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Express delivery of parcels, cargo and documents by couriers from Italy to Russia in 2023

When sending a package from Italy to Russia the first step is to choose a reliable shipping carrier. Numerous shipping carriers that delivered packages from Italy to Russia, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, and EMS stopped cooperating with Russian operators. Luckily, there are other ways to send packages and stuff. The next steps are:

  • pack the items securely: use a sturdy box and add enough cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or foam to protect the items from any impacts.
  • check the restricted items: some items such as perishable goods, tobacco, and certain types of medicines may be prohibited or require additional documentation.
  • include all necessary documentation such as invoices, customs declarations, and any other certificates or licenses required by Russian authorities.

Overall, sending a package from Italy to Russia requires careful planning, proper packaging, and attention to details. But, because of problems with politics and rules, we might have trouble finding a good shipping company to send things from Italy to Russia.

Is there a reliable way to send something to Russia in 2023?

Italy is known for its fashion and luxury goods, so people often send clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories from Italian brands to Russia. Italian beauty products like skincare and makeup are also sent to Russia. But the largest parcel traffic is occupied by documents, such as medical reports and tests, passports, diplomas, notarized powers of attorney.

That is why people search for reliable shipping services or courier companies that can deliver their packages from Italy to Russia. Additionally, they may search for information on customs regulations and taxes involved in sending goods from Italy to Russia.

To ensure a smooth international shipping experience, it is crucial to acknowledge the potential hurdles involved in the process. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a thorough analysis and evaluation of various shipping companies before finalizing a choice. Here are some possible alternatives to consider:

  • Find another international parcel and letter delivery company that is still operating in Russia or has a partnership agreement with a Russian company.
  • Find a Russian mail delivery company that has an office or representative office in Italy and send the parcel through it.
  • Send the parcel through an intermediary — a company that will pick up the parcel in Italy and deliver it to Russia through other countries or through a transport company that is still operating in Russia.
  • Use an international postal service, which can deliver the package to the nearest country  neighboring Russia, and then send it to Russia through a transport company or by sea.
  • Cooperate with a personal delivery service, where a trusted individual or company in Italy can hand–deliver the documents or goods to a recipient or a pickup point in Russia.
  • Use a diplomatic or embassy courier, where government officials or their representatives can transport documents or parcels between Italy and Russia, which may require special diplomatic or official clearance.
  • Online marketplaces in Asia can connect Italian businesses or individuals with Russian buyers.

Time Saving Machine (TSM) aggregates actual offers from all possible courier and logistics companies for the delivery of letters, parcels and cargo between countries. Using its strong partnership and discounts the online service organizes express door–to–door delivery of correspondence, parcels up to 50 kg and medium–sized cargo up to one ton from Italy to Russia. You won't have to personally negotiate with an agent in a third country so that the parcel is received and accurately forwarded to the right recipient in Russia.

What are customs restrictions on sending parcels from Italy to Russia in 2023?

The customs restrictions on sending parcels from Italy and the EU to Russia may change at any time due to various reasons, including political events, economic situations, and changes in trade policies.

Since 2022, Russia has not imposed an embargo on the import of any foreign goods, however, the last ban was adopted in 2014. The ban concerned a wide range of agricultural products and food from the European Union, Norway, Canada, the USA and Australia. Later, the list of countries was expanded. Thus, the country stopped importing foreign sausages, meat, dairy products, fish and vegetables.

Among the goods that cannot be imported from the EU there are:

  • navigation devices;
  • scuba gear;
  • food, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products;
  • perfumes, cosmetics;
  • bags, suitcases;
  • clothes, underwear.

To check the required position, it is better to find the current package of EU sanctions against Russia.

What are the shipping costs and the delivery time from Italy to Russia?

Generally, the cost of sending a small parcel weighing up to 2 kg from Italy to Russia using standard delivery services could range from € 15 to € 50, while express or priority delivery options can cost between € 50 and € 150. Shipping costs for larger or heavier packages can be significantly higher and may require custom quotes. Additional services such as insurance, signature on delivery, and customs clearance can also incur extra fees.

There are several variables that can affect the delivery time of a parcel from Italy to Russia via third countries in Asia, such as the shipping method used, the carrier chosen, the customs clearance process, and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise along the way. However, the estimated delivery time can vary from several days to a few weeks or more.

Time Saving Machine presents three diversified options for global transportation:

  • Immediate air shipping: This possibility requires a span of 2–5 days for the items to reach from Italy to Russia. A dedicated courier ventures to a third country before making his  way to Russia bearing packets procured from an individual client.
  • Conventional dispatch: This preference usually takes up to 5–15 business days to accomplish. It is cost–effective as your bundle delays for enough items to amass before being dispatched.
  • Budget–friendly shipment: This option requires around 21–28 working days and necessitates amalgamating freight with the assistance of a comprehensive depot. The mail or parcel is handed over to a native warehouse where it can remain for an extensive duration until shipping, as a part of a greater shipment.

The price depends on:

  • type of the load;
  • terms for conveying the commodities;
  • mass and size of the package;
  • approximate price of the contents;
  • distance between the origin and destination;
  • requirement for protection cover;
  • preferred delivery schedule.

Due to sanctions against Russia, courier services had to adapt, and some international delivery services had to increase their prices. You can use online calculators to get an estimated price.

The Time Saving Machine courier service found new routes through friendly countries and signed agreements with new partners from Asia. The rates include payment for companion services and fuel expenses, but additional costs for increased airfare and terminal handling at airports are added. However, we  don't overcharge clients and still provide fair prices for guaranteed results.

The price for shipping is chosen by the manager, based on what the customer asks for. Even if everything else is the same, the cost may change because of rises and falls in money exchange rates or the season.

Do I need any paperwork to prepare for sending a parcel or letter from Italy to Russia?

First of all, if the shipment is a commercial shipment, it is necessary to take care of customs clearance for export from the country. Usually, this requires:

  • tax documents;
  • licenses;
  • export declarations drawn up on the basis of an invoice and a contract.

Secondly, import customs declarations may also be needed.

To send a private parcel or documents, you need:

  • a passport or other sender's ID;
  • recipient' s personal data;
  • packing list describing the contents of the parcel or the envelope;
  • for products that may be of interest to customs officers, such as jewelry, cultural values, antiques, equipment, certificates of origin in the original are required.

Experience lightning–fast delivery of your precious parcels and personal items — from Italy to Russia — with TSM! Trust us to handle your valuables, documents, CDs, and flash drives with utmost care. Our comprehensive range of services is tailored to cater to every customer's specific needs:

  • Skilled personnel will gather any needed certificates and passports to make sure everything is taken care of.
  • Our dedicated courier makes turnkey deliveries — we make it easy for your parcel to reach its end–point!
  • With urgent delivery options available from Italy, we can get your package where it needs to be, fast.
  • Our courier always goes the extra mile, offering door–to–door delivery wherever is convenient for you.
  • Rest easy knowing your package is in good hands — our logistics team monitors every step of the journey. In these circumstances, businesses aren't sharing the exact shipping paths. This means that information about the parcel can be obtained from the manager, but it is not publicly available.

Looking for trustworthy international transportation? Look no further than Time Saving Machine! Whether you're an individual or a corporate customer, the 100% prepay basis ensures your goods will be delivered safely and securely. Plus, our agreement serves as a legal contract for your peace of mind.

Need a delivery from Italy to Russia? We've got you covered! Enjoy fast transfer for parcels, letters, and documents, plus full customs clearance. Choose Time Saving Machine for all your transportation needs. Visit, text us in Telegram and WhatsApp.

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