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Packaging goods rules for safe and reliable courier delivery from the USA abroad

Nobody wants to get a broken cargo whether it is a mirror, iPad or a new photo camera. Sometimes the safety of the goods in the parcel depends not only on the courier service work on the international logistics route of shipping from America to Europe or Asia, but on the packaging of the items by the sender. The TSM team prepared a list of rules for safe and reliable courier delivery from the USA to other countries in 2023.

Prepare the right box

TSM is an aggregator with different courier services connected to its platform. Among them: DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. Each transport company has its own packaging requirements, but all of them agree in one — it is necessary to prepare the right box. The case should be new, clean, double–walled, without any labels and damages. The size of the box should be in commensurate with the shipment. The case should not be too large wharethe cargo hangs out or barely close because it is too small.

To find the box with the right sizes is really impotent because the parcel is shipped by various types of transport — by land, sea and air. The case passes hundreds of kilometers including conveyors and sorting centers. Too tight container for the cargo will fall apart along the way. The goods in too large package will move freely back and forth so at one moment they can break a hole in the cardboard wall and also fall out.

The TSM team recommends customers to use cardboard containers with three or five–layer walls, because the items won’t fall out there during the transportation and will escape damages while stacking boxes on top of each other in the vehicle. For the delivery of goods, there are boxes of three sizes: from 6 to 45 liters, from 45 to 90 liters, from 90 to 175 liters.

Heavy objects such as dishes, sculptures or small house appliances are placed in boxes up to 45 liters. Shoes and toys are placed in boxes with a capacity of up to 90 liters. Boxes with a volume of up to 175 liters are filled with something light, such as clothes, for example.

Use the air bubble wrap and different types of packages

For fragile cargo such as vases or plates, please, use the air bubble wrap. It consists of two or three layers of special film that provide reliable protection of parcel attachment from damages while box falling or hitting.

For electronic devices transportation, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops, use the double packing method. It means that first of all the gadget is placed in its factory box, then it is wrapped with an air bubble film and put in a cardboard container for delivery. If the factory packaging is missed, damaged or lost, then use, please, a new one and an air bubble wrap instead of it. According to safety measures, it is possible to send only one laptop, phone, tablet in one package, because such gadgets may contain a lithium–ion battery, which belongs to the category of dangerous cargo.

For works of art and paintings transportation, please, use a tube, which is made of five–layer corrugated cardboard or plastic.

For paintings on canvas that cannot be twisted and different sculptures, please, use a plywood box.

For transportation of three–dimensional items over long distances, please, use a wooden crate for reliable protection of the parcel.

For sending documents in TSM there are cardboard envelopes and reliable safe bags that protect the papers from mechanical damages, precipitation and UV rays on the sheets. To prevent the documents from crumpling, the Time Saving Machine team recommends customers to put a piece of cardboard into the package.

Use other internal packing materials

Besides the air bubble wrap there are other internal packaging materials in the logistics world:

  • foamed polyethylene, which is used for wrapping books and different wooden goods to avoid them from friction and damages of the edges;
  • crumpled kraft paper for filling the empty space in the box and wrapping items to protect them against frictions;
  • corrugated cardboard, that is necessary to make cells inside the box for separating the space in the container for different kinds of cargo.

Please, use them according to the type of sending cargo from America to Europe, Africa and Asia.

Use the filler

When the goods are placed in a box, even if the cardboard container is chosen in size, the empty space between the walls and attachment must be full of filler. The last one can be crumpled tissue or paper, foam granules, air pillows or other special filler. If the customer plans to send several items in one parcel, then it is necessary to pack separately each of them to avoid contact between different attachments.

Use the scotch tape

When all sending items are wrapped in film and placed in a box with a filler, it starts time to pack. All stiffeners of the cardboard box must be carefully taped by scotch. Additionally it is necessary to apply adhesive tape in the center of the box from all sides. Keep in mind that are prohibited for use in packaging: twine, molar scotch, craft paper tape.

Liquid and powder goods must be packed in sealed containers, then put in foam and wrapped with tape in several layers. Only after that can such parcels be placed in a cardboard box. Liquid and powder items are usually considered dangerous, so they are often prohibited from transportation, that’s why it is necessary to take a consultation from the TSM manager before arranging a shipment. The Time Saving Machine team needs to check the possibility of sending this kind of cargo from the USA abroad.

Trust the TSM manager

In the Time Saving Machine transport company every client has a personal manager that controls the shipping of parcels from America abroad. The manager helps the client to prepare documents for international shipment and advises how to pack each type of cargo in the right way. So trust your manager because he or she has the experience in delivery from the USA to different countries from all over the world.

Do you still have questions? Please, follow the website of aggregator and contact the TSM manager in online chat or WhatsApp and Telegram or by e–mail.

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