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How to send medicines by courier to Russia in 2023

In 2023 it is hard to find reliable international courier services for medicines to Russia because of the unstable political situation, sanctions, closed transport links and a number of restrictions on the method of shipping. Even with an import authorization for medicines, not every courier service will undertake delivery of drugs.

The Time Saving Machine transport company is just one of those who deliver medicines and dietary supplements from anywhere in the world to Russia quickly, reliably and legally. So the TSM team has prepared the main points which you need to know before delivering medicines to Russia.

Choose suitable delivery method

Pharmaceutical import to Russia is one of the most difficult types of delivery because of composition, where may be the narcotic substance, documents on the drug and conditions of transportation. In 2023 in medicine shipping services to Russia Time Saving Machine there are available 3 tariffs for clients:

  • urgent way by air courier in 2–5 days;
  • standard courier delivery in 5–15 working days;
  • economy type of supply in 21–28 working days.

Choose the suitable one for cost and terms of delivery.

What depends on the cost of delivering medicines to Russia

If you want to know how much does it cost to deliver medicine to Russia, please, note that the several factors determine the price of shipping medications to Russia. There are some of the key factors of prescription medicine shipment to Russia that include:

  • weight and size of the package: heavier and larger packages typically cost more to ship. Couriers often use dimensional weight (a combination of package size and weight) to calculate medicine shipping costs to Russia;
  • shipping method: the chosen shipping method impacts the cost. Express or expedited shipping options will generally be more expensive than standard or economy shipping services. Additionally, using specialized services for temperature–sensitive or hazardous materials may increase the cost;
  • shipping distance: the distance between the origin and destination countries affects the shipping cost. Delivering medicines from a country geographically closer to Russia may be less expensive than shipping from a more distant location;
  • Russian customs regulations for medicines: Russian import duties and taxes on medicines and taxes may apply to the shipment of medicines to Russia, depending on the value and type of medication. The recipient may need to pay these fees upon delivery, but it’s essential to factor in these costs when calculating the total cost of shipping;
  • insurance: if you decide to insure the shipment to protect against loss, damage, or theft, this additional cost will be added to the overall shipping cost;
  • packaging: the cost of proper packaging materials, such as insulated containers, cold packs, or protective cushioning for fragile items, can also contribute to the overall shipping cost;
  • courier fees and surcharges: courier companies may have additional fees or surcharges for specific services, such as handling and shipping medications, customs clearance assistance, or fuel surcharges.

Pay attention to the package for different type of medicines

When packaging different types of medicines for shipping or storage, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements for each variant of medication. Here are some general packaging guidelines for various types of medicines:

Tablets and capsules:

  • use airtight containers or blister packs to protect the tablets or capsules from moisture, contamination, and damage;
  • label the containers with the medication name, dosage, and any special instructions;
  • if shipping, use bubble wrap or another cushioning material to protect the containers from damage during transit.

Liquid medications:

  • ensure that the bottles or containers are tightly sealed to prevent leakage;
  • place the bottles in plastic bags or leak–proof secondary containers as an added precaution against spills;
  • use bubble wrap or other protective materials to cushion the bottles during shipping.

Creams, ointments, and gels:

  • ensure that the tubes or containers are tightly closed to prevent leakage;
  • consider placing the tubes or containers in plastic bags for added protection;
  • use bubble wrap or other protective materials to cushion the containers during shipping.

Inhalers and aerosols:

  • keep the inhalers and aerosols in their original packaging, if possible;
  • use bubble wrap or other protective materials to cushion the inhalers during shipping.

Temperature–sensitive medications:

  • consult the medication’s storage guidelines to determine the required temperature range;
  • use insulated packaging materials, such as polystyrene foam containers, to maintain the appropriate temperature during shipping;
  • if necessary, use cold packs or gel packs to keep the medications cool for temperature–controlled shipping to Russia. Ensure that the cold packs do not come into direct contact with the medications, as this could damage them;
  • label the package with the medication name, dosage, special instructions, and any temperature requirements.

Fragile items, such as glass vials or ampoules:

  • use bubble wrap or other cushioning materials to individually wrap each vial or ampoule;
  • place the wrapped vials or ampoules in a sturdy container, such as a box or a plastic case, with additional padding to prevent movement and breakage during transit;
  • label the container with the medication name, dosage, and any special instructions.

When packaging medicines, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and any applicable regulations for the specific medication. Additionally, if you’re shipping the medicines, consult the shipping provider’s guidelines for packaging and shipping medications to ensure compliance with their requirements.

In medicine shipping services to Russia Time Saving Machine the experienced managers give the consultation for suitable type of package according to the kind of drug for delivery and way of transportation.

What documents are necessary for delivery of medicines to Russia

When shipping medicines to Russia, it is crucial to comply with customs regulations and provide the necessary documentation. Here are some of the key documents and requirements you may need to consider:

  • prescription or medical certificate: for personal use, you may need to provide a prescription or a medical certificate from a licensed healthcare professional to confirm the necessity of the medication. This document should include the patient’s name, the prescribing doctor’s contact information, and the medication’s name, dosage, and quantity;
  • import authorization or permits: some medicines may require special import authorization, permits, or licenses from the Russian Ministry of Health or other relevant authorities. Ensure that you have obtained the necessary approvals before attempting to ship the medicines;
  • invoice or customs declaration: prepare a detailed invoice or customs declaration form that accurately lists the contents of the shipment, including the medication name, dosage, quantity, and value. This document is essential for customs clearance and should be attached to the outside of the package;
  • certificate of origin: in some cases, a certificate of origin may be required to prove the country where the medicines were manufactured;
  • packing list: if your shipment contains multiple items, prepare a packing list that details the contents of each package in the shipment.

The TSM managers always stay in close contact with customs, so they will be the first to learn about innovations and know the current inspectors requirements for the package of documents for the delivery of medicines to Russia as well as Russian customs clearance for pharmaceuticals.Do you need reliable medicine shipping services to Russia? Trust the delivery to courier service TSM and connect the manager on the website of transport company

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