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How a Simple Motherboard Journeyed from the USA to Russia Against All Odds!

In the realm of international shipping and payment systems, TSM emerges as a leader, guaranteeing effortless transits for items such as a motherboard from the USA to Russia.TSM's mastery in global logistics and payment solutions not only enables the triumphal delivery of merchandise but also addresses the question of how to send a parcel to Russia, surmounting formidable challenges. This article delves into how TSM's competence in international delivery and payment systems accomplished the seemingly unattainable feat for a client purchasing a motherboard on eBay, necessitating its transportation from the USA to Russia. 

Overcoming Barriers: TSM's eBay Solution Amidst Russian Restrictions

In a landscape where Russians face significant challenges when ordering goods from abroad, particularly from renowned marketplaces like eBay, TSM emerges as a vital solution provider. It's essential to note that Russian banks are disconnected from SWIFT, creating additional obstacles for international transactions. However, against all odds, this client successfully made their eBay purchase with TSM's assistance. TSM specializes in procuring and delivering various types of goods, navigating through sanctions and complex situations, making them a reliable choice for clients seeking international purchases, even under challenging circumstances like shipping from the US to Saint Petersburg.

  • Client: Good day! I have a motherboard that needs to go from the USA to Saint Petersburg, Russia. It measures around 40x20x5 cm and weighs approximately 300 grams. It’s not ready to ship yet, and I need to understand the delivery deadlines better. Is TSM equipped for this task?
  • TSM Manager: Good day! TSM is here to assist. We'll need the pickup and delivery addresses to proceed. Could you specify how soon you need this delivered?
  • Client: The sooner the better, but for shipping to Saint Petersburg from the USA, I need a clear idea of when it might arrive. Do you need the exact time for pickup, like 21-00 or 22-00, or just the date?
  • TSM Manager: An approximate date is fine for now. Once the cargo is ready, we can arrange a specific time. TSM ensures clarity on deadlines and we'll keep you informed every step of the way.

TSM Overcomes the CIS Challenge

TSM distinguishes itself as more than a conventional courier service, specializing in overcoming the intricate challenges imposed by sanctions, particularly in shipping to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. Every shipment undergoes meticulous monitoring, and TSM manages all essential customs documentation, ensuring a seamless process. 

  • Client: I heard about some issues with shipping costs to CIS countries. Can TSM clarify this for shipping from the USA to Russia, especially for a shipment to an office in a CIS country?
  • TSM Manager: Certainly. For delivery to an office in a CIS country, the cost of the card, delivery, and commission comes to 1.205$ , with an additional delivery charge to Russia of 221$ . The total would be 1,420$).
  • Client: Just to confirm, you’ve got all the details down for my motherboard trip, including shipping to Saint Petersburg from the USA, right? And you’ve received the payment of $598.11?
  • TSM Manager: Yes, the order is confirmed, and we've received your payment. TSM is now preparing for the dispatch. The expected delivery date is November 14th, but we're aiming for earlier if possible.
  • Client: Good to know. I’ll be on the lookout for any updates. Thanks for your help!
  • TSM Manager: Of course, thank you for choosing TSM. We'll reach out with any updates and let you know once it’s been delivered, which was completed by 13th November 2023.

Customer Praises TSM's Seamless Shipping Solutions

In the realm of international shipping, where the waters are often muddied by complex regulations and unexpected delays, finding a reliable courier service that excels in mail forwarding from the USA to Russia and delivers as promised is a treasure. 

“I recently had to send a critical package to Russia amidst all the stress of international sanctions, and honestly, I was bracing for a nightmare. But TSM turned that around with their impeccable service. Not only did they handle all the customs paperwork, but they also kept me updated every step of the way. My package arrived in perfect condition, and even earlier than expected! If you're looking for a shipping company that truly delivers on its promises for USA package shipping to the Russian Federation, TSM is the way to go. Five stars for their top-notch service!”

In conclusion, Time Saving Machine (TSM) emerges as a dependable partner in navigating the intricacies of international logistics, especially to regions affected by sanctions. TSM provides a comprehensive service that not only tackles logistical challenges but also guarantees transparency and punctual delivery. When seeking professional and efficient shipping solutions, clients can consistently rely on TSM as a reliable ally, particularly as a courier service to St. Petersburg.

Need hassle-free document delivery from the USA to Russia? Choose Time Saving Machine for unparalleled international courier services. Explore our offerings at or reach out to us at +1 213-459-5581.

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