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Shipping Parcels and Mail to Ukraine in 2023

Ukraine has faced immense challenges over the past few years on account of the frosty political and economic climate between Russia and Ukraine. However, e-commerce and international trade remain vital to the country. Many Ukrainian businesses operate online stores shipping products worldwide.

For international retailers, shipping parcels and mail to Ukraine now requires navigating complex new logistics and regulations. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about shipping costs, required documents, duties, taxes, restrictions, and tips to avoid delays. We’ll also highlight the benefits of working with a logistics provider like TSM to handle the complexities on your behalf. Whether you’re shipping small packets or large freight, this article aims to provide clarity so you can send parcels to Ukraine with confidence.

Shipping Rates to Ukraine

For shipping to Ukraine and addressing specific needs, TSM provides a comprehensive solution. When it comes to shipping to Ukraine, it's crucial to consider various factors, including shipping costs and international shipping rates. TSM offers an array of shipping services tailored to meet your specific requirements, whether you're sending parcels, documents, or cargo. We understand the importance of fast shipping and provide economy shipping options as well.

When shipping to Western Ukraine, where major couriers may not operate, TSM steps in to offer a direct solution. Our team can arrange swift and reliable deliveries from locations such as Miami, USA, to Lviv, Ukraine, or from Toronto, Canada, to Odesa, Ukraine. We have specialized delivery methods designed to cater to unique destinations like the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) and Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). Our process involves efficient routing through our offices in Asia and Europe, resulting in shorter delivery times. In the case of LPR and DPR, deliveries are made to our collection points, allowing recipients to retrieve their packages conveniently.

We understand the importance of navigating complex customs processes, particularly for destinations with specific restrictions, such as prohibited items or those with toxic substances. Our team takes care of the customs form and customs value, ensuring your shipment complies with regulations. We also offer assistance with handling import duties and other customs fees on your behalf.

Whether you're shipping a single package or multiple packages, TSM offers affordable rates and a variety of shipping options to choose from. Our services encompass express delivery for time-sensitive shipments and convenient drop-off locations for added flexibility. Plus, our focus on being cost-effective ensures you get the most value for your shipping needs, all while avoiding any surprises like additional taxes.

With TSM, you can confidently ship to all areas of Ukraine, benefiting from our expertise in international shipping and our commitment to providing tailored solutions that address your unique shipping requirements. Trust us to handle your shipping needs efficiently and reliably, ensuring your parcels and cargo reach their destinations in Ukraine seamlessly.

Documents Required for Shipping a Parcel to Ukraine

In international shipping, ensuring you have the right documentation is essential to facilitate a smooth and trouble-free shipment process. When sending a parcel to Ukraine, similarly to shipping to Russia, you'll need to prepare several key documents. These include a commercial invoice, which details the transaction between sender and receiver, a signed contract between the parties involved, a Certificate of Origin (CO) declaring the country of origin for the goods, and potentially a Single Administrative Document (SAD) for commercial shipments exceeding a certain value. Properly completing and including these documents with your parcel is crucial to complying with Ukrainian customs regulations and ensuring successful delivery to your destination. To simplify this process and avoid any potential complications, consider working with a knowledgeable shipping partner experienced in Ukrainian shipping requirements.

In addition, a CN22/CN23 Customs Form is mandatory and should be affixed to the package itself. These forms declare crucial details such as contents, quantity, value, and weight, as well as sender and recipient details. The CN22 is applicable to shipments valued below $3000, while the CN23 is used for higher-value shipments.

For goods valued over €6000, a Certificate of Origin is required, confirming the country where the merchandise was manufactured, produced, or assembled. In certain cases, such as the importation of medicine, agricultural products, animals, and electronics, additional permits, licenses, or certificates may be necessary.

Providing accurate and complete information on these customs documents is vital to avoid delays or complications during the customs clearance process in Ukraine. It's essential to include relevant identifiers, such as the business’s EORI number and the Ukrainian recipient's tax ID number, to ensure a seamless customs experience.

