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Algorithm of sending parcels and documents from Moldova to Russia in 2023

Delivery from Europe to Russia was stopped, sanctions were imposed, but the necessity for imports and exports with the Russian Federation remains the same. Especially from Moldova, where there are a lot of people who have relatives in Russia. So the aggregator team prepared the algorithm of delivering parcels and documents from Moldova to Russia. 

Choose a reliable courier service

After the world events of 2022 such transport companies as DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS refuse to serve the territory of the Russian Federation and don’t offer delivery to and from this country. This situation upsets the residents of Moldova, where many relatives of Russians are accommodated. They want to continue sending parcels with gifts and documents to Russia for their beloved. In this case the aggregator helps to conduct any type of delivery at favorable rates. 

There is one delivery service that is connected to this online platform and continues to make shipments of parcels, cargo and documents from Moldova to Russia. The name of the logistics company is Time Saving Machine (TSM). It has been delivering parcels, cargo and documents all over the world since 2014 and after events of 2022 layed new logistic routes through the friendly to the Russian Federation countries and made the international shipping from Moldova to Russia legal despite 10 packages of sanctions.

Check the possibility of sending the item according to customs restrictions

Both countries have lists of items that are prohibited from export and import, so it is necessary to check the possibility of shipping goods from Moldova. There are some general items that are typically prohibited for export include:

  • weapons and ammunition;
  • chemicals and hazardous materials;
  • antiques and cultural artifacts;
  • endangered species and wildlife products;
  • dual–use goods (items that have both civilian and military use);
  • cryptographic technology and software;
  • items that violate international sanctions and embargoes;
  • radioactive materials;
  • precursor chemicals used in the production of drugs.

Choose the suitable type of shipping goods from Moldova

The Time Saving Machine courier delivery service offers a range of international shipping variants from Moldova to Russia in 2023. These ways include:

  • Personal air courier delivery by plane, which is the quickest type of transportation but also the most expensive. The price is over 500 euros. This kind of delivery is suitable for sending small parcels or urgent orders, because it takes only 24–72 hours;
  • Standard express delivery, where a courier picks up the package from the sender in Moldova and delivers it to the recipient in Russia within 5-15 working days from hand to hand. This way is cheaper than by air courier, but not so expensive and costs over 176 euros;
  • Multimodal delivery using a combination of different transport methods such as sea, air, land, and consolidation warehouses. This option is the most cost-effective, but also the slowest one. It takes 21-28 working days  and costs over 117 euros.

All of Time Saving Machine’s delivery options come with the following services:

  • Door-to-door delivery from any location in Moldova to even the remotest Russian village;
  • Connection with a personal assistant manager to help with customs documents completion;
  • Real time tracking of the parcel's movement along the logistics route;
  • Delivery in accordance with agreed transportation terms subsequent to 100% payment in advance.

Several factors determine the shipping cost from Moldova to Russia, including the level of service, package size and weight, speed and shipping method.

Prepare documents for sending a parcel from Moldova to Russia

To ensure express delivery from Moldova to Russia, it is important to prepare the appropriate documentation for cargo. At Time Saving Machine every client is assigned to a dedicated personal manager to assist in filling all the necessary customs documents. These documents include

  • invoice that contains important shipment information;
  • packing list of all included items;
  • export declaration;
  • certificate of origin;
  • waybill or bill of lading as evidence of shipment.

Pack items in a right way

TSM transport company managers help customers with the packaging of goods, because they know everything about it. Fragile cargo is put in an air bubble wrap and placed in a new cardboard box without touching the walls, and the empty space is completed with a special filler. Many people use foam and paper for it. As for delivering paintings on a stretcher, it is necessary to make a wooden box. And what for delivery of a canvas with a pattern then, please, use a tube.Do you still have questions about international delivery to Russia from Moldova? Please, follow the TSM website and contact the manager in online chat or in WhatsApp and Telegram.

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