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Algorithm of international delivery from China to Russia: quality, speed, guarantee

The popularity of such Chinese platforms as AliExpress and development of online shopping have increased the demand for the delivery of parcels from China to Russia containing electronics, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, household items, furniture and lamps. In 2023 China considers Russia not only as a sales market for various products from a large number of local industries, but as a business partner and political friend. A lot of Russian citizens graduate from schools, enter Chinese universities to study, as well as many students of Russian institutes go to China for internships. So it is necessary to send parcels  from China to Russia  containing presents and gifts for relatives, documents, samples, raw materials and commercial parties of cargo.

The courier delivery service Time Saving Machine makes international shipments from China to Russia in a regular way and our team creates the algorithm of sending parcels from China to Russia in 2023.

Choose a reliable courier service

China to Russia delivery was previously facilitated by multiple international courier services with a presence in China, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, and the China national postal service, prior to the events of February 2022. These options were available through an aggregator, but due to sanctions, shipping from China to Russia with these companies is no longer feasible in 2023.

Instead,the Time Saving Machine transport company (TSM) offers legal delivery routes for this direction through our team of skilled logisticians. Their expertise has permitted them to provide efficient and reliable international shipping services from China to Russia.

Choose a comfortable tariff 

To ensure your packages are delivered smoothly from China to Russia, it is crucial to choose the right international shipping terms and indicate the expected transit time. TSM courier service provides three delivery options for shipments to Russia based on the level of urgency:

  • express way of parcel delivery China to Russia that takes 1–3 working days;
  • standard type of transportation with shipping time from China to Russia within 5–15 working days;
  • economy variant of international shipment by combining cargo with using a consolidation warehouse which takes 21–28 working days.

All shipping methods include the following services:

  • delivery services by courier from hand to hand from China to any location in Russia, with the ability to reach even the most remote villages;
  • dedicated personal assistant manager who provides assistance with customs documents completion;
  • advanced logistics system enables real time tracking of package's journey throughout the process. 

To ensure smooth operations, we require 100% payment in advance and guarantee international transportation in compliance with agreed terms of transportation. Clients can be confident that Time Saving Machine will fulfill its contractual obligations by providing a safe and timely international shipment of their goods.

TSM logistics company offers three international delivery options for sending parcels from China to Russia with shipping cost ranging from 117 to 500 euros because TSM’s experienced team offers a turnkey delivery service, providing clients with the convenience of a personal courier who picks up and delivers their parcel from hand to hand.

Numerous factors affect international shipping from China to Russia. The shipping provider and method, as well as the weight and size of the parcel, can impact the shipping cost. Customs import duties and shipping insurance may also incur additional charges. While express delivery is often preferred for faster transportation, it comes with a higher price tag. Delivering to remote or difficult to access locations may also require additional import duties from China to Russia. The total cost ultimately depends on the transportation tariff, parcel size and weight, courier service method, and insurance chosen.

Check what items are prohibited for sending from China

There are some items that are generally prohibited or restricted for export from China including:

  • firearms, ammunition and explosives;
  • illegal drugs and narcotics;
  • animals, plants and wildlife;
  • radioactive materials;
  • cultural relics and artifacts;
  • military equipment and related technology;
  • chemicals and hazardous substances;
  • counterfeit goods and pirated products;
  • satellite communication equipment;
  • currency and negotiable instruments in bearer form. 

As you can see there are a variety of prohibited items that cannot be shipped when sending packages from China to Russia. It is important to keep in mind that the list of prohibited items is not exhaustive, and may be subject to change based on regulations in place in 2023. To ensure that your package adheres to all relevant customs regulations and shipping guidelines, it is crucial to seek out up-to-date information from customs authorities or shipping providers.

In 2023, the list of items that are prohibited for international shipping was expanded to include sanctioned goods valued at over 300 euros. However, the experts at Time Saving Machine are well versed in legal methods for delivery from China to Russia high-value items. For example, TSM has access to personal air couriers for shipping items such as precious metals, jewelry, gemstones, food, animals, and plants.

When it comes to prohibited items that cannot be shipped by regular means, Time Saving Machine has a dedicated department that specializes in organizing the parcel delivery of such items. No matter what items are being shipped, the TSM team is committed to finding a safe and legal way to transport them to their final destination.

Pack the items in a right way

There are a few rules to follow when packaging goods from China to be delivered to Russia. These include selecting appropriate packaging materials based on the type, size, and quantity of goods being shipped, such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, packing foam, and strong tape. It is also important to label each package with the recipient's name and address, contact number, and the sender's name and address accurately and legibly to avoid any misdelivery or delays.  Ensure all items are packed tightly to prevent shifting during transit, which can cause damage and breakage. Finally, ensure all necessary documentation, such as invoices, bills of lading, and customs forms, are appropriately prepared and included with the shipment.

Sending a letter from China to Russia requires careful preparation. Make sure to use an envelope that is suitable for international mail and insert the documents inside securely. Safeguard the contents of the envelope by sealing it tightly to avoid any potential harm during transportation. Remember to label the recipient’s name, address, and postal code on the envelope clearly. It is important to check that the letter does not contain any restricted or prohibited items when importing to Russia, such as currency and other specific restrictions. Additionally, attach the bill of lading, which will be sent to the sender via e-mail from the assigned manager, to the letter.

Prepare documents for international shipping from China to Russia

Every client at Time Saving Machine company is allotted a personal support manager who guides them throughout the documentation process and ensures the accuracy of all the details provided. So there are certain indispensable papers that need to be taken care of for all types of consignments, such as:

  • the invoice that encompasses the particulars of the goods, its value, and a brief description;
  • the customs declaration that presents a detailed report on the contents of the package, its value, and the applicable tariff classification;
  • an export license, if there are any export regulations in force; a certificate of origin that verifies the source of the goods liable to import tariffs;
  • the package list provides information regarding the weight, dimensions, and quantity of the boxes.

Track the parcel movement according the logistic route

The TSM team offers two variants for monitoring the delivery of parcels from China to Russia:

  • you can start with utilizing the tracking number that is provided by the carrier and viewing the progress of your package on their website;
  • you can stay connected with a personal manager who will assist you in the proper preparation of shipping documents and follow the movement of your cargo along its logistic route for successful customs clearance.

Do you still have questions? Please, follow the website of the logistic company and contact the manager in one of the comfortable methods — online chat or in WhatsApp and Telegram.

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