Ukraine Custom Fees & Import Tax

Goods being imported into Ukraine are subject to various customs fees and import taxes. The rates of these fees and taxes vary depending on the type of goods being imported, their value, and the country of origin. In addition, there are a number of other charges that may be applied, such as value-added tax (VAT) and excise taxes. The situation in Ukraine is changing rapidly, and customs clearance rules and regulations are also being updated frequently. It is important to stay up-to-date on these changes in order to avoid any problems with customs clearance.

Some of the key charges applied to items shipped to Ukraine include:

  • Import duty - This can range from 0% up to 30% depending on the product type and customs code. Some goods are duty-free.
  • VAT - Value Added Tax of 20% is applied to the total value of the imported goods, including the shipping cost, insurance, and any import duty.
  • Customs clearance fees - Typically this is around 1% of the total declared customs value of the shipment.
  • Excise tax - Applied to select products like alcohol, tobacco, fuel, cars,  etc.

When importing goods into Ukraine, it's important to properly classify your items using Ukraine's customs tariff codes in order to estimate any import fees. Certain categories like books, baby goods, and humanitarian aid are currently exempt from VAT in Ukraine, so matching your items to these categories can help reduce or eliminate taxes. For shipments with values under €150, you may be able to avoid duties and taxes altogether. Carefully researching Ukraine's tariff schedule and classifying your items with the right codes is key. Keeping shipment values low can also help minimize costs. Proper classification using Ukraine's customs codes and keeping values under €150 where possible can help optimize your imports into Ukraine and avoid surprise fees.

With all the frequent changes, working with a logistics provider like TSM ensures your shipments are imported legally and efficiently. Contact us to discuss the latest customs procedures for your imports to Ukraine.

Ukraine Shipping Restrictions & Prohibited Items

Ukraine maintains strict prohibitions on certain types of imports, including narcotics, illegal drugs, pornography, counterfeit goods, hazardous materials, and encryption devices. Failure to comply with Ukraine's import regulations on restricted and prohibited goods can lead to dire consequences such as shipment delays, confiscation by customs authorities, hefty fines, and even legal prosecution. Importers must carefully research Ukraine's prohibited items list and licensing requirements to ensure full compliance. Even unintentional violations of Ukraine's import bans can spark severe penalties, shipment seizures, and legal action. Strict adherence to Ukraine's prohibited imports rules is essential to avoid risks of confiscation, fines, prosecution and irreparable harm to one's business.

Navigating Ukraine's complex web of shipping restrictions requires an experienced logistics partner. TSM keeps up to date on all the latest regulations to screen prohibited items and ensure your shipments meet import compliance. By working with TSM, you can avoid risks associated with restricted goods and have confidence your packages will arrive safely. Contact us to learn more about how we can handle the intricacies of shipping to Ukraine.

Ukraine Shipping Tips & Information

When preparing parcels for Ukraine, pack items securely in durable boxes with plenty of padding to prevent damage. Use strong tape or straps to properly seal boxes. Clearly label packages with the recipient's full name, exact street address, city, postcode and phone number to avoid incorrect delivery. Provide detailed and accurate information on customs invoices and paperwork to speed clearance through Ukraine customs. Consolidate multiple smaller parcels into one larger shipment when possible to maximize space and reduce costs. Compactly pack goods into boxes to keep dimensional weight low. Remove batteries from electronics to prevent issues. Insure valuables and use tracked courier services with signature confirmation.

Avoid shipping during Ukrainian holidays when customs may be closed, causing delays. Alert recipients so they are available to accept or retrieve deliveries. Following these tips will help ensure smooth, efficient shipping of your parcels to Ukraine.  Using a company like TSM can be hugely beneficial when importing into Ukraine. TSM is an experienced customs broker and logistics provider specialized in the Ukrainian market. They can expertly classify goods using the right customs codes, ensure proper documentation, obtain necessary permits and licenses, arrange optimized shipping, and smoothly clear shipments through customs. This saves importers considerable time and trouble while minimizing risks of non-compliance. Given the complexities of Ukraine's import regulations, leveraging TSM's expertise is a wise move for flawless customs clearance and delivery of your shipments.

