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Express delivery of parcels, cargo and documents by couriers from Hungary to Russia in 2023

Is it possible to send parcels from Hungary to Russia in 2023? Despite the unavailability of trusted shipping services such as Hungary State Post, DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS, there are other delivery options available for parcels, documents, and cargo. However, the current political situation and sanctions could lead to restrictions or delays. Finding a dependable shipping company for sending parcels between Hungary and Russia in such conditions may be difficult.

What can I send from Hungary to Russia in 2023?

Some popular types of postal items may include:

  • Letters and postcards — these are popular for personal communication and are often sent for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.
  • Packages — these are popular for sending items such as clothes, accessories, books, and gifts to friends, family, and customers.
  • Documents — these are often used for legal, financial, and administrative purposes, such as sending contracts, academic transcripts, and invoices.
  • Goods — with the rise in popularity of e–commerce, many people are using postal services to receive items they order online.
  • Express and priority mail — these services are popular for urgent delivery needs, such as sending documents and items that need to reach their destination quickly.

It's difficult to say whether person–to–person or company–to–person shipping is more common, but both are likely to occur. Some goods that may be frequently sent include:

  • Machinery and equipment — Hungary is a significant exporter of machinery, such as engines, pumps, and electronic devices.
  • Electronics — such as smartphones, laptops, cameras, and other gadgets that are cheaper in Hungary than in Russia.
  • Chemicals and plastics — Hungary is also a significant producer of chemicals and plastics, including pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and synthetic materials.
  • Food and beverages — Hungary has a rich culinary tradition, and food products such as wine, cheese, and meat may be sent from companies or individuals in Hungary.
  • Textiles and apparel — Hungarian textiles and apparel products, such as traditional folk costumes or designer pieces from local brands, may be sent from Hungary to individuals or businesses in Russia.
  • Clothes, shoes, and accessories — Hungarian fashion brands like Nanushka, Réka Vágó, and Lylloff are gaining popularity in Russia, as well as traditional Hungarian folk costumes and accessories.
  • Cultural products — Hungarian books, music, and art, Hungarian literature, travel guides, and language learning materials.

As for relevant requests on the Internet, people who wish to deliver parcels from Hungary to Russia often search for information on shipping costs, delivery time, customs regulations, and packaging requirements. Some also look for recommendations on reliable courier services or shipping companies that offer door–to–door delivery, online tracking, and insurance options. Additionally, some may seek advice on how to avoid customs duties and taxes, especially for high–value items.

With a focus on international courier services from Hungary to Russia, Time Saving Machine is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable global shipping solutions. Our team of skilled logisticians has developed secure and authorized delivery methods for this particular route, offering comprehensive support every step of the way.

How to send a letter or a parcel from Hungary to Russia in 2023?

Sending a letter or parcel from Hungary to Russia can still be done through some alternative options despite the limitations mentioned.

  1. Private Postal Services: While DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS may not work in Russia, there are other private postal services that operate in the country, such as Time Saving Machine. Check with these companies to see if they can deliver your parcel or letter.
  2. Use Customs Duty Exemption: If you're sending a letter, try sending it as a normal envelope with no declared value. This way, it can pass as a personal letter and not as a commercial package, which is often subject to sanctions.
  3. Freight Forwarding Services: Freight forwarding services can act as intermediaries in transporting your parcel from Hungary to Russia. These companies can help you find alternative transportation and border crossing options to help you get your parcel to its destination.
  4. Personal Delivery: If possible, opt for personal delivery by a friend or family member who is traveling to Russia. This way, you can bypass the restrictions and sanctions imposed on commercial postal services.

In any case, it's always a good idea to consult with the embassy of the country you're sending to as well as with the postal services you're using to ensure compliance with all regulations.

What are the shipping costs from Hungary to Russia?

Shipping rates from Hungary to Russia for parcels and letters depend on various factors such as the weight and size of the package, the shipping method chosen, and the distance between the origin and destination. You can use online shipping rate calculators to get an estimated price based on your specific criteria.

Western countries imposed 10 packages of sanctions against Russia, closed air traffic with the country, and required foreign transportation companies to stop serving Russia.

