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Shipping Parcels Between Germany and Russia in 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

Due to the difficult geopolitical situation in the world, trade between Russia and Germany has decreased, but has not stopped. Entrepreneurs from our country continue to order samples of food products, industrial equipment, and auto parts. Compatriots move to this state for work, to relatives, sending 100-200 kg of personal belongings.

Delivery from Germany to Russia through DHL, TNT, UPS courier services is impossible, as they have stopped cooperation with the Russian Federation. It is also useless to go to the state post office, since no operator will accept the parcel for transportation to Russia.

In this article, we will tell you how to bypass the bans and which delivery service to send a parcel from Germany to Russia in 2024.

Methods of transporting parcels from Germany to the Russian Federation

In the current conditions, some courier companies have suspended the transportation of parcels from Europe to Russia.

In 2024, the remaining logistics companies on the market worked out and tested new routes for transporting parcels from Germany to the Russian Federation.

  • Transportation of shipments by road. Since direct imports to Russia have been closed since 2022, carriers have to deliver shipments through third countries - this is the best way to move groupage cargo.

If you need to send a heavy box from Berlin to Moscow inexpensively, it will be cheaper to transport the parcel by groupage cargo than to deliver it by air.

  • Transportation of parcels by air. The transportation option is suitable for those customers who are not ready to wait. The air method of delivery of parcels from Germany to Russia is more expensive, but faster.

When the customer's brake pads broke on BMW, Mercedes, it was not possible to find an auto part in Russia, and in 5 days the client has a business trip to another city, on which the further work of the enterprise depends, there is no time for transportation by road. A person orders the right part from a supplier in Germany and faces the problem of payment. The part seems to be there, but it is impossible to buy it. The Time Saving Machine delivery service has a service for the purchase of goods in Germany with transportation to the recipient's door in Russia.

How to arrange the delivery of a parcel from Germany to Russia through the TSM courier service:

  • contact the company's employee by phone number: +1 213–459–5581, write an e-mail or leave a request on social networks;
  • describe the contents of the shipment if you are sending a gift or personal belongings from Germany;
  • For clarity, you need to send photos of the cargo;
  • inform the manager where the parcel needs to be delivered from and to;
  • specify the weight and parameters of the shipment to get a calculation of the price and delivery time from Germany;
  • choose the best tariff;
  • When applying on behalf of a private person, send a copy of the passport and information about the sender and recipient. If you are sending cargo as a company, send a card with the details of the organization and information about the sender and addressee: full name, phone numbers, zip codes and addresses;
  • sign a contract for the delivery of a parcel, commercial cargo, mail from Germany to Russia;
  • pay for the delivery of goods from Germany in a convenient way;
  • inform the TSM manager where and when the parcel will be handed over to the courier;
  • print an air waybill with the parcel number from Germany;
  • Hand over the shipment to the TSM courier.

It should be remembered that for international delivery of parcels from Germany to Russia, shipments are subject to customs control. If, during the shipment, you put an item in the box that you forgot to tell the manager about, be prepared for the fact that the cargo will be detained at customs until the reasons are clarified.

Shipping costs from Germany to Russia in 2024

TSM offers different rates for the transportation of shipments from Germany to Russia and vice versa. The cost depends on the following factors:

  • remoteness between the settlements of the sender and the recipient;
  • weight and dimensions of the cargo;
  • urgency of the order;
  • mode of transportation.

In 2-4 working days, TSM air couriers will deliver medicines from Germany to Russia that have disappeared from pharmacy shelves due to sanctions restrictions.

On average, it takes 7-9 business days to transport a shipment. If you are not in a hurry to receive mail or parcels, order economical delivery 21-28 business days in advance.

The price of imports from Germany to Russia starts from 165$. The value of exports from the Russian Federation starts from 110$. TSM managers select rates based on the customer's budget.

Parcels from Russia to Germany are delivered faster, but it is better to leave a request in advance, as it is not known how long it will take to cross the border.

