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Express delivery of parcels, cargo and documents by couriers from Bulgaria to Russia in 2023

Can parcels be sent from Bulgaria to Russia in 2023 ? Despite the unavailability of shipping services such as Bulgaria State Post, DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS, there are alternative delivery options for shipping parcels, documents, and cargo. However, due to the current political situation and sanctions, there may be restrictions or delays. Therefore, finding a dependable shipping company to send parcels from Bulgaria to Russia may prove to be challenging under these circumstances.

Ways to Send Packages from Bulgaria to Russia in 2023

To ensure a smooth international shipping experience, it's important to be aware of the potential obstacles. Researching and comparing different shipping companies is highly recommended. Here are some possible options to consider:

  1. Use a local courier service that operates in both countries. These companies usually offer a variety of delivery options and can handle parcels, documents, and cargo.
  2. Use an international courier service that operates in Russia but is not one of the major global players. Some examples are SkyNet Worldwide Express, Red Star Express, and LaserShip. These companies may have more limited delivery options and higher prices, but they can still deliver parcels and documents across borders.
  3. Use a freight forwarding company that specializes in shipping cargo to Russia. These companies can handle large volumes of goods and offer a range of transportation modes, including air, sea, and land. Some examples are Gebruder Weiss, Schenker, and DSV.

As for Russian shipping companies on an international scale in 2023, they are facing numerous challenges due to the current political and economic situation. Sanctions and restrictions have affected their ability to do business with foreign partners, which has led to decreased revenues and market share. However, some companies have managed to adapt by focusing on niche markets or expanding their operations in other regions.

Regarding international or European delivery services operating on Russian shipping in 2023, some companies are still able to offer these services despite the restrictions. They may have to comply with additional regulations and paperwork, but they can still transport goods to and from Russia. However, the overall volume of trade between Russia and other countries has decreased due to the sanctions, which has limited the opportunities for shipping companies.

Here are some items that are typically shipped:

  • Bulgarian wine and rakia, costumes and souvenirs;
  • Medical and personal documents;
  • Cosmetics and health products made in Bulgaria;
  • Electronics and spare parts;
  • Textiles and clothes.

Time Saving Machine is a provider of international courier services that specializes in delivering packages from Bulgaria to Russia. The company offers a wide range of options to assist with global shipping, including the support of a team of experienced logisticians. This team has worked hard to establish safe and reliable delivery methods for this particular route, ensuring that packages are delivered securely and on time.

What is the cost and delivery time from Bulgaria to Russia in 2023?

The cost of sending parcels from Bulgaria to Russia may vary depending on several factors, such as the weight of the parcel, the delivery speed, the shipping company or courier service used, and the destination. Therefore, check with the shipping or courier company of your choice for more accurate and up-to-date information.

Shipping times can vary greatly depending on the distance, transport method, customs clearance, and other factors. Check with the courier or shipping company for a more accurate estimate.

The Time Saving Machine company provides three international delivery options, including:

  1. Urgent air courier service: It takes 2-5 days for shipping from Bulgaria to Russia.
  2. Standard delivery option: Usually takes 5-15 working days.
  3. Economy delivery: It takes 21-28 working days and involves combining cargo with the help of a consolidation warehouse.

When shipping parcels from Bulgaria to Russia, the final cost can fluctuate depending on multiple factors such as the weight, dimensions, destination in Russia, preferred shipping method, and added services like insurance or tracking. Additionally, it is crucial to determine the nature of the shipment, whether it's personal items, documents, valuable belongings, or commercial goods intended for the Russian market.

What documents are needed for courier delivery from Bulgaria to Russia ?

