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Overcoming Obstacles: Sending Documents and Packages to Ukraine from USA

While a large number of people have moved to the US from Ukraine recently, there is a significant need to send packages and documents to their families, employers, schools, universities, hospitals, and social services. Despite the political tensions and difficulties, there are plenty of express delivery services ready to deliver your parcel from the US to Ukraine.

But still, people face various obstacles when trying to send something to and from the USA. Not all regions of Ukraine are available for delivery. Door-to-door delivery is offered only for large cities of Ukraine, such as Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv. When sending personal belongings, books, appliances, household appliances, customers cannot be sure that the parcel will reach the addressee due to customs control procedures. In addition, some goods need customs clearance.

Finally, it's an almost useless attempt to deliver parcels or documents to the Eastern regions of Ukraine. Global courier delivery services, such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEX, either refuse to deal with US-Ukraine express delivery or make unworkable conditions. In 2023, it is impossible to send something to the east of Ukraine by any of the official delivery companies in the United States.

Here is what Time Saving Machine aggregator platform can do:

  • compare all offers of partner delivery services by price, terms or delivery time;
  • choose the best way to deliver a parcel or documents from the United States to Ukraine;
  • order delivery without leaving the same dialogue box on the site;
  • deliver parcels, documents or a small cargo to any of 240 countries of the world, including those with which other companies refuse to deal.

This is what saves you time and effort and keeps you from making mistakes when trying to deal with the wrong courier company.

What do people and companies usually send from the United States to Ukraine

In general, this is what people send from the US to Ukraine in 2023:

  • passports, birth certificates, proofs of kinship;
  • diplomas, certificates of education;
  • employment records;
  • visa documents, invitations, bank statements on account status;
  • medical documents, such as test results, x-rays, descriptions, conclusions, diagnoses, data CDs;
  • personal belongings, clothes, accessories, books, household appliances;
  • valuables, jewelry, art objects;
  • medicines, drugs for a single person if there is a prescription from a doctor.

People also send gadgets of popular brands, such as iPhones, Macbooks, and other devices from HP, Dell, Intel that are cheaper in the US. Brand clothes from Levi's, Calvin Klein, DKNY, handbags like Coach, Tory Burch can also be found in parcels to Ukraine. People often send presents with top American cosmetics brands like Sephora, Urban Decay.

As for legal entities, a great variety of documents and things is sent:

  • contracts, invoices, certificates;
  • powers of attorney;
  • acceptance certificates;
  • engineering specifications;
  • samples of products;
  • small parts and components;
  • flash drives.

There is also a whole set of things that people forgot when they left Ukraine in a hurry. After that, relatives send personal belongings, books, smartphones, documents, laptops. This helps find a job, get to school or university, receive medical care or prove social rights and status.

What is forbidden to send to Ukraine from the USA by international courier service

U.S. laws and regulations prohibit the sale, transfer, or transportation of certain goods to certain countries. In addition, there are a number of products that require approval from the US export control authorities, including licenses. That is why it is strongly recommended not to try to send the following in the package:

  • firearms, weaponry, military equipment;
  • psychotropic drugs, cannabis, narcotics, substances that cannot be identified;
  • medical devices and materials;
  • live or dead plants, animals, lifeforms;
  • hazardous materials and objects, Lithium-Metal and Lithium-Ion batteries;
  • items of cultural heritage, artifacts, rough diamonds, gems, precious metals and stones;
  • counterfeit, bootlegged, or pirated things;
  • currency and any monetary instruments;
  • gambling devices and parts, lottery tickets;
  • restricted communication equipment, anything that may be considered as technical data, software, technology;
  • items that are either prohibited from exporting from the USA or are banned from Air mailing.

Typically, postal services refer to huge lists of prohibited items and state that all responsibility lies with the sender. Time Saving Machine will provide you with a consultation to make sure whether the item is suitable for shipping or not.

If you'd like to send humanitarian aid or help unknown people you'd better contact a charity organization instead of trying to send a parcel to a definite person.

How much does it cost to deliver parcels, documents, cargo from the US to Ukraine?

The cost of shipping could change based on a few things. The price of shipping can be affected by:

  • the size and weight of the package,
  • where it's being sent from and to, and
  • the type of delivery chosen.