Why Choose TSM for Your Shipping to Ukraine

With over 10 years of logistics industry experience, TSM has developed extensive expertise in shipping parcels, mail, and freight to Ukraine. Our company has established reliable courier partnerships that provide secure delivery across Ukraine at great rates. We maintain strong relationships with major carriers including DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS that allow us to offer discounted pricing you won't find going direct.

One of the key benefits TSM provides is taking care of all complex customs clearance paperwork and documentation required to ship to Ukraine. Our team ensures your shipments fully comply with the latest regulations so your packages arrive without delays or problems clearing customs. We handle the intricacies of import rules and documentation so you can focus on your business.

TSM also provides personalized account management and consulting to understand your specific shipping needs to and from Ukraine. Our logistics specialists can advise you on the most cost-effective delivery options and transit times based on the details of your situation. We tailor solutions to fit your budget and requirements.

For high-volume freight needs, TSM offers consolidated shipping services to optimize costs. We can consolidate multiple smaller shipments into larger loads to maximize efficiency. Our real-time tracking and alerts also keep you informed as your package moves through each step of the international delivery process.

Additionally, TSM offers insurance, package redirection, and address corrections in case any issues arise. Our extensive experience shipping to Ukraine provides confidence that your parcels will arrive intact and on time. Contact our team today for a free quote tailored to your unique shipping needs!

For personalized assistance with shipping parcels, documents, or mail to Ukraine in 2023, you can reach out to TSM Company at +1 213-459-5581 or visit our website at Our team of experts is well-versed in the latest shipping regulations and can help ensure your shipments comply with all requirements for smooth delivery to Ukraine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?
After you have left a request on our website or by phone, based on your time and budget requirements, our managers will select the best offer for delivery. After approval, a courier comes to you, picks up your postal item, and delivers it.
What is the cheapest way to ship to Ukraine?
The cheapest shipping option to Ukraine is using TSM's economy sea freight. Sea shipments take 1-2 months but offer major savings over air delivery. TSM consolidates less-than-container load cargo for the best rates. For faster transit, TSM has budget-friendly rail and road freight taking 2-3 weeks. Get quotes for all modes of shipment from TSM to compare and find the lowest price that meet your timeline. TSM's rates to Ukraine are very affordable.
Do USPS, DHL and FedEx ship to Ukraine?
USPS, DHL, and FedEx all offer shipping services to Ukraine, providing a range of options for sending parcels and mail to this Eastern European country. USPS, DHL, and FedEx are all popular shipping carriers to Ukraine. USPS is a convenient choice with various shipping options, while DHL and FedEx are known for their reliable and expedited services. Choose the best carrier for your needs based on factors such as delivery timeline and shipping needs.
How much does it cost to ship to Ukraine?

The cost of shipping to Ukraine depends on several factors, including package weight, dimensions, shipping method, distance, additional services, customs fees, and the choice of carrier. Heavier or larger packages, expedited shipping methods, and additional services like tracking or insurance can increase the shipping cost. Import duties and taxes may also apply, depending on the contents and value of the shipment. Contact TSM now for more information.

How long does delivery to Ukraine take?
Delivery time to Ukraine can vary depending on the location and shipping method. It typically takes 5-7 working days for major cities and 7-28 working days for the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) and Donetsk People's Republic (DPR).
Which couriers ship to Ukraine in 2023?
In 2023, several courier companies and shipping carriers offer services to Ukraine. These include international carriers such as USPS, DHL, FedEx, and UPS, which provide reliable and comprehensive shipping options. Local courier services and shipping providers can offer last-mile delivery and specialized services within Ukraine. Consult with a TSM operator or conduct research to select the most suitable courier company based on the specific locality and shipping requirements.

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