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How to send books from the USA to Russia in 2023

The Time Saving Machine aggregator helps Americans save time, energy and money by selecting courier services to deliver letters and cargo from the United States to anywhere in the world and even to those countries with which America is in unfriendly relations.

Today the TSM team answers the question — how to send books from the USA to Russia in 2023 — and highlights 3 main points of such shipment.

Choose a right package

If you want the books to arrive in good condition to the recipient, the goods should be properly packed. Wrapping in an air bubble film protects the corners of the printed edition from rumpling. Then put the books into the cardboard box and fill out the empty space inside it with crumpled kraft paper. Please, contact the TSM manager and he or she will advise the type of packaging based on the characteristics of each specific shipment.

Prepare accompanying documents

Sending books has nothing in common with shipping letters with business correspondence from America to Russia. Such an international shipment is considered by customs as a parcel so in this way it won’t be enough to fill out only one waybill for delivery. Please, complete the accompanying documents with:

  • book title;
  • publisher date;
  • number of pages;
  • author.

If there are problems with filling out the invoice, the Time Saving Machine manager will do it instead of you based on the provided information about the cargo.

Trust the experience of the TSM team

Despite the several anti–Russian sanctions, the delivery from the USA to the Russian Federation continues to exist. The shipping is provided by the TSM company team, which has built logistics routes from America to Russia. The service includes:

  • delivery by courier from hand to hand;
  • help with completing the accompanying documents;
  • 3 kinds of speed — in 2–4 days by personal air courier with possibility of delivery on weekend, in 5–15 working days by courier, in 21–28 working days by combined cargo with using consolidation warehouses for those who want to economize;
  • monitoring of cargo movement;
  • making international transportation according to the agreement and 100 % prepayment.

If you need to send parcels to Russia from the USA, please, follow the website of delivery service, contact the manager in online form, WhatsApp or Telegram and leave a request for the delivery.

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