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How quickly to send documents to Russia in 2023

The events of February 2022 divided the world into «before» and «after». Many foreign businessmen have stopped cooperating with Russia and even international courier services refuse shipping parcels or letters to the Russian Federation. But the transport company Time Saving Machine delivers cargo to this direction every day quickly and reliably from all over the world. In 2023 there are 3 ways of shipping to Russia. Two of them are fast and the last one is not.

1. Delivery by plane with air courier in 24–72 hours

This urgent type of transportation is suitable for shipping impotent documents between legal entities or for delivery of passport, birth certificate, certificates for employment, diploma from the university, documents from a notary, bank cards. This way includes:

  • communication with a personal manager for an international shipment supporting;
  • help of TSM team with completing the transport documents;
  • packaging of the attachment in a cardboard envelope or a reliable safe package;
  • tracking on the route;
  • delivery by air courier from hand to hand.

The high price of supply at this tariff is due to the turnkey service and short shipping time in conditions of strong sanctions restrictions.

2. Standard express delivery in 4–8 or 9–15 working days

If the budget is limited and does not allow you to order a personal air courier for international transportation of letters, then customers can send documents with standard express delivery. This service also includes communication with the manager and shipping from hand to hand but in a longer way. The delivery time of this tariff varies depending on the distance between the sender and the Russian city of the recipient. Normally it takes 4–8 working days. But it can be delivered in 9–15 working days. This time of transportation won’t be a surprise for the client because the manager announced it while making the order.

Also, please, don’t be afraid if at the pick–up of the letter place arrives the courier from DHL, TNT, FedEx or UPS. We cooperate with these transport companies and as our partners they help us, but the delivery will be made through our office in central Asia.

If you need the shipping documents to Russia quickly, please contact the manager on the website of the TSM company

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