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How to get a discount while sending a parcel from the USA abroad

The Time Saving Machine transport company is an aggregator that has direct contracts with different courier delivery services. It means that customers have an opportunity to compare tariffs in one window–mode according to price, time and terms. Connection to the platform of aggregator signs of providing international transportation without extra charge with improved service. Despite this there are still two ways of getting a discount on sending parcels from America to foreign countries in 2023.

Compact packaging

The cost of delivery from the USA to other countries directly depends on a number of things. Among them are the weight of cargo and dimensions of the parcel. So if you want to save money on international transportation, please, practice compact packaging:

  • use vacuum bags. The items inside are reduced in volume several times under the influence of pressure;
  • put the goods in a box like tetris. Thoughtful packing of the goods allows you to pick up a smaller box, which means that the volumetric weight will decrease as well as the cost of delivery;
  • use light fillers to complete empty space in cardboard containers. For example, foam granules.

Contract on a permanent shipments

The express delivery courier service Time Saving Machine works with individuals and legal entities. If the client is ready to confirm the volume of regular transportations and conclude with the TSM company a contract for permanent shipments. Then the team of logistic operator is ready to agree to an amount of discount. Conditions will be discussed in a private way.

The Time Saving Machine company has delivered goods since 2014 and regularly carries commercial shipments, samples, different kinds of equipment and documents for large manufacturing companies.

Have you already calculated the cost of shipping from the USA abroad on the TSM website and still want to get a discount? Please, contact the manager in online chat, WhatsApp, Telegram or e–mail and discuss this question.

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