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International shipping from Kazakhstan to the USA in 2023

In 2023, many courier services, such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, are connected to the aggregator’s online platform, that help people around the world to carry out international deliveries of letters, parcels and cargo with the help of an experienced aggregator team. Managers help with import and export documents, packaging and tracking shipments along the logistics route. But there is another time tested transport company that works not only with European countries, but also with the whole of Asia, including Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.  This courier company is called Time Saving Machine and this is how it works in 2023.

How long does it take to deliver parcel from Kazakhstan to the USA in 2023

In Autumn 2022 the manager of the TSM courier service received an application for parcel delivery from Kazakhstan to the USA. The package contained underwear that the sender had prepared as a gift for a beloved one in America. The manager of the transport company Time Saving Machine said that in order to select the terms and price of international shipping, it is necessary to give the following information:

  • the sender’s address with the postal code in Kazakhstan
  • the recipient’s address in the destination country;
  • dimensions of the complete package — length, width and height of the box;
  • weight of the shipped cargo;
  • description of the box attachment;
  • photo of each item in the package;
  • wishful shipping time;
  • estimated cost of the shipment.

The customer sent all this information to the TSM manager and got the following international shipping rates for delivery to the USA:

  • the most expensive variant by air courier with the fastest delivery time from 4 to 6 business days;
  • the cheapest way of shipments by courier with shipping time 7–9 business days.

Each tariff varies in shipping cost and time, but includes the following service:

  • help of personal accompanying manager in preparing transport documents for customs considering the customs restrictions of each specific country;
  • solving delivery restrictions on the part of the law by an experienced team of courier firm Time Saving Machine;
  • hand to hand delivery by courier or air courier;
  • monitoring of parcel movement along the logistic route by track number or communication with the personal manager.

The customer liked the offer, chose the cheapest shipping and provide necessary for arranging of delivery information:

  • date of parcel readiness to ship;
  • name and contacts of the sender in Kazakhstan;
  • name and contacts of the recipient in the USA;
  • passport data of the customer.

This data is required for concluding the transportation contract that serves as a guarantee for shipping. The signing of an agreement for delivery from Kazakhstan to the USA takes 20 minutes. The document is signed in online form and has legal force. When the customer has signed the contract, the manager sends the client an invoice for a 100% prepayment. After making payment, the team of the transport company Time Saving Machine appoints a courier for a comfortable day and place for the customer. It can be a flat, a hotel reception, an office or a restaurant. An hour before arrival, the courier calls the sender and warns about this planned visit. Before this the sender in Kazakhstan needs to print out the bill of lading, which the manager sends in advance by e–mail, and give it to the courier with the parcel.

The courier arrived at the sender’s home in Kazakhstan on the appointed day and according to the agreed deadline delivered the parcel with underwear to the recipient in the USA. The delivery time was 8 working days.

Questions that the client asked the manager during making of the application for the delivery of a parcel with underwear from Kazakhstan to the USA:

  • How to pay for shipping from Kazakhstan to the USA?

The courier service practices online settlements with customers through a reliable partner service Robokassa. The manager sends the customer a secure link for 100% prepayment. The link is active only for 24 hours. Payment is available in any currency in the world. Upon payment the client receives a receipt as a confirmation of the operation.

  • How to sign a contract for the delivery of a parcel with underwear from Kazakhstan to the USA? Need to come to the courier service office?

The client’s visit to the Time Saving Machine courier service office for signing a contract is not required. The team of the transport company practices an online way of connection with customers, so the customer can sign an agreement for transportation electronically on a special website. The TSM manager sends the customer a link to this service along with instructions for use. There the contract is signed in PDF format with an electronic signature online, free of charge and without registration. This is a proven method. Then the signed document must be sent to the manager through messenger or by email.

Review of  parcel delivery from Almaty to Las Vegas

Every week, a specialist from the quality control department calls Time Saving Machine's customers to get feedback on the urgent international delivery service.

The review that the quality control department received from the client by phone after ordering courier delivery of clothes from Kazakhstan to the USA:

«I applied to TSM for the first time. I was attracted by the fact that the courier service often makes deliveries to the USA and there is a blog with cases on their website. I have read some articles and reviews there. This inspired confidence in me. So I contacted the manager and after communication I understood that I had liked the service. They were not late with the delivery either. The package arrived on time and without damage. Also I didn’t have to pay any additional payments in addition to the main one for delivery. Thanks».

Do you need to ship packages to Europe and Asia or are you planning to get the parcel from these countries and deliver them to the USA? Please, contact with the TSM manager and leave a request for international shipping in one of the following forms:

  • in online chat on the company’s website;
  • in the WhatsApp and Telegram messengers;
  • by phone call;
  • or by e–mail.

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