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How to pack fragile goods in the parcel

International cargo delivery is associated in people’s minds with reliability and speed in 2023. But even proven over the years routes and safe packaging cannot protect customers from the fear of sending fragile goods by courier service. They are afraid of damages and that’s why the transport company Time Saving Machine’s team prepared 4 useful recommendations on how to pack fragile goods in the parcel.

1. Find the right box

When you are planning to send fragile things, please, use the right box. It should be an increased strength class with thick cardboard walls. Check the bottom of the box. It must be whole. To comply with all these conditions, choose only new boxes for delivery of fragile cargo. It is also necessary to wrap with tape stiffening ribs. In this way you will stay calm and know that the valuable things don’t fall out of the box during transportation because of the tired walls of the cardboard container that made a hole.

2. Put fragile cargo in air bubble wrap

Choosing a suitable box to prevent a fragile item from breaking on the way to the recipient is not enough. It is necessary to tight and plentifully wind the cargo in an air bubble wrap, that protects the fragile thing from strong damages during transportation and softens the blow in the fall.

3. Fill empty space in the box in a right way

When you find the new strong cardboard box and wrap the fragile cargo it is necessary to put the item in the container in the right way. Please, place the filler on the bottom of the box and put your wrapped cargo into the container without touching the walls of it. Fill the empty space on the sides and top with filler as well to keep the contents from dangling. As a filler you can use:

  • shredded corrugated kraft paper;
  • foam chips;
  • textile;
  • crumpled newspaper.

4. Use stickers and markers

Even when you have secured your fragile cargo according to the three previous points, the human factor remains. Couriers may stack a box during transportation unaware that something fragile is lying there. So you need to use stickers and markers to inform them. Sign the container with big letters «FRAGILE» and draw directional arrows in which way to move the box.

To get more information about types of fragile goods packages please contact the TSM manager on the website of company

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