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How to delivery parcels and letters from Austria to Russia in 2023

Until 2023 the aggregator helped Europeans to find courier firms for the delivery of parcels and letters around the world, including to Russia. Nowadays when DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS and other international transport companies have refused to serve the territory of the Russian Federation, the aggregator helps out again.

The Time Saving Machine logistic company team prepared the algorithm of sending parcels and letters from Austria to Russia and here are the main points.

Choose a reliable courier services from Australia to Russia

Before the events of February 2022, delivery from Austria to Russia was carried out by several international courier services that have a presence in Austria. Some of them are well–known transport companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and the Austrian national postal service. It was possible to order delivery with them through an aggregator, but in 2023 shipping from Austria to Russia through these firms is not available due to sanction bans.

The Time Saving Machine company helps with international shipping Austria to Russia. Its logisticians have created legal options for delivery routes for this direction.

Package your items properly

Ensure that your items are packed securely and adequately to prevent damage during transit. Use sturdy boxes, cushioning materials, and strong packing tape. Ensure that the package for delivery from Austria to Russia can withstand the rigors of international shipping.

If you are sending a letter from Austria to Russia, please, prepare it properly. Write your letter and place it in an envelope suitable for international mail. Ensure that the envelope is securely sealed and the contents are protected from potential damage during transit. Clearly write the recipient’s name, address, and postal code on the envelope. Ensure that your letter does not contain any items prohibited or restricted for import into Russia. Some items, such as currency, may have specific requirements or restrictions. Additionally, please, print out the bill of lading, which the assigned manager will send to the sender by e–mail, and attach it to the letter.

What documents should the sender prepare for customs for letter and parcel delivery from Austria to Russia

When sending parcels and letters from Austria to Russia, you need to provide specific documents to ensure smooth customs clearance. Here are some common documents and steps you should consider:

  • customs declaration form: for parcels, you will need to complete a customs declaration form (usually CN22 or CN23, depending on the value of the contents). This form provides essential information about the parcel’s contents, value, and purpose (gift, commercial, or personal use). For letters containing only documents or correspondence, a customs declaration form is generally not required. However, if the letter contains any non–document items or has a value, you may need to complete a customs declaration form;
  • commercial invoice (for parcels): if you are shipping commercial goods, you should include a commercial invoice with your parcel. The commercial invoice typically contains details such as the sender's and recipient’s information, a description of the goods, the total value, and the terms of sale (e.g., Incoterms). This document helps customs authorities assess the appropriate duties and taxes for the shipment;
  • certificate of origin (for parcels): in some cases, you may need to provide a certificate of origin, especially for commercial shipments. This document verifies the country in which the goods were manufactured or produced and may be required for preferential tariff treatment or to comply with specific import regulations;
  • special permits, licenses, or certificates: depending on the nature of the items you are sending, you might need to obtain special permits, licenses, or certificates. Examples include phytosanitary certificates for plant–based products, veterinary certificates for animal products, or export licenses for certain types of technology. Make sure to check both Austrian and Russian regulations to determine if any additional documentation is required for your shipment;
  • accurate addressing: ensure that the recipient’s name, address, postal code, and country are correctly and clearly written on the parcel or letter. This will help expedite the customs clearance process and avoid potential issues;
  • prohibited and restricted items: familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited and restricted items for both Austria and Russia to ensure that your parcel or letter does not contain any items that could cause problems during customs clearance.

Keep in mind that the requirements may change over time, and the specific documents needed can vary depending on the contents and purpose of your shipment. It’s essential to consult the most up–to–date information from relevant customs authorities or shipping providers before sending your parcel or letter.

A personal assigned manager at Time Saving Machine helps to check the relevance of the list of documents and will complete the forms of documents instead of the client if it is necessary.

What is prohibited to deliver from Austria to Russia in 2023

Both Austria and Russia have lists of prohibited and restricted items that cannot be shipped or have specific requirements for shipping. Before sending your parcel, verify that its contents are allowed for import into Russia and adhere to any applicable regulations. Some commonly prohibited items for international shipping, including from Austria to Russia, are:

  • narcotics and illegal drugs: the importation of narcotics, controlled substances, and illegal drugs is strictly prohibited;
  • explosives and ammunition: items such as fireworks, gunpowder, ammunition, and other explosive materials are not allowed;
  • weapons: firearms, knives, and other weapons are generally prohibited or require special permits and documentation;
  • counterfeit goods and currency: the importation of counterfeit items, such as fake branded goods, and counterfeit currency is forbidden;
  • certain printed materials: items containing materials that are considered offensive, obscene, or that incite violence or hatred are not allowed;
  • certain food products: some food products, especially perishable goods or items with specific import restrictions, may be prohibited;
  • live animals and certain animal products: the importation of live animals or certain animal products, such as ivory or endangered species, is restricted or prohibited;
  • plants and plant products: some plants, seeds, and plant products may be subject to restrictions or prohibitions due to phytosanitary regulations;
  • hazardous materials and chemicals: the importation of hazardous materials, such as toxic or radioactive substances, is generally prohibited;
  • cultural artifacts: the importation of cultural artifacts or items of historical significance may be subject to restrictions or prohibitions;
  • precious metals and gemstones: the importation of precious metals and gemstones may be subject to restrictions or special regulations.

