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Shipping to Russia from the USA in 2024: A Guide to Overcoming Challenges and Delivering Your Parcel Safely

In 2024, the landscape of parcel transportation has undergone substantial changes, marked by the imposition of new and stringent restrictions. These regulations, previously nonexistent, have introduced complexities that significantly impact the delivery of parcels. Notably, state-run postal services may no longer guarantee the successful delivery of packages, raising concerns among senders about the fate of their awaited shipments. The emergence of these restrictions has reshaped the dynamics of cross-border shipping, making it imperative for individuals and businesses to reassess their strategies for sending parcels.

How to send a parcel from the USA to Russia through the international service Time Saving Machine

To send a parcel from the USA to Russia through the international service Time Saving Machine (TSM), customers can initiate the process by contacting TSM through their website, or The service offers a streamlined experience, guiding clients through the necessary steps, including providing information about the sender and recipient, selecting an appropriate tariff, and ensuring secure packaging for the parcel. With TSM's expertise, senders can navigate international shipping regulations and sanctions, entrusting their parcels to a reliable courier service that specializes in efficient deliveries between the USA and Russia. Key points to consider:

  • Call TSM at:+1 213–459–5581 or write on the website;
  • Explain to the manager what will be in the shipment. The more detailed you describe the parcel, the faster the employee will select a suitable tariff;
  • Name the weight and dimensions of the shipment, taking into account the packaging material;
  • indicate the date by which the parcel needs to be delivered to Russia;
  • Inform the sender and recipient cities with zip codes;
  • send photos of the shipment so that the manager can coordinate the delivery from the USA to Russia;
  • choose a suitable tariff;
  • Send a company card with details, if you apply on behalf of a legal entity, or a copy of your passport — the first page and registration, if the application is sent from an individual;
  • enter information about the sender and recipient in the questionnaire: full name, phone numbers, addresses and zip codes;
  • sign a contract for delivery from the USA to Russia;
  • choose the best way to pay for services;
  • Hand over the shipment to the courier of the TSM partner network;
  • It is possible to track a parcel from the USA by the tracking number sent by the manager from the air waybill.

This instruction also applies to the delivery of documents from the United States to Russia, but you do not need to send photos.

How to buy the necessary goods in the USA with delivery to Russia in 2024

Shipping goods from the U.S. to Russia is hampered by the complex economic and political relations between Russia and the U.S. But that doesn't mean Russians can't order a new iPhone or their favorite Calvin Klein shirt in the United States anymore.

To do this, you need to call or write to the manager of the TSM delivery service, send a link to the product you like abroad, sign a contract, and pay for the delivery of goods from the USA in a suitable way. The Time Saving Machine service will do the rest.

On the specified day, the courier will come to the store to pick up the goods, buy the products and carefully deliver them to the addressee, wherever he is.

In order to avoid problems at customs due to the import of expensive equipment or clothing into the country, the company's logistician will prepare documentation for the customs inspector in a timely manner. A receipt for the goods is attached to the shipment and an invoice is filled out indicating the estimated value and a detailed description of the item being transported.

How much does it cost to ship from the USA to Russia in 2024

The demand for the delivery of parcels from the United States to our country at the beginning of 2024 has increased several times. But the prices and terms of transportation of goods from America increased in the spring of last year. Each courier company offers its own rates and rates for shipping from America.

  • The price of transporting cargo, correspondence or mail depends on a number of factors:
  • remoteness between the customer's and recipient's settlements;
  • weight and dimensions of the shipment;
  • urgency of the order;
  • the nature of the shipment.

Sending a box with personal belongings weighing 5 kg from New York to Moscow will cost more than delivering documents from the same city to Novosibirsk, since the dimensions and weight of the parcel will be much higher.

At Time Saving Machine, prices for delivery from America to Russia start from 165$. To choose a suitable tariff for the client, immediately report the weight and dimensions of the parcel, the level of urgency of the request, and the budget allocated for transportation.

Remember that the cost of shipping from the United States directly depends on the volume of the package. The more compact the equipment or things are packed; the cheaper international transportation will be.

Delivery services from the USA

I don't want to be dramatic, but the number of restrictions against Russia is growing every day, foreign brands are actively leaving the country, and even an inveterate shopaholic is not ready to overpay three prices for shoes from abroad.

In 2024, there are various services for the delivery of goods from America on the logistics services market, but before paying for the goods, it is better to make sure of the decency of the company and check the reputation of the postal service in the market.

  • How to choose a service for sending a parcel from the USA to Russia:
  • find out from what year the company delivers shipments from abroad to the Russian Federation;
  • read customer reviews;
  • find out whether it is possible to buy the goods in the United States;
  • ask how parcels are delivered in the context of US sanctions against Russia;
  • Find out if there is a free storage service.

Does the U.S. ship packages to Russia?

The State Post has suspended sending items to the Russian Federation. DHL, UPS, TNT also do not help with transportation to Russia.

But if you use the services of the Time Saving Machine service, you can be sure that the addressee will receive the shipment within the specified time. Documents will arrive from the United States to Russia in 7-9 business days, at the express rate — in 48-96 hours, with the economy option — in 21-27 business days.

How to Send a Package to the USA in 2024?

Follow the detailed instructions at the beginning of this article and know that packages to the US are now being shipped in the same way as before, but at a higher cost.

The international courier service Time Saving Machine in 2024 sends parcels, mail, cargo to all states of America and in the opposite direction from door to door.

Do you need to deliver packages, letters, or cargo from the United States to Russia or vice versa? Write in the chat on website, please call: +1 213–459–5581 or WhatsApp:  +1 (407) 864-4877

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