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Streamlined Parcel Shipping from Cyprus to Russia: A Comprehensive Guide

The country's government is forced to support anti-Russian sanctions so as not to aggravate economic and political relations with European states.

In 2022, disruptions in international logistics began. Russians who are in Limassol, Larnaca have faced difficulties in delivering from Cyprus to Russia. National transport services and courier companies have announced that they support Western sanctions and temporarily stop sending parcels from the country to Russia and in the opposite direction. Local postal services reported that they had closed communication with the Russian Federation.

Russian companies operating in Paphos and Nicosia have been restricted: money transfers from Russian cards have become unavailable due to the blocking of the domestic banking payment system.

Difficulties did not break domestic enterprises. The international delivery service Time Saving Machine came to the rescue, which opened two additional branches in the CIS and Europe for the delivery of parcels coming from unfriendly states to Russia.

In 2023, there were peculiarities in the courier transportation of goods to Cyprus due to changed routes, the lack of direct flights to some countries and cities, and problems with the transportation of parcels by road. Until 2022, it was possible to send a cargo weighing 100 kg inexpensively by road or sea. In 2024, it is more difficult to do this due to the blocking of sea vessels and constant checks of cars with Russian license plates at EU customs.

Air courier remains the fastest and most reliable way to deliver to Cyprus. The TSM service organizes the transit of shipments through third countries and takes care of the paperwork.

In the article, we analyze how to arrange a move to Cyprus, how much courier delivery costs from hand to hand and how to send a parcel from Cyprus to Russia so that the cargo is not arrested at customs.

Cost and delivery time

In order for the TSM manager to select a favorable tariff for the client, provide the following information:

  • country, city, sender and recipient zip codes;
  • weight and parameters of the parcel;
  • urgency of dispatch;
  • estimated budget;
  • the nature of the cargo.

Time Saving Machine offers 3 courier rates:

  • Express Transportation: Suitable  for customers who are not ready to wait for a long time and are looking for a satisfactory price-to-time ratio. The courier picks up the boxes and letters at the sender's address and delivers them to the recipient in 7-8 business days. Customs clearance is included in the specified time frame.
  • Delivery by personal air courier:  the parcel will arrive in Cyprus in 2-4 days from any location in the country. The fastest way of transportation in 2023, suitable for sending a passport, medicines, perishable food, expensive clothes.
  • Cost-effective transportation:  correspondence and bulky cargo are transferred at this rate. If the client wants to save money, the TSM manager offers to use an economical tariff, the delivery time of which is 20-28 working days. Boxes, letters, packages with personal belongings are consolidated at the TSM warehouse and transported in groupage cargo to the addressees in the Russian Federation, where the courier delivers the orders home, to the office.

How much does a parcel to Cyprus cost? Documents can be transported from 110$. The bulkier and heavier the parcel, the more expensive the delivery will be.

It is impossible to send documents to Cyprus cheaply due to the rise in ticket and fuel prices, and lengthened logistics routes.

Advantages of the international courier service Time Saving Machine

Time Saving Machine (TSM) International Courier Service excels with efficiency, reliability, and tailored shipping solutions. Navigating complex logistics, ensuring timely deliveries, and prioritizing transparent communication, TSM stands out for its adaptability, resilience, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Key advantages to consider include:

  • Samples of perishable products from Asia, the USA, and Europe are transferred through the company. Couriers deliver goods in special containers that maintain the desired temperature;
  • if the transaction is to take place in Russia in 3 days, and you are in Paphos with a power of attorney, the air courier will come to the address, pack the document in a strong envelope and deliver it to Moscow in 48 hours;
  • carriers move letters weighing 20-25 g and loads of 820 kg from address to address;
  • when applying on behalf of a legal entity, the TSM manager sends a contract and an invoice to pay for the delivery of documents in Cyprus. After the work correspondence is delivered to the business partner in Larnaca, the TSM manager contacts the accounting department and sends the closing documents to the client;
  • when applying on behalf of a private person, the customer receives a contract and a payment receipt;
  • despite the aggravated political situation in the world, TSM logisticians have worked out new schemes and ways of delivering parcels from Cyprus to Russia;
  • if you purchase a new laptop or tablet for more than $300, Time Saving Machine helps with the purchase of goods abroad and delivers sanctioned products to the addressee;
  • if it is not possible to pay for the delivery of Northern Cyprus from a Russian card, TSM has opened a multi-currency account to accept payments from 240 countries of the world;
  • The company helps to choose packaging material for different types of shipments: paintings in a stretcher are wrapped in paper and transported in a crate, fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap, clothes and shoes are transported in bags or cardboard boxes;
  • the logistician prepares documents and resolves issues with the customs representative if there is not enough information on the shipment;
  • After sending, a tracking number is issued, which shows in which country the parcel is located;
  • A personal manager stays in touch with the sender until the recipient receives the letter.