The cost is highly dependent on the estimated delivery time. Each company offers its elaborate pricing and discount policy. Time Saving Machine offers three main types of delivery:

  • Urgent - Express shipping from US to Ukraine, which normally takes 1-3 days. It is the most expensive, but also the fastest one. We offer a personal courier that delivers your parcel from hand to hand while traveling to Ukraine and back to the US by plane.
  • Standard - Basic option that balances price and time of delivery, and takes from 5 to 15 business days.
  • Economy - a budget-friendly choice that takes 21-28 days, as it involves consolidation warehouses and combined delivery.

How to order a courier delivery from the USA to Ukraine

If you need to order an international shipping or courier delivery, the easiest way is to visit Time Saving Machine website. Fill out a single form and get all possible offers and shipping options from a number of delivery services. You'll need the following data for filling out the form:

  • client's name;
  • Sender's address, including postal code;
  • destination: country, city, street, house, apartment or office, postal code;
  • weight and size of the package;
  • content;
  • desired delivery time.

Then the platform lets you order the delivery by one click. The price is the same as if you order shipping on the chosen company's site. The aggregator compares offers from different services and optimizes by the best price, conditions or delivery time. If you choose a service you will be able to track your package or letter using the company's website.

In case you cannot choose any offer you'd better contact the TSM manager. Time Saving Machine provides hand-to-hand shipping of parcels, documents and small cargos from the US to Ukraine using its own logistic routes and ways. Our shipping service overcomes limitations making the delivery process either the fastest or the most convenient in North America.

How to pack a parcel to Ukraine?

Proper packaging is important for safe shipping to prevent damage, breakage or leakage of the contents. Our managers provide assistance for the clients with gathering the necessary documents and how to pack a parcel and documents for the international shipping. Here are some pieces of advice:

  • For letters and documents use a simple envelope and additionally protect with a plastic bag and sticky tape. If the stack is thick, it is recommended not to seal the package until the courier arrives and checks the package.
  • Fragile items should be packed with packing peanuts and a cardboard or wooden box. Before closing the box make detailed photos of the contents. Let the courier examine the box before sealing.
  • If the contents of the parcel include liquids, use boxes or tubes designed for bottles to insure safe international shipping. The container must be filled with an absorbent capable of absorbing the entire volume of liquid.
  • Feel free to use foam cushioning material, bubble wrap or extra cardboard sheets anytime.

Keep in mind that customs officers have the right to open the package, so make sure that you can reopen and close the box or envelope several times without damaging the contents.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with Time Saving Machine?

TSM is a service that allows you to order the delivery of letters, documents, parcels, things, equipment without being tied to a specific courier service. The platform allows you to quickly calculate the cost of transportation, and this is guaranteed to be the most economical offer for the specified parameters. The advantages of TSM:

  • Delivery of parcels and documents from America to Europe and Ukraine and back is carried out in a door-to-door format: the courier of one of the local companies takes the shipment hand-to-hand from the sender, another courier hands it to the addressee.
  • The geography of deliveries is not limited: TSM representative offices in 240 countries of the world. Payment in various currencies is carried out in one of several ways convenient for the client.
  • The platform allows you to save time searching for the best offer from 128 partner companies. The average time to fill out the application form is 3 minutes, several working options are selected with different conditions for any budget. TSM employees draw up a route, fill out accompanying documents, recommend a packing method or pack. The sender only has to wait for the courier.
  • Urgency: in an emergency, the express delivery service for parcels, correspondence really saves the day.
  • Delivery from one sheet of A4 format, no minimum weight restrictions.
  • Delivery of fragile items, art objects, rarities, non-standard items: carefully packed in wooden boxes with soft filling.
  • Consultations on customs clearance in complicated cases.

Time Saving Machine offers an easy solution to apply for delivery. Your personal manager will keep in touch and explain the details concerning expected cost and delivery times, as well as provide consultation on all your questions regarding customs regulations, special requirements, and terms that may apply to the packages and shipments during their journey.So don't wait — trust your shipments from the USA to Ukraine to Time Saving Machine today and get the fast, safe delivery you deserve! Visit, text us in Telegram and WhatsApp. Contact through chat, website form, or call +1 213-459-5581 to get started.

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