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How can Russians from the UK send parcels to Russia in 2023?

There have always been a lot of Russians living in London. People were attracted to the British aristocracy and many Russians moved to England long before the world events of 2022. Some of them came to the new country to study, the second ones made a long–term visit for work and there also were a few who married a local resident.

All these people are united by one thing — relatives and friends who stay on the territory of the Russian Federation and it means that the topic of delivery from the UK to Russia is especially relevant for them. But in 2023 to send parcels from England to Russia is difficult because of 9 packages of the United Kingdom sanctions against Russia and refusal of many international transport companies to serve this land. It is also hard to buy in England with delivery clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics.

The courier delivery service Time Saving Machine stands out of the total and continues to take parcels in the UK nowadays, so the Russians who live in England can order shipping through the TSM. It is quick and reliable.

Instruction for use of shipping from England to Russia with TSM in 2023

First of all contact the TSM manager and give him o her the following information about parcels from the UK:

  • description of all things in the box that you want to send to Russia;
  • parcel’s sizes and weight;
  • sender and recipient addresses with postcodes — name of state, city, street, number of house, floor and flat;
  • date of cargo readiness in England;
  • wishful time of parcel delivery from the United Kingdom;
  • necessity of additional service — insurance or special conditions of transportation.

Secondly, choose the suitable type of delivery from the UK. Despite the tense situation between Russia and England as opposite to other delivery services from the United Kingdom decision not to work with Russian land the Time Saving Machine team continues to take parcels in the UK nowadays and offers the customers three tariffs:

  • urgent variant by air courier in 24–72 days;
  • standard way of delivery of goods from the UK in 5–15 working days;
  • economy way of shipping in 21–28 working days using a consolidation warehouse.

After the rate calculation the TSM manager tells the customer how much does the delivery from the UK cost and what kind of service is included in these ways of goods delivery from England. All of them, for example, contain tracking a parcel from the United Kingdoms.

After choosing terms and cost of delivery from the UK it begins the next stage to sign a contract with the transport company and pay for shipping. The Time Saving Machine courier service makes the delivery from England only for 100 % prepayment and concludes a transportation contract with each client. The document has legal force, contains all information delivery parcels from the UK and serves as a guarantee of shipping both for individuals and legal entities with whom TSM works.

The Time Saving Machine team makes the transportation of parcels from the UK to Russia by couriers from hand to hand. So if the client wants to send even documents from England to Russia he or she doesn’t need to go to the post office. They should stay at home and thecourier will come to take the shipment at a convenient time.

The delivery service TSM also works in the reversed direction. In 2023 it is possible to send parcels to the UK from Russia.

Does the UK send parcels to Russia or documents from England? Of course with courier delivery service Time Saving Machine. You just need to contact the TSM manager on the website of company

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