To ship parcels from Bulgaria to Russia, you need to provide the following necessary documents:

  1. Commercial invoice - This document is necessary for all kinds of shipments as it contains crucial information about the goods being shipped and their value.
  2. Packing list - This document provides a detailed list of the items contained in the shipment. It is necessary for all kinds of shipments and helps in facilitating the customs clearance process.
  3. Certificate of origin - This document is needed for shipments that are eligible for preferential treatment under trade agreements like the Free Trade Agreement between Bulgaria and Russia.
  4. Proforma invoice - This document is suitable for shipments that are in the process of being sold or purchased. It includes details about the goods and their value but is not a legal invoice.
  5. Bill of lading - This document is necessary for shipments that are being transported by sea. It contains information about the goods being shipped, the ports of departure and arrival, and the terms of the shipment.
  6. Air waybill - This document is suitable for shipments that are being transported by air. It contains information about the goods being shipped, the airports of departure and arrival, and the terms of the shipment.

Overall, the documents listed above are suitable for all kinds of courier shipments from Bulgaria to Russia in 2023. However, the specific requirements may vary depending on the size and nature of the shipment and the country of origin and destination. It is advisable to consult with the courier company or the relevant government agencies to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements.

Customs restrictions vary depending on the country of origin and destination. In the case of shipping from Bulgaria and the EU to Russia, there may be restrictions on the types of goods that can be imported, as well as limitations on the quantities of certain items.

To avoid any issues with customs, it's important to research the regulations and requirements before sending any items. This may include obtaining specific permits or documentation. It's also important to ensure that all items are properly labeled and packaged.

If you have specific questions about customs restrictions or requirements for shipping from Bulgaria and the EU to Russia, it's best to consult with a shipping or logistics company that has expertise in international shipping. They can provide guidance on the specific regulations and requirements for your shipment.

Can I be sure that the parcel will not be lost ?

There are some general ways to ensure that your parcel is not lost during transit from Bulgaria to Russia:

  1. Use a reputable shipping company: Choose a well-known and reputable shipping company for your parcel delivery. They will typically have established networks, systems, and protocols in place that reduce the risk of lost packages.
  2. Insure your parcel: Insurance is an added expense, but it offers protection against loss, damage, or theft of your parcel. Many shipping companies offer this service and it is worth considering for valuable or fragile items.
  3. Use a tracking number: Ensure that you are provided with a tracking number, which can be used to monitor the progress of your shipment. This will allow you to track the location of your package and know when it has arrived at its destination.
  4. Secure packaging: Pack your parcel securely to prevent damage during transit. Use high-quality packaging supplies and ensure that your items are well protected.
  5. Clear labeling: Clearly label your package with the correct address, contact details, and any other relevant information. This will ensure that it is delivered to the correct recipient and reduce the risk of it being lost.
  6. Customs clearance: If sending internationally, ensure that all customs documentation is properly completed and included with your package to avoid any further delays or issues at customs clearance.

Most shipping companies provide tracking information that allows you to follow your parcel's journey throughout the shipping process. You can usually track your parcel online by entering the tracking number provided by the shipping company. Some shipping companies also offer real-time tracking updates via SMS or email alerts. It's always best to check with the shipping company to confirm their tracking options and any fees associated with tracking your parcel.

In the present scenario, companies refrain from disclosing delivery routes and hence updates about the package can only be obtained by interacting with the manager through a chat.

At TSM, we prioritize fast and safe delivery of parcels and packages that may contain personal items such as valuable possessions, important documents, as well as CDs and flash drives, from Bulgaria to Russia. Our customers have access to a variety of services that cater to their specific needs.

  • Logistic routing is monitored throughout the parcel's movement.
  • The support of a personal manager to assist with customs documentation.
  • Turnkey delivery is available through a courier, who will personally pick up the parcel from the sender's location, whether it be home, work or hotel.
  • Experienced employees who gather all necessary certificates and passports.
  • Urgent delivery from Bulgaria is also an option.
  • Recipients don’t need to go to the transport company's office as the courier will deliver the parcel door-to-door, wherever it is convenient for the client.

Time Saving Machine offers international transportation services for both individual and corporate clients who have already prepaid in full. Our agreement serves as a legally binding contract that provides a guarantee of reliable and secure delivery for your goods.

Trust us for safe and fast transfers from Bulgaria to Russia, whether you need to send parcels, letters, documents, or require full customs clearance. Visit, text us in Telegram and WhatsApp.

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