It was not easy for courier services to adapt to import and export bans. The delivery service from abroad, Time Saving Machine, was able to cope with the task and continues to carry out daily transportation abroad in the same mode, only the cost of services has increased.

Several logistics–related factors have contributed to the increase in the price of international shipping. Due to the closed borders and cancellation of direct flights to Western countries for Russia, the Time Saving Machine team had to develop new routes through countries friendly to Russia, which led to longer transportation distances and additional costs for fuel.

In addition to developing logistics routes, the TSM courier service management has signed agreements with new partners from Asia.

Payment for companion services is included in the rate, along with expenses for fuel. Additional costs for increased airfare and terminal handling at the airport are added to the overall cost of international shipping.

Time Saving Machine does not overcharge clients and does not take advantage of unfavorable situations in international transportation. The cost of delivery is still affected by the following conditions:

  • nature of the cargo;
  • conditions for transporting the goods;
  • weight and dimensions of the shipment;
  • estimated value of the contents;
  • distance between the sender and receiver cities;
  • need for insurance;
  • desired transportation timeframe.

The tariff is individually selected by a TSM manager in response to the client's request. Even with identical criteria, shipment costs may vary due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates and delivery seasonality.

Then the main question is how much time is needed, as it makes a difference in shipping rates.

What's the shipping time from Hungary to Russia?

The Time Saving Machine company provides three international delivery options:

  • Urgent air courier service: This option takes 2–5 days for shipping from Hungary to Russia. A personal courier flies to a third country and then gets to Russia with a package from one client.
  • Standard delivery: This option typically takes 5–15 working days. It's cheaper because your parcel waits for a shipment of sufficient size to be sent.
  • Economy delivery: This option takes 21–28 working days and involves combining cargo with the use of a consolidation warehouse. The parcel or letter ends up in a place where it can stay for a long time until delivery as part of a large consignment.

What documents are needed to deliver a parcel from Hungary to Russia?

Documents needed for courier delivery from Hungary to Russia in 2023 are:

  1. Commercial Invoice — This is a document that specifies the value of goods being shipped and is essential for customs clearance. It is required for both individual and company shipments.
  2. Packing List — This document specifies the contents of the shipment and is required for both individual and company shipments.
  3. Export Declaration — This document is required for all company shipments and specifies the details of the exporter.
  4. Airway Bill — This document is required for all shipments and is used to track the shipment during transit.
  5. Certificate of Origin — This document is required for trade between certain countries and certifies that the goods were produced in a specific country. It is required for both individual and company shipments.
  6. Pro–forma Invoice — This document is required for individual shipments and specifies the value of goods being shipped.

Suitable shipments for individuals include personal items, gifts, and low–value goods. Suitable shipments for companies include commercial goods, samples, and documents.

It is recommended to consult with a courier service provider for complete and up–to–date information on the required documents and suitable shipments.

Customs restrictions concerning delivery from Hungary and the EU to Russia may vary depending on the specific items being shipped. Generally, certain items such as controlled substances, weapons, and counterfeit goods are prohibited from entering Russia and may be seized by customs officials.

In addition to prohibited items, there may also be restrictions on certain goods, such as food products or electronics, that require additional documentation or labeling to be allowed into the country.

It is important to note that customs restrictions and requirements may also vary depending on the shipping method used (e.g. air freight, sea freight, etc.).

Before shipping any goods to Russia, it is recommended to research and understand the specific customs restrictions and requirements, as well as work with a reputable shipping company that can help navigate the process.

TSM offers swift delivery services for both parcels and packages containing personal items such as important documents, valuable items, and various digital media like CDs and flash drives, from Hungary to Russia. Our customers can choose from an assortment of options suited to their needs and preferences.

At Time Saving Machine, we offer international transportation services to both individuals and corporate customers. To ensure reliable and secure delivery of goods, we work on 100% prepayment basis and offer a legally binding contract.

If you're in need of a trustworthy delivery service from Hungary to Russia, look no further than Time Saving Machine. We provide fast and safe transfer for all kinds of shipments, including parcels, letters, and documents. Plus, we handle full customs clearance to make the process even smoother. Visit, text us in Telegram and WhatsApp.

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