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How to deliver parcels, documents and goods from Saudi Arabia to Russia in 2023

After the events of February 2022, the vector of Russian business turned to Eastern countries, especially to Saudi Arabia, where nowadays there is active cooperation in the field of energy, investment and tourism. In this connection, the demand for international courier services of documents, parcels, samples and commercial cargo from Saudi Arabia to Russia has increased.

The team of the Time Saving Machine courier service has been working in the logistics market since 2014 and regularly delivers parcels and letters from Saudi Arabia to Russia, so we have prepared a detailed article about the current method of delivery from Eastern countries to Russia.

Turning point of international delivery

More recently, search engines were full of queries like: DHL shipping from Saudi Arabia to Russia, FedEx shipping from Saudi Arabia to Russia, UPS shipping from Saudi Arabia to Russia, TNT delivery from Saudi Arabia to Russia, because people used the time tested services of familiar logistics companies. But in 2023 the situation has changed. DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT refused to send parcels from Saudi Arabia to Russia because of sanctions and restrictions imposed by Western countries.

But despite the sanctions, there are some transport companies that continue to deliver parcels and documents to Russia. Among them, there is the shipping provider Time Saving Machine, which has an experienced team which has been transporting goods and parcels around the world since 2014 and  invented new logistics routes through countries friendly to the Russian Federation in order to preserve the possibility of import and export with Russia in 2023 and on.

Available ways of delivery to Russia in 2023

In 2023, the Time Saving Machine courier delivery service offers various options  for international shipments from Saudi Arabia to Russia. The first option is personal air courier delivery by plane, which is the quickest but most expensive option, taking 24–72 hours. It is suggested for small parcels or urgent orders. The second option is standard express delivery, which takes 5–15 working days and is faster than regular postage but cheaper than personal air courier service. Finally, the economy multimodal option combines different transport methods such as sea, air, or land with consolidation warehouses. It is the most cost-effective but takes approximately 21–28 working days. 

All of these options include door-to-door delivery from any location in Saudi Arabia to even the most remote Russian village, a personal accompanying manager to assist with customs documents completion, real-time tracking of the parcel's movement, and delivery according to the transportation agreement with 100% prepayment. 

Each tariff offers different shipping rates based on the customer's preferences. Personal air courier services start at a  price of 500 euros with a guaranteed delivery time of 24–72 hours. Standard courier delivery services have a cost of over 176 euros and are usually executed within 5–15 working days. The most economical option is consolidating cargo in a warehouse and transporting it within 21–28 working days, with a cost of over 117 euros. 

When determining the shipping cost from Saudi Arabia to Russia, several factors are taken into account, such as the level of service, speed, package size, weight, and shipping method. Larger and heavier packages require higher shipping rates, while express delivery incurs higher costs due to expenses. Additional fees like insurance, confirmation of signature, and package tracking can also raise the shipping price. Import duties from Saudi Arabia to Russia based on package contents and value can add up the shipping cost, and remote or hard-to-reach locations may come with additional fees.

How to order  delivery of parcels from Saudi Arabia to Russia

In case you find any of the suggested rates suitable, kindly send the following details to the manager before requesting delivery:

  • full names and addresses, including postal codes, of the sender and recipient;
  • contact details like telephone numbers and email addresses for both parties;
  • particulars concerning the weight and measurements of the parcel(s) to be dispatched;
  • descriptions and snapshots of all items enclosed in the parcel(s);
  • preferred date and time for delivery;
  • any specific instructions or delivery prerequisites;
  • any international shipping documentation necessary such as customs declarations or import/export permits.

What documents is it necessary to prepare for export from Saudi Arabia

Below is a general outline of the documents that may be necessary for customs clearance when sending packages from Saudi Arabia to Russia:

  • commercial invoice, listing the value and specifics of the products being shipped;
  • proforma invoice, if the items are not being sold;
  • bill of lading for sea shipments or an air waybill for air shipments;
  • packing list;
  • certificate of origin;
  • import/export permit, if necessary;
  • customs declaration form;
  • insurance certificate, if the goods are insured;
  • export license, if the items are restricted;
  • other relevant paperwork, as dictated by the customs regulations of the specific country.

At Time Saving Machine, each client is assigned a personal support manager who assists them in accurately completing the required customs documentation.

How to pack parcels for international shipment

There are some general pieces of advice for packaging parcels for international shipping Saudi Arabia to Russia:

  • choose appropriate packaging: Select packaging material that’s durable enough to withstand handling and transit. Use corrugated boxes and cushioning materials like bubble wrap, packing foam inserts to protect the contents during the shipment process, especially for fragile cargo. Put such items in bubble wrap, cardboard boxes in 45 liters, for example, and complete empty space with special filler;
  • prepare the contents: Ensure that the items being shipped are appropriately sealed, and wrap them individually if necessary. For fragile items, use extra layers of cushioning or packaging;
  • label the package: Use clear and large labels to affix the complete and accurate shipping address, including the recipient’s name and phone number and the sender's information;
  • check with your shipper: Always seek guidance from your shipper for any additional or specific packaging guidance to ensure you are taking all appropriate measures to protect your package during its transit journey.

What is prohibited for delivery from Saudi Arabia to Russia

There are some common items that are typically prohibited from international shipping include:

  • illegal drugs or narcotics;
  • explosives, fireworks and ammunition;
  • sexually explicit materials;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • wildlife products (e.g. ivory, animal skins);
  • hazardous materials (e.g. chemicals, lithium batteries).

It is important to note that prohibited items may vary by country and carrier, so it is always recommended to check with the relevant authorities and shipping companies. The TSM managers always monitor changes in customs legislation and give the clients free consultation on ways of shipping from Saudi Arabia to Russia.

Do you need parcel delivery from Saudi Arabia to Russia? Please, follow the website of express delivery courier service, contact the manager by one of the following ways — online chat or in WhatsApp and Telegram — and send from Saudi Arabia to Russia parcels, documents and commercial cargo quickly and reliably.

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