Schemes of courier transportation of parcels, cargo, mail from Germany to Russia

Time Saving Machine employees are wasting no time and working on new delivery routes in 2024. The company's couriers pick up the shipment in any location in Germany and deliver it to the addressee through the CIS, where the company opened its own office in March 2022.

In 2024, TSM couriers delivered 5012 parcels, envelopes and cargo from Germany to Russia. Logisticians quickly issue waybills and invoices, which allows you to pass customs control without hindrance. 87% of shipments were delivered to the addressees faster than the agreed time.

What do customers most often send through the TSM delivery service from Russia and Germany and back?

Legal entities

Product Samples

Representatives of Russian business order the delivery of goods from Germany, as well as exchange samples of chemical products, textiles, and equipment with foreign partners.

Sending Mail

Despite the sanctions, Russian enterprises do business abroad and send work contracts, accounting statements, and powers of attorney from Russia to Germany and back on a monthly basis.


Delivery of auto parts from Germany

The shortage of auto parts in Russia began in 2022 and continues now. Store shelves are emptying every day. But there is a way out!

Customers order auto parts for Mercedes, BMW directly from manufacturers in Germany, and TSM couriers quickly and reliably transport car headlights, brake discs, pads from door to door.

Delivery of original medicines to Russia from Germany

In 2022, interruptions in the transportation of medicines from abroad began in Russia. Compatriots faced problems in finding medicines. TSM couriers quickly and reliably deliver medicines from Germany to Russia in compliance with the temperature regime.

Do not forget that the drug must be in its original packaging and have a doctor's prescription. To avoid delays at customs, please provide a purchase receipt when contacting TSM. Not all medicines are allowed to be brought into the country.

Find out the details of the delivery of medicines from Germany to Russia by phone: +1 213–459–5581.

Transportation of personal belongings

At the beginning of 2024, TSM managers issued 107 applications for relocation from Russia to Germany. When people leave the country, they do not want to leave behind their belongings and acquired items. The TSM delivery service provides cardboard boxes for clothes and shoes, as well as wooden crates if you take large appliances and furniture with you.

Sending Documents

Every day, TSM receives applications for the transportation of invitations for obtaining a visa in Germany, powers of attorney, passports. Documents are delivered from hand to hand in sturdy envelopes.

Why Customers Choose Time Saving Machine Delivery Service:

  1. Remote registration. The client does not have to waste time on traffic jams and queues in the office to place an order. Managers remotely process requests and sign contracts with customers.
  2. Choice of tariff. At TSM, the manager selects a suitable tariff based on the client's requests.
  3. Hand-to-hand transportation. Couriers deliver parcels door-to-door, even if you order transportation from a city with a population of 1,000 people.
  4. Packaging. In the TSM service, the packaging material is selected individually for each order. If you send fragile items, the employee will not only pack the goods in bubble wrap, but also make a mark on the box so that the courier carefully delivers the item to the addressee's door.
  5. Supporting documents. TSM logisticians independently issue invoices and air waybills, which excludes errors and delays at customs.
  6. Order monitoring. It is possible to track a parcel from Germany to Russia on the carrier's website by the tracking number, which is provided by the manager after filling out the application.
  7. Parcel storage. If you do not have time to pick up the parcel, the TSM manager will leave the shipment at the warehouse and give it to the courier for transportation at a convenient time for the client.
  8. Insurance. When you use the services of a courier company for the first time, take out the insurance service.
  9. Loading and unloading. When sending bulky cargo, TSM employees will carefully load the goods into the truck and unload them at the recipient's warehouse.

Is it possible to send a parcel to Germany from Russia or vice versa now? The answer is yes! To do this, please contact the TSM delivery service.

Do you need to deliver parcels, letters or goods from Germany to Russia and back? Write in the chat on website, please call: +1 213–459–5581 or WhatsApp:  +1 (407) 864-4877.

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