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Shipping Parcels and Mail to Russia from Australia in 2023

In the midst of the complex and challenging landscape of sending parcels and mail from Australia to Russia in 2023, Time Saving Machine emerges as the solution that simplifies it all. With our expertise in international shipping logistics, Time Saving Machine has successfully navigated the intricate web of regulations and fluctuating rates, offering tailored solutions to meet specific needs. In a world where major carriers have suspended services due to geopolitical developments, Time Saving Machine's efficient processes, real-time tracking, and cost-effective options have not only filled the gap but also provided peace of mind to individuals and businesses alike, making international shipping between these two countries more accessible and reliable than ever.

This guide offers the latest insights into shipping parcels, documents, and mail from Australia to Russia in 2023. It comprehensively addresses current shipping choices and regulations, essential documentation and customs fees, estimated delivery schedules, and shipping costs. Additionally, it includes frequently asked questions to provide a well-rounded understanding of the shipping process to Russia this year, serving as a valuable resource for ensuring smooth and punctual deliveries between these two countries.

How to send parcels to Russia from Australia

Shipping parcels from Australia to Russia became more complex in 2022 due to the suspension of services by major carriers such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS, alongside sanctions impacting certain exports. Nevertheless, viable alternatives persist, including RD Express and Toll Priority, which continue to facilitate parcel shipping to the Russian Federation. It's important to note, however, that air freight transit times have lengthened, ranging from 7 to 21 days, and tracking options may be limited depending on the chosen provider.

Shipping a package to Russia from Australia

Australia Post provides an economy air service for shipping packages weighing up to 30kg to Russia, offering transit times spanning from 10 to 20 days, contingent on the specific destination. This service includes tracking features and the option to purchase insurance for added security. Alternatively, private carriers like TSM offer package shipping to Russia with delivery times typically falling within the 7- to 15-day range. Expedited options are also available for urgent parcels, although tracking visibility might be somewhat limited. When preparing packages for shipment to Russia, it's crucial to meticulously document the contents, avoiding prohibited items such as arms, ammunition, or dual-use goods. Employ sturdy and weatherproof packaging, ensuring the removal or covering of any old delivery labels for a smooth and secure shipping process.

Shipping mail from to Russia from Australia

Australia Post offers two viable options for sending letters and documents from Australia to Russia. The first, an economy airmail service, provides a reliable delivery timeframe of approximately 14 days, complete with tracking capabilities. For those in need of faster delivery for crucial documents, Express Post International expedites the process, delivering within 5 to 10 days, also accompanied by tracking. Notably, both options ensure trackable service without requiring a signature upon delivery.

Shipping documents from Australia to Russia 

Private couriers offer various document shipping options from Australia to Russia, including speedy door-to-door courier service in 5-7 days, digital document transmission via email/web portal, and certificate of delivery options. It's advisable to opt for trackable post with signature confirmation when sending sensitive documents, while more economical economy mail services are suitable for non-critical documents. Ensure secure and waterproof packaging, and clearly label the package with the destination address while removing any old delivery labels to avoid confusion.

FedEx, DHL and UPS halting shipments to Russia from Australia

Major global delivery providers, including FedEx, UPS, and DHL, ceased their shipments to Russia in March 2022 due to the tense political and economic relations between Russia and Ukraine. Alongside these disruptions, sanctions further complicate shipping operations to and from Russia. Nevertheless, smaller private carriers like TSM Express continue to offer document and parcel delivery services from Australia to the Russian Federation, typically delivering in 5-15 days with varying levels of tracking visibility.

While sanctions have impacted certain exports, such as technology, it's important to note that deliveries of most goods from Australia to Russia are still permitted with meticulous documentation. To navigate this challenging landscape successfully, it's crucial for businesses to collaborate with knowledgeable carriers who are well-versed in the latest regulations and required paperwork. With the right preparations and assistance from experienced carriers, successful shipping to Russia from Australia remains achievable despite the complexities posed by geopolitical tensions and sanctions. 

Time Saving Machine delivers parcels, documents and cargo in a standard mode, using partner connections. First, shipments are delivered to the TSM company branch located in the CIS, then delivered by air carrier to Russia, after which we distribute shipments to cities in Russia using local courier services.