This list is not exhaustive, and the specific prohibited items may vary depending on the regulations in place in 2023. It’s essential to consult the most up–to–date information from relevant customs authorities or shipping providers before sending from Austria to Russia postage.In 2023 the list of standard prohibited attachments was supplemented with sanctioned goods which cost more than 300 euros. But the experienced managers of Time Saving Machine know how to deliver a parcel with expensive things in a legal way.

But there is a way out of every situation. So as for delivery of precious metals, jewelry, gemstones, food, animals and plants the TSM team has personal air couriers. As for dangerous items that are prohibited for delivery in parcels there is a special department in the Time Saving Machine that organizes such shipments.

What depends on the cost of international delivery from Austria to Russia

The cost of international delivery from Austria to Russia depends on several factors. Here are some key factors that influence the shipping cost:

  • shipping provider: whether you choose international courier services Austria to Russia and find for example «DHL shipping from Austria to Russia», «FedEx shipping Austria to Russia», «UPS shipping from Austria to Russia» or «TNT delivery Austria to Russia» the price in each of them will be different. The choice of shipping provider, such as the national postal service Osterreichische Post Russia delivery can significantly impact the shipping cost from Austria to Russia. Different providers offer varying levels of service, speed, and reliability, which can affect their pricing;
  • parcel size and weight: the dimensions and weight of the parcel play a crucial role in determining the shipping cost. Generally, the larger and heavier the parcel, the higher the shipping fees;
  • shipping method: different shipping methods come with varying costs. For example, express shipping is typically more expensive than standard shipping due to faster delivery times. Additionally, some providers may offer economy or priority services, which can also affect the cost;
  • insurance and additional services: if you choose to insure your parcel or opt for additional services, such as signature confirmation or tracking, these can add to the overall cost of the delivery;
  • customs import duties Austria to Russia and taxes: depending on the contents and value of the parcel, the recipient may need to pay customs duties and taxes upon delivery. While these fees are generally the responsibility of the recipient, they can still impact the overall cost of the shipment;
  • remote or hard–to–reach locations: delivering to remote or hard–to–reach locations may incur additional fees due to the increased logistical challenges and costs associated with such destinations.

The cost of shipping your parcel will depend on the chosen tariff of transportation, the size and weight of the package, service and the method of sending a parcel from Austria to Russia.

The Time Saving Machine company has 3 variants of international delivery:

  • urgent way by air courier with shipping time from Austria to Russia from 2 to 5 days which costs more 500 euro;
  • standard type of supply in 5–15 working days which costs more 176 euro;
  • economy delivery in 21–28 working days by combining cargo with using a consolidation warehouse which costs more 117 euro.

Such high prices are formed because of sanctions. There is no direct delivery from Europe to Russia, so the parcels go through several numbers of countries. But despite the lengthening of the logistics route and additional costs, TSM saved the parcel delivery service from any city in Austria to any town in Russia by courier from door to door. So neither the sender nor the recipient need to go to the offices of the transport company and carry the parcel themselves.

All of them includes the following service:

  • help of personal accompanying manager with filling the documents for customs;
  • collection of certificates and passports for cargo by experienced TSM employees;
  • turnkey delivery by courier from hand to hand. This means that a personal courier comes to the sender at work, home, or hotel and picks up the parcel. The recipient will also not need to go to the office of the transport company and take the parcel. The courier will deliver the cargo personally from door to door and where it will be comfortable for the client.
  • monitoring of parcel and letter movement according to the logistic route;
  • international transportation according to the agreement and 100 % prepayment. The transportation contract is signed with both individuals and legal entities, for reliability and guarantee of delivery. This document has legal force and TSM makes international shipments of goods according to it.

There is also the additional service in TSM courier firm that can influence shipping rates Austria to Russia, so, please, follow the TSM website and contact the manager in online chat or in WhatsApp and Telegram. Leave there your request for delivery from Austria to Russian and wait for communication with the manager that will help you to find the most suitable way of supply.

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