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How to send documents from Amran to Russia in 2023

In 2022, receiving a birth certificate, property rights, contracts, diploma and other important documents from abroad became difficult. Experts in the field of logistics do not undertake to predict the probable duration of restrictions.

Sending documents to Russia from Asia, the USA, Europe, Australia, Africa has become a real stress test for the nervous system, finances and ingenuity.

Is there an affordable and stable option to send documents from Amran to Russia in 2023?

Yes, it is. We recommend you to take a closer look at the method of documents delivery from Amran to Russia, offered by the international courier service TSM.

The current state of affairs with sending documents from Amran to Russia in 2023

The transport blockade imposed by the EU and the refusal of a number of international postal services to work with the Russian direction significantly worsened the situation. We stopped sending parcels and documents to Russia by UPS, Federal Express, TNT Express, DHL, etc.

The authorities of Poland, Sweden, Latvia, Denmark, Finland and Australia have notified the Universal Postal Union of their refusal to issue mailings to the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the Russian Post has stopped receiving parcels and envelopes from unfriendly countries as a forced measure.

The inability to directly pay for delivery services, for example, an envelope with documents from the United States to Russia, has baffled a lot of people. After all, Russian bank cards are not accepted for payment by foreign companies. Few people have an opportunity to issue foreign payment cards.

Time Saving Machine delivery service — a solution for sending documents from Amran to Russia in 2023

Under the conditions of transport and legal restrictions, the TSM concierge service for international delivery has implemented a working solution for the delivery of documents from Amran to Russia in 2023.

The achieved positive result is based on the application and implementation of the following principles:

  • combining different ways of documents delivery by air and land transport;
  • knowledge of the legal nuances of registration, transit and delivery of the shipment;
  • cooperation with international and Russian courier services, transport companies;
  • availability of current accounts in foreign banks;
  • the use of transit points in neutral or friendly states for their further dispatch to the destination address.

Important! TSM Logistics department has carefully approached the construction of a route bypassing the blocked air and land borders.

What documents can be sent from Amran to Russia in 2023

The list of documents that TSM service is ready to deliver to Russia is extensive:

  • Passports — the courier service requires a license for international shipment. It is issued as a parcel;
  • Birth certificate, driver's license — requirements are similar with sending passports;
  • Title documents for property;
  • Contracts and sub-agreements to them: purchase and sale of goods and provision of services;
  • Labor documents: contracts, orders, agreements, workbooks;
  • Educational documents: diplomas, certificates etc.;
  • Accounting documents: invoices, acts, waybills, reports, declarations for tax authorities;
  • Constituent documents of legal entities: licenses, certificates of OGRN, TIN, extracts of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs, the charter of the organization;
  • Corporate documents: price lists, commercial offers;
  • Medical documents: sick lists, certificates, contracts for the provision of medical services, medical records, extracts.

Attention! It is forbidden to send a passport by regular courier services. The carrier must have a valid license for the international transfer of identity documents. If a passport is found as part of the shipment, it will be blocked by the customs service, and the return cost will be compensated by the sender. Get consulted by TSM specialists beforehand so that he finds a suitable reliable carrier.

How to send documents from Amran to Russia in 2023

Sending documents from Amran to Russia consists of the meticulous work of TSM specialists, which includes:

  • Calculation of the actual cost of the service;
  • Setting deadlines for the delivery of documents from Amran to Russia;
  • Prompt and legally competent order processing.

How much does it cost to deliver documents from Amran to Russia in 2023

The TSM client ALWAYS receives a reasonable and up-to-date cost of delivering documents to Russia from Amran before making a shipment. The client service managers receive detailed information from the sender about the planned delivery, after which they form an offer to the client. The situation when the price has “suddenly” changed on the way is impossible.

What information TSM managers clarify before forming an order

  • type of shipment — envelope/parcel;
  • dimensions and weight — the cost and method of cargo delivery depends on it;
  • addresses of the sender and recipient;
  • urgency.

Important! The prices are valid on the day of the invoice. International logistics services carry out calculations in € and $, the exchange rate of which is constantly changing.

Delivery time of documents from Amran to Russia

Express rates for delivery to Russia have temporarily moved into the field of theory. Within the framework of logistical constraints, the estimated delivery time of documents from Amran to Russia is now from 8 days to 14 working days. But why does it take so long? After all, last year it was about 2-3 days.

In 2022, the logistics chain has changed markedly. First, the shipment arrives at TSM's foreign representative office, from there it goes to a branch in the CIS, after that it is sent by air or ground transport to Moscow. Next, you need to wait for another 2-3 days for air delivery to a specific region of Russia.

Keep in mind that international transport routes are forced to include bypassing closed borders, and this takes additional time — from 3 working days or more.

For example, the total delivery time of documents from Jersey City (USA) to Rostov–on-Don takes 8-13 working days.

Important! Your personal manager will inform you of the planned delivery date after the final calculation of the rate.

Making an order

During the registration of the shipment, the TSM manager will request the following data from you:

  • addresses of the sender and recipient of documents — postal code, country, settlement, street, house/block number, apartment number;
  • phone numbers and emails of the sender and recipient;
  • type of shipment — documents/cargo/parcel;
  • dimensions and weight of the shipment;
  • a scan of the sender's passport for concluding a contract with TSM for the provision of delivery services and correct registration of waybills, invoices and accompanying documents.

If an urgent envelope pick-up is required, you should report it to a TSM specialist.

Important! From the moment of the client's first contact with TSM, a personal manager provides advice and support.

How to pay for the delivery of documents from Amran to Russia in 2023

An addressee from Russia or a sender from abroad can directly pay for delivery services through foreign or Russian TSM bank accounts. To do this, the customer of the international courier delivery service needs to conclude a service contract. Next, you should pay for delivery services in any convenient way using the company's bank details.

This will avoid problems with blocking Russian Visa and Mastercard cards or Apple/Samsung Pay services that are not working in Russia. We accept any bank cards for payment.

Important! The contract and related financial matters are under the jurisdiction of the legislation of the State in which the TSM office is located.

Advantages of working with the international courier service EMS when delivering documents from Amran to Russia:

  • Logistics built to reach any point of the globe. The coverage area of the service is 240 countries and 155,000 settlements in Russia. It is a stable and actively developing network of representative offices;
  • In the conditions of the transport blockade, the minimal delivery time of documents from Amran to Russia due to competently built logistics chains;
  • Professional support of specialists at all stages of delivery — from the customer's first request to the delivery of an envelope with documents to the recipient in Russia;
  • Real time tracking of the shipment;
  • Additional services: insurance, additional packaging, legal advice, preparation of accompanying documents (invoice in Russian and English, waybills, customs declaration), provision of the possibility of paying for services through own settlement accounts.

TSM document delivery service delivers both light envelopes containing one paper sheet and parcels. The concierge service of TSM international delivery, even within the framework of strict export control of unfriendly countries, delivers documents from Amran to Russia in the shortest possible time from door to door.

In this case, the recipient or sender ALWAYS:

  • are aware of the movement of the cargo — the support manager is constantly in touch and can quickly clarify the location of the shipment with documents;
  • receive the cargo at the time agreed by the parties;
  • have a guarantee of the safety of documents;
  • are provided with an individual approach from the stage of preliminary consultation to the actual delivery of the envelope with documentation;
  • receive a receipt for paid services.

It is possible to send documents from Amran to Russia in 2023 in cooperation with the international courier delivery service Time Saving Machine!

How to contact the managers of TSM to arrange the delivery of documents:

*- prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation

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