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How to send a parcel to Russia from Baku in 2023

In 2022, Russia faced a "postal blockade" when it became difficult to receive goods or personal belongings from abroad. Experts in the field of logistics do not undertake to predict the duration of restrictions.

Sending parcels to Russia from Asia, the USA, Europe, Australia, Africa has become a stress test for nerves, finances and ingenuity. An ordinary user needs to spend a lot of effort and time to bypass the traps of scammers, identify unverified carriers in order to get a valid solution. But not all “experiments” end up well for the user’s wallet.

Is there an affordable option for delivering parcels from Baku to Russia in 2023?

Yes, there is! We recommend you to take a closer look at the scope of services of the international courier service for the delivery of parcels from Baku to Russia - Time Saving Machine.

The current state of affairs with sending parcels from Baku to Russia

The transport blockade by the EU and the USA and the refusal of a number of international postal services to work in the Russian direction significantly worsened the situation. UPS, FedEx, TNT Express, DHL and local state postal services of Poland, Sweden, Latvia, Denmark, Finland and Australia have suspended the shipment of parcels to Russia. Therefore, the Russian Post has stopped receiving parcels from unfriendly countries.

The inability to directly pay for delivery services, for example, parcels with goods from the USA to Russia, has put buyers at a dead end — foreign companies do not accept Russian bank cards for payment. Few people can afford to issue foreign payment cards.

International delivery service Time Saving Machine — a solution for the delivery of parcels from Baku to Russia in 2023

The logistics department of the international courier service Time Saving Machine has implemented a great solution for the delivery of parcels to Russia from Baku in 2023, despite transport and legal restrictions

The positive result is based on the comprehensive application and implementation of the following principles:

  • combining different methods of parcel delivery from Baku by air and land transport;
  • setting realistic delivery dates for parcels from Baku to Russia;
  • knowledge of the legal nuances of registration, transit and delivery of the shipment;
  • cooperation with international and Russian courier services, transport companies;
  • availability of current accounts in foreign banks;
  • use of own branches in the CIS for further shipment to the destination address.

Important! The logistics team of the TSM courier service has carefully approached the construction of a route bypassing the blocked air and land borders of the Russian Federation.

How to send a parcel to Russia from Baku in 2023

Sending a parcel from Baku to Russia consists of the scrupulous work of TSM specialists, which includes:

  • Calculation of the actual cost of delivery;
  • Setting the terms of transportation;
  • Prompt and legally competent order processing.

Calculation of the delivery cost from Baku to Russia in 2023

The TSM customer receives a reasonable and up-to-date cost of delivery of the parcel to Russia from Baku before placing the shipment. Customer service managers receive detailed information from the sender about the planned package delivery, after which they form an offer for the client. The situation when the price has “suddenly” changed on the way is impossible.

Information that TSM managers clarify before forming an order:

  • Type of shipment — envelope or parcel;
  • The dimensions and weight of the parcel — the cost of the delivery method of the cargo depends on it;
  • When sending clothes, the managers will ask for the material, color, country of origin, size of the product. For books — author, publisher, volume in pages. For works of art — the author, the technique of manufacture, materials, a certificate and an export permit from the Ministry of Culture of the sender's country. For medicines — the presence of factory packaging, cash receipt, instructions, and for the recipient it is mandatory to have a doctor's recipe;
  • Addresses of the sender and recipient of the parcel.

Important! The prices are valid on the day of the invoice. International logistics and courier services calculate payments in € and $, the exchange rate of which is unstable.

The delivery time of parcels and cargo from Baku to Russia in 2023

Express delivery of parcels in 1-3 days from Baku to Russia has temporarily moved into the field of theory. Within the framework of logistical restrictions, expect that the delivery time of the parcel from Baku to Russia will be from 8 to 14 working days, as the route passes through the TSM branch located in the CIS, then the parcel is sent to Moscow and only after that we deliver the parcel by courier to the addressee.

Important! The delivery time of the parcel from Baku to Russia depends on the selected rate.

Making an order

Also, the TSM manager will request the following data to make an application for parcel delivery:

  • sender and recipient addresses — index, country, settlement, street, house/block number, apartment number;
  • contact phone numbers of the sender and recipient;
  • type of shipment — documents, parcel or cargo;
  • a photo of the contents of the parcel — for the correct registration of the waybill, invoices and other accompanying documents.

If an urgent pick-up of the shipment is required, please leave the request to the TSM specialist.

How to pay for the parcel delivery from Baku to Russia

Both the sender and the recipient can pay for delivery services from Baku to Russia via foreign or Russian TSM accounts. To do this, you need to conclude an agreement with the TSM courier service for the provision of delivery services for parcels, cargo or documents. A personal manager forms a link to payment via the online payment service “Robokassa” or issues an invoice.

Important! The contract is under the jurisdiction of the country in which the TSM branch is located.

Advantages of working with the international courier service TSM for the delivery of parcels from Baku to Russia:

  • Courier delivery to anywhere in the world. The coverage area of the service is 155,000 settlements in Russia and 240 countries.
  • In the conditions of sanctions and transport blockade, the minimal delivery time of a parcel from Baku to Russia due to competently built logistics chains;
  • Contract support and consultation of a personal manager starting from making an application for parcel delivery from Baku and until the delivery to the recipient in Russia;
  • Real-time online tracking;
  • Additional services: insurance, custom-made packaging according to the provided dimensions, execution of accompanying documents.

Since 2014, the TSM international courier service has been delivering door-to-door shipments of both small, from a few grams, and bulky cargo weighing 500 kg all over the world. The TSM concierge service, even within the framework of strict export control of unfriendly countries, will deliver the parcel from Baku as soon as possible.

In this case, the recipient or sender ALWAYS:

  • know where the cargo is — the support manager is in touch and can quickly clarify the location of the parcel;
  • receive the cargo at the date and time agreed by the parties;
  • have a guarantee of the safety of the cargo;
  • are provided with an individual approach from preliminary consultation to the actual delivery of the parcel;
  • receive a receipt for services;

It is quite possible to send a parcel from Baku to Russia in 2023!

How to contact the managers of TSM to arrange the delivery of a parcel from Baku to Russia:

*- prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation

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