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How can Australians quickly send documents and parcels to Russia in 2023?

The Time Saving Machine transport company has been operating since 2014 and in the pre–sanction time helped many Russians get a visa to Australia with further relocation to this country for permanent residence. After 10 packages of anti–Russian sanctions, these emigrants found themselves in an unpleasant situation. They cannot send parcels from Australia with gifts to relatives or order the delivery of goods from Australia to Russia or even send commercial cargo and documents to partners in the Russian Federation. DHL delivery Australia refuses to The TSM team solves this problem.

In 2023 the transport company Time Saving Machine offers three kinds of delivery from Australia:

  • urgent way by air courier in 2–4 days;
  • standard type of transportation in 5–15 working days:
  • economy variant of shipping to Russia from Australia by combined cargo and through the consolidation warehouse in 21–28 working days.

The cost of delivery from Australia is different as the time of supply and depends on the several factors:

  • description of cargo from Australia to Russia. Sometimes there are such things that are hard to deliver on export from Australia, so the price will be higher for the TSM team’s efforts;
  • size and weight of parcel. How higher these indexes, then it is more expensive the price of transportation;
  • date of box readiness for shipping. It is easier to find a free courier if the cargo is ready, so the delivery could be cheaper then the supply on the next week from the order of shipping for example because of race currencies;
  • wishful terms of supply. There are some cases when it is needed to give special conditions for the transportation of a certain cargo, then the client pays extra fee for an individual approach;
  • distance between the sender and the recipient. TSM courier service layed new logistics routes through friendly to Russia countries, so how longer the distance of transportation then the higher the price of delivery;
  • chosen time of delivery from Australia. The cost for speed is always higher than for the economy way of transportation with a long wait.

For each tariff the TSM courier company offers the following service:

  • connection with personal assigned manager in accompanying the shipping;
  • help with completing the transport and customs clearance documents;
  • packing the goods in a safety box;
  • monitoring the movement of a shipment along the logistics route with track number;
  • delivery by courier from hand to hand.

Registration of an application for international transportation is carried out under a contract and 100 % prepayment according to invoice and takes less than 1 hour, making it possible to call a courier on picking up the cargo from the sender from Australia on the day of the client’s request to the delivery service Time Saving Machine.

Also the TSM manager often gets such questions as «is it possible to send a parcel to Australia» or «could i send a letter to Australia» and «do you deliver samples to Australia». We answer all these questions at once — yes, of course. The TSM team sends from Australia to Russia not only boxes, but even letters and commercial cargo, as well as in opposite ways. The Time Saving Machine transport company serves 240 countries including remote corners of the planet. So if you want to deliver cargo to Australia from Japan, for example, of course it is possible. Just contact with the TSM manager and give him or her the following information:

  • what kind of goods do you need to send to Australia;
  • weight and dimensions of cargo;
  • sender’s address and contacts;
  • recipient’s address and contacts;
  • note if you are limited in time and need the urgent delivery to Australia.

In a couple of minutes you will get a detailed answer with the selection of the tariffs of sending parcels to Australia in 2023.If you want to send from Australia to Russia boxes and letters or to order a parcel delivery to Australia from all over the world, please, follow the TSM website and leave a request for shipping.

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