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Navigating Document Delivery Challenges from Europe to Russia in 2024: TSM’s Innovative Solutions

In the complex landscape of international logistics, the challenges presented by geopolitical tensions and sanctions against Russia in 2022 have significantly impacted courier services. However, Time Saving Machine (TSM), an aggregator of international and Russian carriers, has successfully found alternative routes to overcome the closed airspace and continue delivering documents from Europe to Russia. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the impact of sanctions on logistics, TSM's strategic solutions, and provide a firsthand account of a successful document delivery from Switzerland to Russia in March 2022.

Navigating International Document Delivery: A Customer's Journey with TSM from Switzerland to Russia

Embarking on the journey of international document delivery can be a complex endeavor, but Time Saving Machine (TSM) turns it into a seamless experience. In this narrative, we explore a customer's journey from Switzerland to Russia, highlighting the efficiency, reliability, and personalized service that TSM brings to the table. From initial inquiries to the safe arrival of crucial documents, this story unravels the layers of TSM's commitment to excellence in international logistics. Here is the detailed narrative:

March 7, 2022: Initial Inquiry

Customer: Good evening! I saw on your website that you deliver documents from Europe to Russia, is that correct?

Manager: Yes, we operate in standard mode, sending items to and from Europe and other countries. Where will we be shipping from and to? - the manager asked.

Customer: From Rümlang, Switzerland, to Moscow. Where are the drop-off points in Rümlang, if any? - the woman clarified.

Manager: We provide door-to-door delivery. A courier comes to the specified address, picks up the documents or parcel, and hands it over to the recipient. Do you have any identity documents?

Customer: No. How do I contact the courier in Switzerland?

Manager: We need data from the sender and recipient: full names, postal codes and addresses, phone numbers. I will prepare a contract, we'll sign it, you make the payment, and I'll arrange for a courier to pick up the documents, - explained the manager.

Customer: Am I correct in understanding that after February 24, there is no express delivery? Now documents from Switzerland to Russia are transported by trucks and trains, correct?

Manager: We primarily use air transport. There is also a service for delivering documents, parcels by air courier within 12-24 hours, but the price reflects the urgency.

Customer: How long will it take for a document from Rümlang to Moscow?

Manager: Delivery will take 8 working days as we send it through a transit point.

Customer: I will think about it. How about deliveries within Russia?

Manager: Within our country, delivery takes from 1 to 6 working days depending on the distance between the sender and the recipient.

Customer: Do you deliver to any location in Russia?

Manager: I would say we deliver worldwide, including island nations.

Customer: Calculate the delivery from Rümlang to Moscow so I understand the cost. If possible, send the information to the number I'm calling from, it's linked to WhatsApp.

Manager: I will send the rates within an hour and also duplicate what is needed to process the request.

Customer: One more question about payment. Payments to Russia are blocked. Can I pay the courier in Swiss francs or euros?

Manager: Payment is in advance through Robokassa. Couriers are not financially responsible individuals. We accept payment in cryptocurrency, rubles, dollars, euros, and francs.

Customer: Let me call back in a couple of days, and we'll decide when to send.

March 9: Follow-Up

Manager: Good day! I'm calling to find out if the documents are ready for delivery to Moscow.

Customer: Hello! The document will be ready this week.

Manager: Fill out the application form template so we can prepare the contract right away. Once the documents are ready, you can make the payment, and we'll immediately assign a courier to save time on information filling.

Customer: Yes, that would be convenient. I'll fill it out and send it tonight. But I'm concerned about the prepayment. What guarantees does TSM provide?

Manager: Let me explain the process. We work on a 100% prepayment basis because we transport through international partners with whom Time Saving Machine has direct contracts. One condition is that when creating a waybill, the customer pays 100% of the shipping cost. Then we sign a contract with the client, ensuring TSM will complete the transport from point A to point B. If you're worried about potential fraud, there are customer reviews online dating back to 2014.

Customer: I have no more questions now. I'm waiting for the contract, and send me the Robokassa link. I want to try paying through that service; maybe it will work.

Manager: I've sent the link and the draft delivery contract from Switzerland to Russia.

Customer: On the TSM website, I calculated the delivery, and it's 110$ cheaper than your offer. Why is that?

Manager: The calculator is accurate for direct delivery to Russia. Due to sanctions, we transport through third countries, so the calculation is incorrect.

Customer: Understood. The document we're sending will be delayed until next week. We plan to have the delivery on Monday.

