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Is it possible to deliver parcels from Russia to the USA in 2023? Sure!

Despite the long strained relationships between Russia and the United States of America, trade between these two countries was active until February 2022. In 2023, the demand for delivery from Russia to the USA and shippings from the USA to Russia  is only growing despite sanctions, closed borders and the refusal of courier services such as FedEx, TNT and UPS to serve the territory of Russia.

The time tested courier company Time Saving Machine helps to deliver parcels in this direction and that’s how it goes.

How to send parcel from Russia to the USA in 2023 

In March 2023, the manager received a call from a customer from New York, who a month ago sent to Moscow LED strips for repair. Goods were earlier purchased in Russia. But if there were no problems with sending a parcel from the USA to Russia, then complications appeared with the return of goods to America. The transport company that carried the parcel from the USA to Russia refused to make exports from this specific country, so the client had to quickly look for a new carrier. The customer’s friends advised him about the courier service Time Saving Machine and a resident of America asked the TSM manager to calculate the shipping cost of parcel delivery with LED strips with weight of 1 kg.

The courier service manager processed the request and offered the client 3 options for international shipping the parcel from Russia to the USA:

  • urgent way of delivery by air courier with shipping time 2–4 business days;
  • courier delivery in 3–5 working days;
  • standard shipping with delivery time from 6 to 8 working days.

Every offer differs in terms of time and price, but include the same service:

  • communication with a personal assigned support manager;
  • assistance of an experienced TSM team in the preparation of accompanying documentation for the goods in the parcel for successful customs clearance;
  • monitoring of movement along the logistic route;
  • delivery by courier under a signed contract;
  • reliable goods packaging.

The client liked the service offered and the manager requested the following data from the customer to make an application:

  • address of the parcel pickup in Russia;
  • contact person with a phone number and email in Moscow, who acts as the sender;
  • delivery address in the USA;
  • phone number and email for notification of the parcel location of recipient in New York;
  • box dimensions — length, width, height;
  • weight of full parcel;
  • customer passport data that had ordered the international transportation service;
  • photo and description of the shipped goods;
  • the estimated cost of the LED strips being sent.

In order for the client to provide data faster, the manager sent this list to the customer in a messenger. Collecting information took 20 minutes. Another 20 minutes were spent on completing and signing the contract in online form. When the client signed the document, the manager sent him an invoice for 100% prepayment. Without payment confirmation, logistics specialists of the Time Saving Machine transport company do not book a courier for the delivery route.

On the appointed day, the courier picked up the parcel from the sender in Moscow and in 5 business days brought it to New York without delay.

The client’s questions for the manager during signing the transportation contract for parcel delivery from Russia to the USA:

  • Will there be any surcharges in excess of the specified amount to be paid for the delivery of a parcel from Russia to the USA??

If the estimated cost is less than $100, then the recipient will not have to pay any additional fees. It is necessary to confirm the cost of the goods and provide the TSM manager with a purchase receipt.

  • Will the invoice be suitable or is it necessary to provide a cash receipt?

Any confirmation of the cost is suitable. The priority will be the receipt from the store.

Review of  parcel delivery from Russia to the USA

Every week, a specialist from the quality control department calls Time Saving Machine's customers to get feedback on the urgent international delivery service.

The review that the quality control department received from the client by phone after ordering courier delivery of parcel from Russia to the USA:

«Thanks to the team of the TSM transport company, which not only organized the delivery of the parcel from Russia to the USA, but also helped to prepare documents for international shipment and consulted on the issue of duties»

Ship packages from Russia to the USA with the reliable courier firm Time Saving Machine, that continues to serve this country despite any shipping restrictions. Contact the TSM manager and order the delivery in one of the following forms:

  • in online chat on the company’s website;
  • in the WhatsApp and Telegram messengers;
  • by phone call;
  • or by e–mail.

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