and currency;
  • offensive printed materials;
  • some food products;
  • live animals and animal products;
  • plants and plant products;
  • hazardous materials and chemicals;
  • cultural artifacts and precious metals and gemstones.

This list of banned items may not be exhaustive as it may change depending on the latest guidelines in 2023. It is important to stay updated with the most recent information from relevant customs authorities or shipping providers before shipping items from the UK to Russia. Furthermore, as of 2023, sanctioned goods that cost more than 300 euros have been incorporated into the list of restricted attachments. But, the proficient managers at Time Saving Machine have the expertise to send packages to Russia containing expensive items legally and in compliance with the law.

Make sure you can ask for help if you have any questions or problems with shipping from the UK to Russia

In Time Saving Machine every customer gets help from his or her personal accompanying manager that:

  • solves all problems of international transportation;
  • gives advices for packaging of goods in parcel;
  • monitors the box movement along the logistic route;
  • answers all questions.

Find out what form of payment is for delivery from the UK to Russia

In courier delivery service Time Saving Machine it is available online method of payment in every world currency. But there is one moment. The courier company works on 100 % prepayment and logisticians make a courier call only after confirming the payment and signing the transportation contract. This document has legal force and serves as a guarantee of delivery for the client by the transport company.Do you still have questions about the shipping from the UK to Russia? Follow the TSM website and contact the manager in one of the comfortable ways — online chat, WhatsApp or Telegram.

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