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Do you send a parcel to Russia for the first time?

In 2023 a lot of Russians stay abroad and need to send parcels with personal belongings and gifts to their beloved relatives and friends at homeland. But because of sanctions against the Russian Federation many international transport companies refuse to deliver cargo to Russia. To rescue the situation comes the courier service Timesaving Saving Machine, which quickly and reliably delivers parcels and letters to Russia from all over the world.

An expert on international shipments from TSM has prepared several pieces of advice for those who are sending a parcel to Russia for the first time.

1. Do not delay sending the parcel at the last moment

Narrow time–frame always increases the price of transportation, as well as the distance between the sender and the recipient. So in courier service Time Saving Machine the tariff of urgent supply by air courier in 1–3 working days is the most expensive and its cost is higher than standard express delivery by courier in 5–15 working days or shipping by combined cargo through the consolidation warehouse in 21–28 working days. Remember, delivery will cost less if it is ordered in advance.

2. Pay attention to the right packaging

For packing personal belongings, goods from an online store and home decor items, choose cardboard containers with three–layer or five–layer walls. Such boxes guarantee that the cargo will not fall out during transportation and won’t be damaged while stacking packages on top of each other in the vehicle. Such boxes can be in three sizes:

  • from 6 to 45 liters. Use this type for sending dishes, plates, cups, vases;
  • from 45 to 90 liters. Use this kind of cardboard containers for sending footwear, small household appliances and toys;
  • from 90 to 175 liters. Use them for sending clothes, home textiles and small volume light things that can be folded.

But finding the right box is not enough for reliable cargo transportation. Fragile things need to be put in an air–bubble wrap, and the empty space in the cardboard container should be filled with one of the options:

  • shredded corrugated kraft paper;
  • crumpled newspaper sheets;
  • foam in granules.

It is also necessary to seal the box with scotch tape in order to avoid the loss of goods from cardboard container during transportation.

3. Feel free to ask for help

In the TSM transport company, each delivery tariff includes the same number of services, including the assistance of a personal accompanying manager. The last one helps the customer to complete all necessary transport documents on international shipping. If you don’t understand how to pack your cargo or measure the dimensions of the box or something else according to the delivery, please, feel free to ask your manager for help. It is better to ask once and do it right away than to be ashamed and remake.

Still have questions about the deliverу of parcels and letters to Russia? Please, follow the link on the website of the company and contact a manager.

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