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Streamlining International Document Delivery: Time Saving Machine’s Success Story in 2024

In the dynamic landscape of international deliveries, challenges often arise due to geopolitical shifts and regulatory changes. Such was the case in February 2022 when numerous foreign companies decided to suspend their operations in Russia, leading to a cascade of issues, especially in the realm of parcel and document deliveries from Europe and the USA to Russia. However, amid these challenges, Time Saving Machine (TSM) emerged as a beacon of efficiency, showcasing its ability to navigate closed air borders and providing swift solutions for clients looking to send shipments between Russia, the USA, and Europe.

A Real-Life Example: Philadelphia, USA — Moscow, Russia

The narrative unfolds with a client contacting TSM on March 10, 2023, seeking information on delivery times and costs for documents from Philadelphia to Moscow.

  • Client: Good day! I want to inquire about the delivery times and costs from the USA to Russia.
  • TSM Manager: Hello! What type of shipment is it: cargo, parcel, or documents? From which city to where are we sending it? — the manager inquired.
  • Client: I'm sending documents from Philadelphia to Moscow.
  • TSM Manager: Are deadlines crucial for you, or is the shipping cost more important? Is it a shipment from an individual to an individual?
  • Client: As a private person. The cheaper, the better; the time is not that important.
  • TSM Manager: Do the documents include identity verification?
  • Client: Yes, 2 A4-sized papers and 2 original Russian passports. Weight is up to 0.5 kg.
  • The manager proposed a tariff with delivery from Philadelphia within 8 working days.
  • Client: Are there delivery options for 14 working days? It's cheaper; we can wait a bit longer.
  • TSM Manager: There is a delivery option for 10–15 working days, and the cost is 110$ less than the 8-day option — the manager responded.
  • Client: What information do you need for processing?
  • TSM Manager: Full names, addresses, and postal codes, phone numbers of the sender and recipient — the manager replied.
  • Client: The documents were in my possession for a week; we were searching for ways to send them. We read that major players have suspended export and import to Russia — the woman explained.
  • TSM Manager: Will we be arranging insurance?
  • Client: Probably not, financial issues. Although these are original passports. What if they get lost? It's better to arrange it! What's the price? — the client contemplated aloud.
  • TSM Manager: I've filled out the form. Ready to pay for delivery from America to Russia?
  • Client: Sent a link for 100% online prepayment. After payment, you'll receive a cash receipt from TSM. We'll schedule a courier immediately — the manager explained.
  • Client: Understood, but it's better to schedule the courier for tomorrow; I'll be busy today. Can I pay in dollars from America? — the woman asked.
  • TSM Manager: I checked with the manager; we have details for transferring in dollars — the manager replied.
  • Client: Send them quickly; it's late in America. We want to pay immediately — the woman requested.
  • TSM Manager: Sent the details on WhatsApp; I'm awaiting a scanned signed contract.
  • Client: Payment isn't going through; there's an app called Zelle, maybe we can use that — the woman suggested.
  • TSM Manager: Currently, there are no Russian banks that work with the Zelle platform — the manager replied.
  • Client: Asked another person in Moscow to make the payment; sent a screenshot. When should we expect the courier? — the client clarified.
  • TSM Manager: We'll schedule the courier for tomorrow between 11:00 and 16:00. An hour before the visit, the person will call and inform about the visit. Before the arrival, I'll ask you to print the invoice, which I'll send in electronic form in advance. Delivery is from hand to hand by the courier, with prior notification to both the sender and the recipient. Only working days are counted; the day of pickup, as well as holidays and weekends, are not considered — the manager explained.
  • Client: Signed the contract; sent it on WhatsApp.
  • The next day, the courier didn't show up for the envelope with documents. The TSM manager called the client.
  • TSM Manager: Apologies from TSM and the carrier; due to high workload, they couldn't pick up the parcel. The courier will arrive by 16:00 today.
  • Client: We had some leeway in the delivery time; one day won't change anything. We'll wait until tomorrow — the woman replied.
  • On March 14, the carrier informed TSM's logistics team that the sender in Philadelphia was unaware of the shipment and canceled the courier.
  • Client: There was a misunderstanding; the person in America mistakenly canceled the request. How can we rectify this? — the client inquired.
  • TSM Manager: Yes, the carrier informed us of this situation. We'll schedule the courier for pickup again; please inform the sender — the manager replied.

On the evening of March 14, the courier picked up the parcel with documents and passports and set off for Russia.

  • Client: Can I track the movement? — the client asked.
  • TSM Manager: Yes, I sent the tracking number; enter it in the parcel tracking section on the carrier's website.
  • Three days later, the woman wrote to TSM.
  • Client: Tracked on the website; the documents have arrived at the transit point. Can you tell me the delivery time to Moscow from this country?
  • TSM Manager: In 2–3 days, the documents will be delivered to Moscow.

On March 22, the envelope with original passports and documents was handed over to the recipient in Moscow.

Client Feedback: A Swift and Secure Delivery

As part of their commitment to service improvement, TSM's quality control team routinely contacts customers for feedback. Here's what the client had to say about the delivery of the envelope with passports from the USA to Russia:

"We sent passports from America to Russia. They delivered quickly, considering that very few people are sending anything at all. The documents are intact; the courier picked them up from the sender and handed them to the recipient in person."

The TSM Advantage: Navigating Challenges for Seamless Deliveries

Time Saving Machine has demonstrated its prowess in navigating complex international delivery landscapes, ensuring that clients experience minimal disruptions even during challenging times. The ability to provide flexible options, efficient communication, and proactive problem-solving has positioned TSM as a reliable partner for individuals seeking reliable and secure international document deliveries.

Streamlining International Document Delivery: The TSM Approach

TSM's success in this scenario can be attributed to several key factors:

  1. Versatile Tariff Options: TSM understands that clients have diverse needs, and offering a range of tariff options allows them to choose the one that aligns best with their priorities, whether it be cost or delivery time.
  2. Detailed Information Collection: The comprehensive information collected by TSM's managers ensures a smooth and efficient processing of shipments. Knowing the nature of the shipment, its content, and any specific requirements allows TSM to tailor its services to meet individual client needs.
  3. Transparent Communication: Open and transparent communication is vital in the logistics industry, especially when dealing with international shipments. TSM's managers keep clients informed at every step, from payment details to courier scheduling, ensuring that there are no surprises along the way.
  4. Proactive Problem-Solving: When unforeseen issues arise, such as the courier cancellation due to a misunderstanding, TSM displays a proactive approach in resolving the problem. By promptly rescheduling the courier and keeping the client in the loop, TSM minimizes the impact of such hiccups on the overall delivery timeline.
  5. Technological Integration: Utilizing technology, such as providing tracking numbers and sending details through platforms like WhatsApp, enhances the overall customer experience. Clients can easily monitor the progress of their shipments, adding an extra layer of transparency and control.

Need Delivery from the USA to Russia? Choose TSM!

For those in need of international document delivery services from the USA to Russia, Time Saving Machine offers a comprehensive and efficient solution. Whether you prioritize swift delivery or cost-effectiveness, TSM's versatile tariff options cater to a variety of needs. The experience of the client in this real-life example attests to TSM's commitment to ensuring that documents reach their destination securely and within the stipulated timeframe.


In conclusion, Time Saving Machine is not just a courier service; it's a partner dedicated to simplifying your international shipping experience. From urgent deliveries to budget-friendly options, TSM has you covered. Choose TSM for a seamless and efficient international shipping solution, and experience the difference in document delivery.

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