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Shipping Parcels and Mail to Russia from Germany in 2023

Due to the prevailing geopolitical circumstances, shipping parcels, mail, and cargo from Germany to Russia has become significantly more difficult than in past years. Several major international carriers and logistics companies have halted their shipping and delivery services to Russian destinations due to economic sanctions and airspace closures over Russia. As a result, the range of shipping choices for businesses and individuals seeking to send packages, parcels, and mail items from Germany to recipients in Russia has been greatly limited. However, Time Saving Machine remains fully operational for Germany to Russia shipments and can ensure your important shipments reach their destination reliably. By utilizing Time Saving Machine's specialized shipping and delivery services, it is still possible to reliably transport goods and correspondence between Germany and Russia despite the challenging environment.

How to send a parcel to Russia from Germany

For individual packages and small business shipments, some popular options for shipping parcels from Germany to Russia include TMS ,DHL, UPS, and FedEx, which offers its Economy Parcel service for packages up to 31.5 kg going to Russia, though delays are common; TIPSA, a Germany-based logistics company still actively transporting parcels to Russia by ground routes through neighboring Finland, Baltic countries, and Belarus; CDEK, a major Russian delivery company with collection points in Germany for sending packages onward to all major cities in Russia without weight limits; and express mail services like DHL Express and TNT, which offer some document shipping services to select major Russian cities, but with strict limitations.

When arranging to ship any package commercially to a business or individual in Russia from Germany, there are some key documents typically required for customs clearance such as a proforma invoice, detailed packing list, and Certificate of Origin to confirm the goods' country of manufacture and avoid steep import duties. It's advisable to closely coordinate with your selected Russian shipping provider to ensure you have all required documentation prepared accurately for Russian customs to avoid costly delays or rejection. 

Time Saving Machine offers multiple shipping options for sending parcels from Germany to Russia:

  • Standard delivery takes 7-15 business days. Parcels go to Asia first before being sent on to Russia.
  • Express delivery takes 1-4 business days. TSM agents personally pick up and deliver parcels through western border countries. More expensive but faster.
  • Economy delivery takes 21-28 business days. Slower but cheaper for cost-conscious shippers. 

Shipping a package to Russia from Germany

For individuals and businesses shipping packages from Germany to recipients in Russia, there are several courier services available, although delays and disruptions are common. There are options for economy parcel services for packages up to 31.5 kg, but delays of 2-4 weeks are likely. Additionally, ground parcel delivery through neighboring countries such as Finland, the Baltic countries, and Belarus is still an option.

When arranging commercial shipments, it's important to prepare the required customs documents, including a detailed commercial invoice with descriptions and values of the items, a packing list, and a Certificate of Origin. It's advisable to closely coordinate with your chosen courier service to ensure that all paperwork is accurately prepared according to Russian customs regulations to avoid shipment rejection or lengthy delays at the border.

Shipping mail to Russia from Germany

For sending mail items like letters, postcards, and documents from Germany to recipients in Russia, Deutsche Post and Russian Post are currently still providing some mail delivery services. However, there are notable limitations: Deutsche Post only delivers standard letters and postcards to Russia now, not packages. Transit times have slowed to 2-4 weeks minimum due to reliance on ground transport through intermediary countries. Registered, insured and special delivery mail services are also temporarily suspended to Russian destinations. When sending mail, use clear Latin and Cyrillic addressing and confirm postal codes to aid delivery given the current challenges. Time Saving Machine's international courier service offers a solution for swift letter deliveries. We facilitate connections with multiple carriers or provide a dedicated personal courier to ensure your mail reaches the Russian Federation within a timeframe of 5-12 business days.

Shipping documents from Germany to Russia 

For crucial business and legal documents that require a secure and expedited journey from Germany to Russia, some major international courier services continue to offer document shipping services to select prominent Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, there are currently stringent restrictions in place, permitting only the use of paper envelopes and document packets weighing up to 2 kg, with packages being prohibited. These courier services also do not currently provide assistance with customs clearance for shipments bound for Russia. Given the existing challenges, anticipate potential delays or interruptions when utilizing these document shipping services.

If you urgently need to courier essential documents or contracts to a business associate or partner in Russia from Germany, it's advisable to carefully review service providers for the most current delivery options and ensure that service is available for your specific Russian destination. Be sure to clarify the limitations on the types of shipments accepted, size restrictions, and customs procedures to guarantee the successful delivery of your crucial documents.

FedEx, DHL and UPS halting shipments to Russia from Germany

Due to the economic sanctions imposed and the closure of airspace over Russia, many top international shipping providers, carriers, and courier services have suspended package delivery services to all Russian destinations from Germany and other countries globally.

Some key suspensions significantly impacting options for Russia deliveries include DHL, which has currently suspended all shipments to and from Russia, including DHL Express door-to-door courier services; FedEx, which has halted all operations to and from Russia, impacting FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight services; UPS, which has suspended all shipments bound to or out of Russia across all service levels; TNT, which has temporarily stopped all services for shipments going to or from Russia and Belarus; and DB Schenker, which has stopped accepting any Russia-bound shipments within Germany.