Shipping prohibitions

The tidal waves of geopolitical tensions swirling around Russia have capsized major global shipping lines and left Australian exporters foundering. As leviathans like FedEx, UPS and DHL abandoned Russian ports in March 2022 against the backdrop of events in Ukraine, Canberra unleashed its own tsunami of sanctions, swamping technology exports destined for Moscow. Yet glimmers of light still peek through the fog for intrepid Australian traders. Like nimble pirates plying risky waters, small private carriers like TSM Express are stepping in to fill the void, ferrying documents and parcels from Down Under to the Russian Federation in 5-15 days, despite limited tracking visibility. For businesses willing to navigate the hazardous straits, treasures await. Most non-restricted goods can still reach Russian shores with meticulous paperwork preparation. But smooth sailing requires a seasoned navigator: a carrier fluent in the latest rules and paperwork procedures who can steer clear of sanctioned reefs. By selecting an experienced first mate and battering down their documentation hatches, Australian companies can still stay the course for Russian deliveries despite the stormy sea of sanctions and restrictions. 

Documents required for shipping a parcel from Australia to Russia

In international shipping, regardless of the specific countries involved, proper documentation is crucial for the successful shipment of parcels and mail. This includes accurately completing customs forms with detailed information about the contents, value, and intended purpose of the shipment.

Commercial invoice

A commercial invoice is a comprehensive document that provides a detailed account of the transaction between the sender and receiver. It typically includes crucial information such as the date and place of shipment, sender and receiver addresses, a description of the parcel contents, and itemized quantity, weight, and associated charges, as well as the total declared value of the items being shipped. This document plays a vital role in international shipping, serving as a key reference point for customs authorities, carriers, and all parties involved in the shipping process to ensure transparency and compliance with regulations. Commercial invoices help Russian customs verify contents and assess duties. Include multiple copies inside and outside the package.

A signed contract between the sender and the receiver

A contract provides evidence of an agreement between the shipping parties. Russian customs may request a copy documenting:

  • Seller and buyer information;
  • Sale terms for the items shipped;
  • Contract execution date and signatures.

Contracts prove the legitimacy of the shipped goods. Include at least two copies with the parcel paperwork.

Certificate of Origin (CO)

A Certificate of Origin (CO) is a formal document that declares the country of origin for goods being shipped. It includes details about the shipper, consignee, product, and the manufacturing country, with authorized signatures to validate the origin. COs are crucial for determining import duties and ensuring compliance with sanctions. To obtain an official CO, you should go through an authorized body like a chamber of commerce.

Single Administrative Document (SAD)

For commercial shipments to Russia exceeding 1000 EUR, a Single Administrative Document (SAD) is required. The SAD includes information on the shipment, such as commodity codes, origins, quantities, values, weights, and transport details. It also outlines taxes and duties payable, making it a critical document for both the sender and receiver. To ensure compliance, it is advisable to collaborate with a qualified Russian import broker.

While the process of gathering and preparing the necessary documentation for international shipments can be time-consuming, it is a crucial step in avoiding complications and delays when dealing with Russian customs. To streamline this process and ensure compliance with Russian paperwork requirements when shipping from Australia, partnering with an experienced forwarder who understands the intricacies of the documentation needed for shipments to Russia can be immensely beneficial for a smooth and hassle-free shipping experience.
For tailored guidance on shipping parcels, documents or mail to Russia from Australia, connect with the TSM Company by phone at +1 213-459-5581 or online at Their experts can ensure shipments bypass restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?
After you have left a request on our website or by phone, based on your time and budget requirements, our managers will select the best offer for delivery. After approval, a courier comes to you, picks up your postal item, and delivers it.
Can I send a package to Russia from Australia in 2023?
The suspension of DHL, FedEx, and UPS services from Australia to Russia has required reliance on alternatives like the TSM Company for package shipping. Despite the absence of these major carriers, TSM and similar providers enable continued access to the Russian market. However, transit times have extended to 1-2 weeks on average, necessitating planning to meet deadlines. Partnering with experienced logistics companies like TSM ensures shipments still reach their destinations.
How much does it cost to ship to Russia from Australia?
Shipping costs from Australia to Russia vary based on weight, speed, and carrier, but economy air freight to major cities are priced per kilogram. Express service ranges per kilogram but can differ with specific carriers, services, and market conditions. For accurate pricing, contact Time Saving Machine or your shipping provider directly for a detailed quote. Comparing quotes from multiple carriers ensures you find the most competitive rate.
How long does delivery from Australia to Russia take?
Average transit times for shipping parcels from Australia to Russia can vary depending on the chosen shipping method. Expedited air shipping typically offers faster delivery, with an average transit time of around 7 days. In contrast, standard air freight services may take longer, with an estimated delivery time frame of up to 21 days. However, it's important to note that transit times can be further extended for remote Russian regions.
Which couriers still ship from Australia to Russia?
TSM Express maintains reliable delivery services from Australia to Russia in 2023, providing essential alternatives after major carriers suspended services. Customers can choose carriers fitting requirements like timeliness or affordability. To assure security, Time Saving Machine executes binding contracts for services with individuals and companies. These contracts alleviate concerns over safe parcel transit amid geopolitical developments.

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