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Shipping Parcels and Mail to Kazakhstan in 2023

Kazakhstan's strategic central Eurasian location makes it an expanding hub for distributing goods regionally. Commercial and private shipments to/from Kazakhstan are rapidly increasing as its economy thrives in 2023, boosting cargo flows. Businesses frequently ship product samples internationally to grow sales. Individuals send parcels abroad or order overseas deliveries. Demand for international shipping to/from Kazakhstan continues to rise

Companies and individuals need to find the right courier service, such as TSM, for reliable door-to-door delivery of goods and documents. When selecting a carrier for Kazakhstan shipments, consider transit times, rates, tracking capabilities, and coverage. Opt for established couriers with extensive worldwide transport networks like TSM. Reviews can help identify responsive carriers that handle shipments with care. With the proper delivery company like TSM, you can conveniently send parcels and cargo to/from Kazakhstan.

Shipping rates to Kazakhstan

Time Saving Machine (TSM) is your ideal partner for navigating shipping rates to Kazakhstan with ease and efficiency. With a robust network of over 100 courier and transport partners spanning the globe, TSM simplifies the process of finding the right service and competitive rates tailored to your Kazakhstan shipment. Say goodbye to the need for extensive carrier research; all it takes is a quick contact with a TSM manager via phone, messenger, or email, providing your shipment details. TSM's expert team will swiftly curate competitive quotes for deliveries both to and from Kazakhstan, ensuring cost-effective options that meet your specific requirements.

For those seeking budget-friendly shipping solutions, TSM offers consolidated air and sea freight options. TSM managers excel in determining the most economical transport mode and carrier based on your timeline and cargo specifications. Whether you prioritize cost-efficiency with sea freight or urgency with air freight, TSM can accommodate your preferences. Even when dealing with challenging shipping routes, TSM leverages its extensive network to engage local carriers, guaranteeing the successful delivery of your goods. Furthermore, TSM's expertise extends to handling oversized cargo like machinery, ensuring that complex shipments reach their destination seamlessly.

TSM's commitment to flexibility and accessibility sets it apart as a trusted shipping partner. Operating without trade sanctions, TSM simplifies the logistics landscape, providing a hassle-free experience. When you choose TSM, you gain access to a logistics platform that streamlines the entire shipping process, from selecting the right carrier and securing competitive rates to accommodating various transport modes and handling challenging routes. For efficient and cost-effective shipping to and from Kazakhstan, TSM is your reliable solution.

Documents required for shipping a parcel to Kazakhstan

Proper documentation is a crucial aspect of ensuring a smooth customs clearance process when shipping parcels to Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan, like many countries, has specific customs regulations and requirements in place to maintain transparency and compliance with import duties. Key documents that are essential for customs include a Commercial Invoice, Contract, and Certificates of Origin. These documents should provide comprehensive details such as the contents of the shipment, their values, quantities, purpose, and the manufacturing origin. Ensuring accuracy and completeness in these documents is vital to facilitate customs transparency and adhere to duties compliance.

In addition to the core documentation, it's important to be aware that Kazakhstan may require additional certificates based on the specific contents of the parcel. These additional certificates can vary widely and may include Ministry of Culture certificates for art, prescriptions and receipts for medicines, security certificates for electronics, conformity certificates for food products, and phytosanitary certificates for seeds, among others. Meeting these specific requirements is essential to avoid potential complications during the customs clearance process.

While the process of gathering and preparing documentation can be time-consuming and complex, it's a mandatory step when shipping to Kazakhstan. To simplify this process and ensure that you provide the correct paperwork, partnering with an experienced international shipper is highly recommended. Such professionals have a deep understanding of the required forms and can provide invaluable guidance, ensuring that your documentation aligns with customs regulations. Proper documentation not only assists customs authorities but also plays a pivotal role in preventing shipment complications, ultimately leading to smoother and more successful deliveries.