How to apply and send a passport to Cyprus from Moscow

Sending your passport to Cyprus from Moscow requires careful adherence to embassy guidelines. Ensure all necessary documents are in order, and consider using a reliable courier service like Time Saving Machine (TSM) for a secure and efficient international delivery experience. Here is the summary: 

  • leave a request  on WhatsApp/Telegram:  +1 (407) 864-4877 or call the  phone number taken on the official website of the  company;
  • name the cities of the sender and recipient;
  • If you know the indices of the parties, let the manager know;
  • indicate that the envelope contains a passport, as this document is considered a cargo at customs;
  • Name the date by which you need to deliver the passport to the addressee;
  • choose a rate for sending mail to Cyprus;
  • Send your passport details by e-mail;
  • enter information about the sender and recipient in the questionnaire;
  • sign a one-time contract;
  • choose the payment method: in cash in the Moscow office, by transfer to Robokassa;
  • Print out the air waybill and give it to the courier along with the letter;
  • Track the status of the order on the courier company's website by the tracking number.

A customer from Moscow or another city in Russia does not need to come to a TSM office to sign a contract. It is enough to print out the paper, sign and send a photo or sign electronically.

It is better to send a letter to Cyprus by a trusted company, so as not to look for traces of the envelope abroad.

Delivery of goods to Cyprus

Properly organized logistics allows you to transport goods from Russia to Cyprus using 2-3 modes of transport.

When ordering international delivery through the Time Saving Machine, an employee of the company issues invoices for customs in such a way that the result does not raise questions from the inspector.

TSM transports personal belongings, furniture, industrial and medical equipment, machinery, spare parts and components. To meet the required deadlines, when contacting the manager, indicate to the manager by which day the goods are expected in the Russian Federation.

TSM Case Studies 2022-2023

Discover TSM's 2022-2023 case studies, highlighting successful international shipping and seamless logistics solutions tailored to diverse client needs. Explore how TSM navigated challenges with adaptability and reliability in the dynamic global logistics landscape:

  1. Is it allowed to ship thermometers overseas? If the thermometer is mercury, the cargo is classified as hazardous. In the fall of 2022, a client from Moscow was transporting electronic thermometers to Limassol. This type of shipment is easier to transport due to the absence of liquid metal. The 3 kg box was delivered to the addressee in 6 days.
  2. If there is no time left for waiting, an air courier will come to the rescue. In October 2022, the carrier delivered a power of attorney with an apostille from Paphos to Moscow in 48 hours to perform legal transactions on behalf of the sender.
  3. On July 19, 2022, TSM was contacted by a customer with a request to transfer portable radios weighing 2.5 kg from Larnaca to Budapest. The manager asked for a technical description of the devices and asked to send photos. Having received the information, the logistician agreed on the transportation of goods across Europe. 2 days later, the walkie-talkies were brought to Hungary.
  4. In the summer of 2022, TSM transported things from Moscow to Larnaca in 11 working days. The man was sending 3 boxes with a total weight of 100 kg. At the TSM office, the equipment and breakable items were securely packed in film and placed in a cardboard box. Nothing was broken during transportation.
  5. In the spring of 2022, the customer handed over a car headlight from Moscow to Larnaca. The manager provided a discount so that the man could stay within the budget. The headlight for the Mazda car was securely packed and delivered in 5 days.
  6. The passport was delivered from Limassol to Yekaterinburg in 48 hours. The sender was worried that it would not be possible to transfer the document due to the refusal of local courier companies. The TSM team coped with the task.

It will be possible to send a parcel to Cyprus and in the opposite direction even in times of restrictions and sanctions pressure.

Do you need delivery of parcels, letters or goods from Russia to Cyprus or vice versa? Write in the chat on website, please call: +1 213–459–558 or WhatsApp: +1 (407) 864-4877.

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