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Express delivery of parcels, cargo and documents by couriers from Latvia to Russia in 2023

Can parcels be sent from Latvia to Russia in 2023? A lot of people need to send important letters or packages, but popular shipping companies like Latvia State Post, DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS are no longer shipping to Russia. Don't worry, there are other choices for shipping packages, letters, and cargo. But because of political issues and sanctions, there may be some restrictions or delays. So, it may be hard to find a shipping company you can trust to send parcels from Latvia to Russia.

Currently, the delivery of parcels, letters and small cargoes from Latvia to Russia is carried out by various transport companies. The price of delivery and delivery time depend on the weight and size of the parcel, as well as on the selected services and the transport company. Usually the cost of delivery starts from 5 euros, and the delivery time is from 3 to 14 days.

To send parcels, letters and small cargoes from Latvia to Russia, certain rules and requirements must be considered. For example, it is forbidden to send dangerous and explosive goods, drugs and other prohibited substances. Also, to send goods abroad, it is necessary to fill out a declaration indicating the contents and cost of the parcel. When sending valuable and expensive items, it is recommended to take care about insurance.

Is there a reliable way to send something to Russia in 2023?

Before choosing an international shipping company, it is vital to recognize that there can be several challenges involved. It is therefore recommended to conduct thorough research and compare various companies. There are several options available, including:

  • Using specialized courier services that operate exclusively in the Baltic and Russian region.
  • Shipping by sea or river transport to ports in Russia.
  • Using freight forwarding services that specialize in Russia–bound shipments.
  • Sending documents or small cargo with private courier services that operate in Russia.
  • Arranging for a personal courier to make the trip between Latvia and Russia.
  • Using a private plane or helicopter to transport documents or small parcels.
  • Utilizing border towns or villages to physically transport documents or parcels across the border.
  • Shipping using specialized delivery services that operate via intermediate countries that have no restrictions on delivery to Russia.
  • Utilizing diplomatic channels to transport documents or cargo.
  • Using local shipping and logistics companies based in Russia.

When choosing a delivery method, be sure to check the full list of sanctioned goods from the European Union. The Latvian authorities are not enthusiastic about cooperation with Russia, therefore, in order not to attract too much attention to the process, it is advisable to immediately contact the company that guarantees the result.

The Time Saving Machine company (TSM) brings together real offers from a wide range of courier and logistics firms for transporting letters, packages, and goods between countries. This platform has strong partnerships and special deals to ensure quick and easy delivery of letters, parcels weighing up to 50 kg, and medium–sized international shipments up to one ton from Latvia to Russia.

What are customs restrictions on sending parcels from Latvia to Russia in 2023?

People send clothing, accessories, cosmetics, food items, and souvenirs from Latvia to Russia. There may also be demand for electronics, especially mobile phones and laptops.

Regarding online searches, people look for information on shipping and delivery services, customs rules and regulations, packaging requirements, and shipping costs. They may also compare prices and reviews of different online stores and marketplaces that offer international delivery to Russia. Some people may also search for specific brands or products that are not widely available in Russia.

Customs restrictions and regulations concerning delivery from Latvia and the EU to Russia vary depending on the type of goods being shipped. Items such as alcohol, tobacco products, and firearms are typically subject to strict regulations and limits. Additionally, certain goods may be subject to import taxes, duties, and other fees.

Be sure not to put into the package: new electronics, computers, telecommunications and information security devices, sensors and lasers, chemicals that could be used in the process of manufacture of chemical weapons, special materials and related equipment, manufacturing equipment and other sensitive items, such as those used by law enforcement bodies.

What are the shipping costs and the delivery time from Latvia to Russia?

The Time Saving Machine enterprise proffers three diverse options for worldwide dispatch:

  • Swift air courier service: This alternative necessitates 2–5 days to transport from Latvia to Russia. An individual courier boards a flight to a different country and then reaches Russia with a consignment from a singular customer.
  • Standard delivery: This choice commonly takes 5–15 working days. It is comparatively more economical as your parcel endures until an adequate quantity of shipment accumulates for dispatch.
  • Budget–friendly delivery: This selection takes 21–28 working days and comprises combining freight through a consolidation warehouse. The packet or correspondence is ultimately directed to a limited stockroom where it persists for a prolonged period until sent as one part of a vast cargo.

The shipping rates and time from Latvia to Russia depends on a few things, like how big and heavy the package is, how you want it to be sent and how far it needs to go.

Some countries stopped delivery to Russia. This made it hard for companies like mail carriers to do their job. But Time Saving Machine found new ways to get packages to Russia by going through other places that are friendly.

This made it a little more expensive for people to send letters or parcels to Russia because they had to use more gas, and travel more miles. But the good news is, Time Saving Machine has found new helpful friends in Asia, so they can still send things to Russia and make people happy.

The rate covers the companion service, as well as the expenses for fuel. When it comes to international shipping, extra fees for higher airfare and terminal handling at the airport are factored into the total cost.

Time Saving Machine ensures that clients are not overcharged and that they are not taken advantage of during international transportation. However, the cost of shipping can still be impacted by certain circumstances, such as:

  • type of the load;
  • terms for moving the merchandise;
  • mass and size of the consignment;
  • approximated worth of the items;
  • geographical gap between the originating and delivery locations;
  • necessity for insurance coverage;
  • favored delivery schedule.

A TSM manager chooses the tariff based on the request's details. However, even if the criteria are the same, shipment costs can fluctuate due to changes in currency exchange rates and seasonality of delivery.

Do I need any specific documents to send a parcel or letter from Latvia to Russia?

To send parcels, letters and cargo from Latvia to Russia, you will probably need to provide:

  • a commercial invoice for all commercial shipments, including goods for resale or for business use;
  • a packing list that details the items and quantities within the shipment;
  • a certificate of origin may be required for certain types of shipments that are subject to trade agreements or restrictions;
  • a customs declaration that outlines the package's value and contents for the purpose of clearance for all international shipments.

For ocean freight shipments, the bill of lading serves as a receipt and agreement between the carrier and shipper, while the air waybill serves the same purpose for air freight shipments. These documents are suitable for various shipments, including commercial goods, gifts, and personal effects. It is essential to seek guidance from your courier or freight forwarder to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and restrictions and to guarantee that all necessary documentation is provided.

For international hand–to–hand delivery of a parcel or a letter you need to provide identification documents such as passports or driver's licenses and the ID of the recipient.

TSM specializes in swift delivery of personal items such as valuables, documents, CDs, and flash drives from Latvia to Russia. Additionally, TSM ensures a prompt and reliable delivery of parcels and packages. Customers can choose from a diverse range of services that cater to their specific needs.

  • Assistance from a personal manager for customs documentation support.
  • Collection of all necessary certificates and passports by skilled staff.
  • Door–to–door courier services for turnkey delivery, picking up packages from any location.
  • Urgent delivery from and to Latvia as an alternative option.
  • No requirement for recipients to visit transportation company offices as the courier will deliver packages to a convenient location for the client.
  • Constant monitoring of logistic routing while the package is in transit. Currently, companies do not reveal their exact delivery routes, so information about the parcel has to be obtained through conversation with a manager in the chat.

Looking for reliable international transportation? Time Saving Machine has got you covered! Whether you're an individual or corporate customer, we can transport your shipments from Latvia to Russia safely and securely. With our 100% prepayment arrangement, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your goods will be delivered without any hiccups.

Plus, we offer fast and safe transfer for all types of items, including parcels, letters, documents, and full customs clearance. Trust Time Saving Machine for your transportation needs and experience hassle–free delivery today! Visit, text us in Telegram and WhatsApp.

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