Kazakhstan customs fees & import taxes

Goods imported into Kazakhstan are subject to various customs fees and import taxes. Given the dynamic nature of customs regulations in Kazakhstan, it's essential to stay updated, as rules and requirements can change frequently. Key charges for items shipped to Kazakhstan include:

  • Import duty - This can vary from 0% to 30% or more, depending on the product type and customs code, with some goods qualifying for duty exemptions.
  • VAT - A standard Value Added Tax (VAT) rate of 12% is applied to the total value of the imported goods, encompassing shipping costs, insurance, and any import duties.
  • Customs clearance fees - Typically, this fee is approximately 1% of the total declared customs value of the shipment.
  • Exemptions - Some categories, like books, baby goods, and humanitarian aid, might be eligible for VAT exemptions in Kazakhstan. It's crucial to accurately classify your items using Kazakhstan's customs tariff codes to estimate import fees effectively. Additionally, keeping the total shipment value below a specific threshold can help reduce or eliminate duties and taxes.

Collaborating with a logistics provider like TSM is a strategic move for businesses looking to navigate the intricate and ever-changing customs regulations of Kazakhstan. Our expertise ensures that your shipments adhere to the latest procedures, are imported legally, and efficiently reach their intended destination in Kazakhstan. With our in-depth knowledge of the customs landscape, we help you steer clear of costly delays, fines, and potential legal issues that can arise from non-compliance.

At TSM, we specialize in simplifying the complexities of importation. We proactively monitor and adapt to evolving customs rules and requirements, guaranteeing that your shipments remain in full compliance. Whether you are importing goods, products, or equipment, our dedicated team is here to assist you in understanding and adhering to the most up-to-date customs requirements for your imports to Kazakhstan. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your specific needs and let us streamline your international trade operations for success.

Kazakhstan shipping restrictions & prohibited items 

Kazakhstan, like many countries, maintains stringent restrictions on prohibited items to ensure the safety and security of its citizens and environment. These restrictions encompass a wide range of items that are not permitted for importation into the country. Among the most strictly prohibited items are narcotics and psychotropic substances,which is aimed at combatting drug-related issues and ensuring public health. Explosives and radioactive materials are also on the list, as they pose significant threats to both national security and environmental safety. To protect public health and safety, poisons and biohazards are also strictly banned from import.

Moreover, Kazakhstan takes measures to combat counterfeit goods, which can harm both consumers and legitimate businesses. Customs authorities are vigilant in their efforts to prevent the importation of counterfeit products, often confiscating such items upon discovery. In addition to these prohibitions, various restrictions are placed on imports of items like media, food products, supplements, electronics, military equipment, and encryption devices. Importing such items often requires special permits or certifications, ensuring that they meet safety, quality, and security standards. For example, the import of animals, plants, medicines, and telecommunications equipment demands specific documentation and pre-approvals to guarantee compliance with regulations and safeguard public health and environmental concerns. These stringent restrictions and regulations underscore Kazakhstan's commitment to maintaining a secure and safe environment for its citizens and visitors while facilitating legitimate trade and commerce.

In addition to addressing counterfeit goods, Kazakhstan imposes various restrictions on the importation of specific items across different categories. These restrictions encompass a wide range of products, including media, food items, supplements, electronics, military equipment, and encryption devices. Importing such items often necessitates obtaining special permits or certifications to ensure they meet stringent safety, quality, and security standards. For example, the importation of animals, plants, medicines, and telecommunications equipment requires specific documentation and pre-approvals to guarantee compliance with regulations. These measures reflect Kazakhstan's commitment to maintaining a secure and safe environment for its citizens and visitors while simultaneously promoting legitimate trade and commerce.

It is of paramount importance to have a comprehensive understanding of Kazakhstan's catalog of prohibited items and import restrictions to circumvent potential customs delays, seizures, or penalties when shipping to the country. Conducting thorough research into the regulations pertinent to the contents of your specific shipment before exporting is highly recommended. Furthermore, seeking guidance from a seasoned logistics partner can prove invaluable in navigating Kazakhstan's ever-evolving import laws, ensuring smooth and compliant shipment of parcels.

Kazakhstan shipping tips & information

Finding the right carrier to handle your shipping needs to and from Kazakhstan can be a time-consuming and complex task. To streamline this process and save valuable time, you can leverage the expertise of TSM's knowledgeable staff. TSM's personal managers have a deep understanding of which logistics partners are best suited for shipping various types of cargo to and from Kazakhstan, as well as to countries worldwide. For instance, they have preferred couriers for fast small parcels, and other trusted carriers that offer cost-effective solutions for routes to Africa.