With many of the top global players, including FedEx, DHL, UPS, and others, halting Russian services due to economic and geopolitical factors, the available shipping and delivery options to Russia have become very limited. However, some regional carriers and logistics providers are still transporting shipments into Russia using alternative ground routes through neighboring countries.

Shipping prohibitions

When arranging any shipment bound for Russia from Germany, it's absolutely essential to be fully aware of the long list of prohibited or restricted items that cannot legally be sent due to import laws and sanctions. Failure to comply with current regulations could lead to severe penalties or confiscation of goods by Russian customs.

Some examples of prohibited shipment types include luxury goods, technology products, specialized industrial equipment and machinery banned under current economic sanctions; firearms, weapons, ammunition, and associated parts; cash or currency over 10,000 EUR; tobacco and alcohol products; restricted medications; and informational materials like books, magazines, websites, or media deemed anti-government, extremist, or promoting sensitive civil society issues in Russia.

Before attempting to ship any item from Germany to Russia, carefully review current official import regulations and restrictions. Discuss the possibility of delivery of cargo with a manager from the Time Saving Machine company to avoid trouble during customs control. Ensuring all customs paperwork is precision-prepared is essential, as Russian authorities will seize goods without proper documentation.

Documents required for shipping from Germany to Russia

To legally transport any parcels, mail items, or commercial cargo from Germany directly to recipients in Russia, very specific documents are mandatory for clearing Russian customs and avoiding steep import taxes or duties. Required documentation includes: commercial invoice, signed contract between sender and receiver, Certificate of Origin (CO), and Single Administrative Document (SAD).

Commercial Invoice

This is compulsory for all commercial shipments to Russia over 200 EUR in value. It must provide precise details like the place and date of issue, sender and recipient addresses, exact item descriptions, quantities, weights, values, currency, and the total declared shipment value.

A signed contract between the sender and the receiver

For any commercial shipment above 1,000 EUR in value, a copy of the signed sales or service contract between the sender and receiver must be included to prove an established business relationship to Russian authorities.

Certificate of Origin (CO)  

This confirms the declared country of manufacture and determines any import duties owed to Russia. For commercial goods, it must be certified by the sender's local Chamber of Commerce in Germany.

Single Administrative Document (SAD)

Required for all commercial goods imported to Russia valued at 1,000 EUR or greater, this key form provides the critical customs clearance details. Given Russia's complex import regulations, it's highly advisable to closely discuss required documents with a personal manager of TSM and ensure all paperwork is thoroughly and precisely completed prior to sending any parcel or cargo shipment to avoid rejections. Russian customs officers will not allow goods to enter Russia without proper documentation.

When ordering delivery of documents, cargo, or parcels from Germany to Russia through the Time Saving Machine international courier service, the logistics department provides assistance in collecting and completing the accompanying customs documents. The cost of this service is included in every TSM plan.
If you require urgent delivery to Russia from Germany, please call +1 213-459-5581 or fill out the contact form on the website. A personal manager will get in touch with you within 5 minutes, asking additional questions to help you find a cost-effective plan.

Frequently asked questions

How does the service work?
After you have left a request on our website or by phone, based on your time and budget requirements, our managers will select the best offer for delivery. After approval, a courier comes to you, picks up your postal item, and delivers it.
Can I send a package to Russia from Germany in 2023?
Yes, it's still possible for both individuals and businesses in Germany to ship packages, important documents, and general mail items to recipients located in Russia this year. The logistics department at Time Saving Machine has established new delivery routes to Russia through neighboring countries, utilizing multimodal transportation methods with multiple contractors.
How much does it cost to ship to Russia from Germany?
Shipping costs from Germany to Russia with Time Saving Machine can vary widely based on parcel weight, delivery speed, and destination. As a general estimate, expect to pay 230–1000 EUR for a standard 2 kg package to Russia, depending on your selected Time Saving Machine plan. Be aware costs are likely higher and the delivery time will range from 5 to 21 business days, depending on the chosen Time Saving Machine service. By offering multiple shipping options, Time Saving Machine enables continued parcel delivery from Germany to Russia despite geopolitical challenges.
How long does delivery from Germany to Russia take?
Current delivery times from Germany to major Russian hubs like Moscow or St. Petersburg with Time Saving Machine is averaging 2-4 days minimum for parcels and mail items. Shipments transiting through intermediary countries to bypass airspace bans over Russia significantly lengthen Time Saving Machine's delivery timeframes. For urgent documents, Time Saving Machine's express couriers may take from 24 hours to 12 days. Closely track all Time Saving Machine shipments to monitor their progress. By leveraging creative routing, Time Saving Machine enables continued parcel delivery between Germany and Russia.
Which couriers still ship from Germany to Russia?
Some German logistics firms still ship select items to Russia via ground routes, but major carriers have suspended delivery. Extensive restrictions prohibit luxury goods, technology, equipment, firearms, currency, alcohol, tobacco, medications and anti-government media. Closely consult regulations before shipping from Germany to Russia or check with your personal manager at Time Saving Machine.

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