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Delivery from the USA to Russia — instructions for use

Problems with delivery from the USA for people from the Russian Federation began in 2014, when Russia got a number of sanction restrictions after the Republic of Crimea annexation. A lot of popular shops as well as large manufacturers refused to send parcels from the USA to Russia. So it was really difficult for Russians to buy in the USA with delivery clothes, footwear, cosmetics and other different accessories.

In 2022 the political situation between Russia and the United States of America got worse. New packages of anti–Russian sanctions had an influence on courier services and Russians lost the possibility of online shopping with international delivery from America. Transport companies from the United States just refused to serve Russian territory and blocked local clients. As opposed to them the Time Saving Machine supply service developed this shipping direction and continues to send parcels to the United States of America in 2023.

Main points of delivery from the USA to Russia with TSM courier service in 2023

In 2023 the TSM team prepared the instruction for use with answers to the most popular questions from clients about shipping from the USA to Russia. So if the customer wants to order the international transportation of goods from the USA shops it is necessary to give the TSM manager the following information:

  • description of each item in the box;
  • size and weight of the package;
  • sender’s address with the postal code — the name of the state, city, street, house number, floor and flat;
  • recipient’s address in Russia;
  • date of readiness of the cargo for shipment;
  • wishful terms and time of parcel supply from the USA;
  • necessity of cargo insurance or special conditions of transportation.

Based on this information the TSM manager calculates the rate and informs the client how much does the shipping from the USA to Russia cost. In the Time Saving Machine company there are three tariffs for transportation from America:

  • the urgent way of sending parcels from the USA by air courier in 1–3 days;
  • standard courier transportation of goods from the USA in 5–15 working days;
  • economy type of delivery in 21–28 working days.

All these tariffs have different prices, time and terms of shipping, but all of them contain the same package of options. Among them is tracking a parcel from the United States of America and delivery by courier from hand to hand. Also the TSM team makes a package of each item. Letters from the USA are delivered in branded reliable cardboard envelopes that protect papers from environmental influences. such as dust, dirt and UV–rays, for example.

To get this service the customer needs to sign a contract with TSM for the transportation of parcels from the USA to Russia. This document has legal force and serves as a guarantee of making shipping from the TSM’s side. To sign this agreement and make 100 % prepayment according to it is a rule for both legal and individual entities. Under such contracts people receive personal belongings and goods from American stores, for example. And as for organizations, the Time Saving Machine service delivers commercial cargo from the USA to Russia.

Do you need to order the supply from the USA to Russia? Please, follow to the website of company and contact the TSM manager to make the shipment.

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