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How much does the delivery of parcels to Russia cost in 2023

2022 was a watershed moment for the international logistic world. Habitual methods of shipping disappeared because of famous courier firms’ refusal from service in the territory of the Russian Federation. And as for those transport companies that continued to send parcels to Russia they did it only at great expense.

In courier delivery service Time Saving Machine also had the rise of prices triggered by several reasons, but cost is justified by the quality and depends on the following things.


TSM company had to lay new logistics routes through lands friendly to the Russian Federation because of direct transport links cancellation between Western countries and Russia. Therefore, the further the sender’s city is located in Europe or the USA from the recipient’s city in Russia — the higher the cost of cargo transportation.

Size and weight

The delivery cost is directly affected by the size of the box and the weight of the shipment. How higher these two indicators, then it is more expensive the price of transportation.


The price for speed is always higher than for the economy variant with a long wait. In 2023 in courier service Time Saving Machine there are 3 tariffs of international delivery to Russia:

  • urgent shipping by air courier on plane in 24–72 hours;
  • standard way of transportation by courier from hand to hand in 5–15 working days;
  • economy supply through a consolidation warehouse with a combined cargo in 21–28 working days.

All of them includes:

  • connection with personal assigned manager in accompanying the shipping that helps the customer to complete transport documents in a right way;
  • packing the cargo in a reliable box;
  • tracking the movement of a parcel along the logistics route;
  • delivery by courier from hand to hand.

Additional service

Besides the main service in the TSM transport company there are available other offers to the client for an additional cost:

  • Insurance. Despite the fact that the courier company Time Saving Machine has a good reputation with 100 % delivery of goods around the world without delays in shipping terms and damages, the TSM recommends to insure expensive items in the parcel;
  • Packaging. A opposed free packaging methods in the form of air bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and fillers, while transporting fragile goods, pictures or art objects it is necessary to hammer together plywood boxes to increase the level of reliability of delivery;
  • Delivery from a legal entity and purchase of goods using the company’s currency account for a separate commission.

If you need to order the shipping parcels to Russian, please, follow the link to the courier express delivery service website and contact the TSM manager that will calculate the cost of shipping according to your data and tell you the price.

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