When you request a shipment quote from TSM, it's essential to provide as many details as possible about your cargo, including its contents, dimensions, origin, and destination. Sharing photos or videos of the items allows TSM logistics experts to select the most suitable partners and ensure that all paperwork aligns accurately with customs regulations. Maintaining the utmost transparency about your shipment upfront ensures the fastest and most cost-effective deliveries. It's advisable to avoid adding items after submitting your paperwork, as this can complicate the shipping process. With TSM's extensive global network and staff expertise, they streamline shipping solutions that not only meet your budget but also align with your desired timeline.

Why choose TSM for your shipping to Kazakhstan?

When it comes to choosing the right logistics partner for your shipping needs to and from Kazakhstan in 2023, Time Saving Machine (TSM) is the ideal choice. Kazakhstan's central Eurasian location is becoming a pivotal hub for regional cargo distribution, and the demand for international shipping to and from the country is on the rise. Whether you're a business looking to expand your market or an individual sending parcels abroad, TSM offers a comprehensive solution. With over 100 courier and transport partners worldwide, TSM's logistics platform simplifies the process by matching you with the most suitable service and competitive rates. Their expertise ensures that you don't need to spend valuable time researching carriers yourself. TSM's dedicated managers understand the intricacies of shipping various cargo types globally, making them a reliable choice. Plus, with a branch office conveniently located at 280 Baizakova St. in the Almaty Towers business center in Almaty, TSM provides in-person guidance and reliable packing services for international shipping to Kazakhstan. From securing the right partners to verifying accurate paperwork, TSM streamlines the entire shipping process to meet your budget and timeline. Partnering with TSM guarantees efficient and compliant shipments to and from Kazakhstan, making them the trusted choice for your shipping needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?
After you have left a request on our website or by phone, based on your time and budget requirements, our managers will select the best offer for delivery. After approval, a courier comes to you, picks up your postal item, and delivers it.
What is the cheapest way to ship to Kazakhstan?
The most cost-effective way to send a parcel to Kazakhstan from abroad is to use sea freight or land transportation, with a delivery time ranging from 14 to 28 working days. Ensure compliance with shipping and customs regulations to prevent delays. Packing your shipment compactly using vacuum bags is another helpful tip. For personalized international shipping assistance, consult Time Saving Machine, the experts in comprehensive logistics solutions.
Do USPS, DHL and Fedex ship to Kazakhstan?
Certainly! USPS, DHL, and FedEx are all reputable shipping carriers that offer services to Kazakhstan. Whether you're shipping documents, parcels, or cargo, these carriers provide a variety of shipping solutions to meet your specific requirements. USPS is known for its cost-effective international shipping options, while the others offer reliable and expedited delivery services. Your TSM manager will find the best courier company rate tailored to your needs.
How much does it cost to ship to Kazakhstan?
The cost of shipping to Kazakhstan depends on several factors, including the weight of the shipment, its dimensions, the urgency of delivery, and the chosen shipping method. To get an accurate cost estimate, it is advisable to contact a specific carrier or logistics company that will handle your shipment to Kazakhstan. They can assess the cost of delivery based on your specific requirements and provide you with precise information.
How long does delivery to Kazakhstan take?
The delivery time to Kazakhstan varies depending on the origin of the shipment. On average, delivery to Kazakhstan typically takes between 3 to 7 business days. If you're looking to save on shipping costs, TSM can assist in selecting a carrier that can deliver your cargo within 21 business days. For urgent deliveries to Kazakhstan, we can arrange for a personal air courier to deliver your shipment within 24-48 hours.
Which couriers ship to Kazakhstan in 2023?
Rely on TSM for your shipping needs to Kazakhstan in 2023. Our internet platform is connected to over 100 partners who provide shipping solutions from 240 countries. We offer thousands of pricing and delivery options for your parcels, ensuring that your shipments to Kazakhstan are handled efficiently and reliably. You can count on TSM for a seamless shipping experience to Kazakhstan and many other destinations worldwide.

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