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International Express Document Delivery from New York to Moscow in 2024: A Client’s Experience with TSM Courier Service

Due to the migration of residents from Russia to the United States, which has become more active since the beginning of 2022, more and more people are faced with the need to exchange documents, parcels and cargo by mail with relatives, friends, colleagues and even government agencies. In the context of sanctions against the Russian Federation and restrictions on financial transactions, the process of international shipment becomes complicated. An example of such a problem is the story of a girl, who was looking for ways to deliver documents from the U.S. to Russia. In the context of the disconnection of Russian banks from SWIFT due to the imposed sanctions, paying for international delivery in dollars has become a problem for the client. Thanks to the use of alternative payment methods by TSM, the client successfully placed an order for air delivery from New York to Moscow. Let's take a closer look at the deal in the article. 

New York, USA — Moscow, Russia, Express International Document Delivery by Courier

The WhatsApp messenger of the international courier service Time Saving Machine received a message in which the girl asked to calculate  the cost and time of delivery of documents from the United States to Russia - she wanted to send a letter from New York to Moscow.

The manager of TSM thanked for the request and asked for the following:

  • pick-up and delivery addresses;
  • weight, dimensions and description of the document to be sent to Russia;
  • the time it takes  to deliver the envelope to Moscow from New York.

The employee offered urgent air delivery of the letter from the United States to Moscow, the cost of which was $450. 

The client asked how to place an order for air delivery and how to pay for the service in USD, because Russian banks were disconnected from SWIFT due to the sanctions imposed in 2022. 

The manager explained that TSM successfully delivers parcels, documents and cargo to Russia from America on time according to a well-established scheme through its own office in Asia. The cost of the tariff includes packaging, preparation and completion of accompanying documents, tracking.

The cost of delivering the document to Moscow from New York suited the client, so he asked to make an application for international transportation. 

For a more accurate calculation of the cost of delivery to Russia from New York, the manager asked to send an address with zip codes, after which she said that the delivery of the document from hand to hand would take from 3 to 5 working days. The manager said that the envelope with the document could be picked up in New York on the same day, which means that the mail would be delivered to Moscow in 3 days. 

The customer agreed to hand over the document and asked how to pay for the delivery of the envelope to Russia from the United States in dollars.

The employee wrote that a contract is concluded with each client who uses TSM international courier delivery services, so he asked to send passport data to be included in the document. And to fill out the invoice, I asked for the full name, addresses, zip codes, contact details of the sender and recipient. 

A personal manager filled out a contract  for the provision of services for the delivery of a document from the United States to Russia, after which he asked the customer to sign electronically. Then he specified a convenient time at which it is convenient for the sender to hand over the envelope to the courier in New York.

To pay for delivery to Russia from New York, a TSM employee generated a link to the Robokassa online payment service, but the transaction did not go through. After several attempts, the customer managed to transfer the money, which was confirmed by a TSM employee. After payment, the application was sent to the logistics department for the issuance of an invoice. 

After 3 days, an employee of the company informed the recipient in Russia that the courier was waiting for the envelope to be delivered to the address. Then he notified the customer of sending mail from America to Russia about the successful delivery of the document to the addressee. 

Insightful Customer Feedback: Experiencing Time Saving Machine’s Quality Control Excellence in International Courier Services

A customer's experience highlights Time Saving Machine's exceptional quality control in international courier services. Their feedback underscores the company's dedication to service excellence.


"I would like to thank TSM for delivering the document from the United States to Russia on time! I am satisfied with the service, the specialists are punctual and polite, they professionally approached the task. I will contact you again, thank you!"

Looking for a reliable courier service for delivery to Russia from the USA? Write to the chat on the website, call +1 213-459-5581 or  contact your personal manager on WhatsApp or Telegram +1 (407) 864-4877. 

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