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How to send medical equipment to Russia in 2023

Two years of the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection and events in the world after February 2022 have shown that the necessity of the medical equipment delivery is still relevant for the world’s population. In 2023 the number of hospitals and clinics is growing and as a result they buy special medical equipment, such as:

  • CT device;
  • MRI machine;
  • ultrasound device;
  • ventilator for the lugs;
  • EKG machine;
  • fluorography, x–ray and lasers;
  • office and operating equipment;
  • surgical tables;
  • beds for patients.

It is necessary to be careful during the transportation of expensive medical equipment, because it can break down even from a small hit or shaking. So it is important to choose a professional courier service that abides by all the rules and conditions of carriage.

There are five rules that the courier delivery service Time Saving Machine follow when transports special medical equipment to Russia:

  • Every medical equipment needs special storage and temperature conditions. It is also necessary to pick up fasteners according to the weight and dimensions of the cargo. Therefore, a certain transport is selected first.That’s why first of all the TSM managers choose the right type of transport for the delivery of medical devices to the Russian clinics from abroad.
  • All devices are taken apart before the loading and carefully put into a separate package. Usually the Time Saving Machine company uses wooden boxes with a soft lining. All these containers are marked for location, fragility and part numbers.
  • The loading place is prepared in advance. Experienced the TSM team carefully loads the boxes into the transport and fixes them.
  • The logisticians instruct the driver on speed limits and other nuances before transportation. They also carefully think out and make up a logistics route according to the road situation.
  • Unloading the medical equipment is making in the same way. The experienced specialists from the Time Saving Machine team take all precautions. They prepare the place of delivery in advance and use a canopy if the weather is wet.

Types of transport

The transport type is chosen not only by the dimensions of the medical equipment or the capacity of the package, but also by other parameters:

  • Air transport. The most expensive kind of delivery, but fast and reliable.
  • Ships. The price is significantly lower, but it takes a lot of time and increases the cost of loading.
  • Railway. Transportation of large–sized equipment, big parties and over long distances. Wagons reliably protect medical equipment from external factors.
  • Trucks and vehicles. Delivery “from point to point”. This kind of transport is protected from external influences and impacts. With trucks it is easier to plan a safe logistical route. Vehicles give the possibility of urgent deliveries from all over the world.

List of main documents:

  • consignment note;
  • waybill;
  • accompanying documents with cargo characteristics;
  • certificates of conformity;
  • consent of the recipient country;
  • customs declaration;
  • receipts of taxes, fees and duties.

The Time Saving Machine is an aggregator and works only with well–known major carriers. The TSM team can quickly find the transport depending on the requirements and terms of wishful transportation. Qualified specialists load and deliver fragile equipment, observing all safety measures. The courier express–delivery service knows that medical equipment is expensive, so you can insure the cargo if it is necessary. Be sure if you have chosen the Time Saving Machine delivery service, every hospital in Russia receives its medical equipment on time and safely.If you want to order the delivery of medical equipment to Russia, please, contact the TCM manager on the website of company Please, order the callback and the manager will connect with you in 90 seconds.

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