Manager: I'll wait for the information.

Customer: And you know, the amount seems high for my budget.

Manager: We can reduce it by 131$ by extending the delivery time by 3 working days. Is that acceptable?

Customer: Yes! Timing is not critical; the cost is more important. Thank you for your flexibility and offering multiple options. I'll be sending another return shipment with TSM.

Customer sent a signed scan of the delivery contract for the envelope with documents from Switzerland to Russia.

Customer: None of the options in Robokassa work for transferring from Europe. How else can I pay? If TSM has an account outside Russia, there should be no problems with transferring money.

Manager: We have foreign accounts; I'll send you the details.

Customer: Wait, I found a way to pay from Russia through Sberbank. However, it will be an elderly person paying, and they won't be able to send a payment receipt. Can you independently verify that the payment has been received?

Manager: Yes, we'll check.

Customer: Can we schedule the courier for today?

Manager: If it's convenient in the evening, then yes.

Customer: The sender will be home in the evening, so let's arrange it today.

Manager: The logistics team filled out the customs invoices and assigned a courier today by 6:00 PM.

March 14: Delivery Completion

On March 14, the courier collected the envelope with documents in Rümlang.

Customer: The waybill only goes to country XXX. What company is involved beyond that, and how can I track the status?

Manager: When the parcel arrives in city XXX, I'll provide a link and a tracking number for monitoring the delivery to Moscow.

After 9 working days, the envelope with documents was handed over to the recipient in Moscow.

The Impact of Sanctions on International Logistics

As geopolitical tensions intensify, nations impose sanctions that create a ripple effect across various sectors, including international logistics. In 2022, sanctions against Russia have led to the closure of airspace, posing a significant challenge for courier services. This section will delve into the specific challenges faced by courier services and individuals trying to send documents from Europe to Russia.

The imposition of sanctions by various countries has resulted in the suspension of services by several courier companies, disrupting the regular flow of deliveries. Individuals are left stranded, searching for alternative solutions to ensure the timely and secure delivery of essential documents.

TSM's Strategic Approach to Overcome Challenges

Amid the logistical challenges posed by sanctions, TSM has emerged as a reliable solution provider, offering innovative ways to navigate the closed airspace. This section will outline TSM's strategic approach, showcasing its ability to adapt to changing international dynamics and find creative solutions to ensure document delivery from Europe to Russia.

  1. Aggregator Model: TSM's unique model, aggregating both international and Russian carriers, allows for flexibility and adaptability in choosing alternative routes.
  2. Collaboration with Friendly Countries: TSM strategically collaborates with countries where airspace remains open, ensuring uninterrupted document transit.
  3. Client Consultation and Education: TSM's commitment to client consultation and education helps individuals understand the complexities and the innovative solutions available for document delivery.

Real-life Example - Document Delivery from Switzerland to Russia

To provide a practical understanding of TSM's document delivery process, we'll explore a real-life scenario involving a client who successfully sent documents from Switzerland to Moscow in March 2022. This detailed account will highlight the client's experience, the challenges faced, and TSM's step-by-step guidance.

Client Testimonial Highlights:

"I sent a document to my daughter in Moscow. TSM was a lifesaver since other courier services had suspended operations. The manager was excellent, providing detailed information on the delivery process. After 9 days, the documents were handed over in Moscow."

This testimonial underscores the pivotal role TSM plays as a reliable alternative in challenging times.

How to Send Documents from Switzerland to Russia with TSM

Now that we've explored the challenges, TSM's solutions, and a real-life example, this section will provide a comprehensive guide on how individuals can send documents from Switzerland to Russia using TSM's services.

  1. Initiating the Process: Understanding the necessary steps to initiate the document delivery process.
  2. Providing Necessary Information: What information and documentation are required for a seamless transaction.
  3. Choosing Delivery Options: TSM offers various delivery options to cater to different timelines and budgets.
  4. Secure Document Submission: Ensuring the secure handling of sensitive documents during the submission process.
  5. Payment Process and Options: Transparent pricing and flexible payment options for client convenience.


This extensive guide has provided an in-depth exploration of the challenges associated with sending documents from Europe to Russia in 2022, TSM's strategic approach, and a firsthand account of a successful delivery. As a reliable alternative in the face of closed airspace and sanctions, TSM's commitment to client satisfaction, transparency, and continuous improvement shines through. For those seeking to send parcels, cargo, or correspondence from Switzerland to Russia, TSM stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation in the world of international logistics.

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