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The best way to deliver from the USA abroad: tips on choosing a courier service

In 2023 there are so many courier companies that it will be hard to choose the right one. That’s why we made the aggregator. It contains several international transport firms and has direct contracts with all of them. So the customer has an opportunity to receive a list of supply offers from different delivery services that are connected to the platform and compare rates, terms and time of shipping without extra charge from the Time Saving Machine side.

The TSM team always cares about the clients and prepared 3 pieces of advice for choosing the best way of shipping from the USA to other countries.

Leave a request for delivery in advance

The aggregator team advises customers to make an application for the delivery of goods from the USA to Europe, Africa or Asia in advance, because the shipping speed directly affects the cost of transportation. The TSM service has an urgent way of sending, where the personal courier brings the cargo from America to another country in 2–4 days by plane. Such a short time of transportation makes this tariff the most expensive kind of delivery.

It is suitable for shipments with very short deadlines. For example: documents to business partners, gifts to beloved on Birthday parties, medicines to hospitals for saving lives. Having prepared in advance, you can save money and nerves on delivery by choosing a standard courier service in 5–15 working days.

Pay attention to the volumetric weight

Be ready that the cost of delivery will change in a big way when you note the dimensions of the parcel. The fact is that courier companies have the concept of volumetric weight. It is calculated according to the formula and if the volumetric weight is bigger than the physical one, then the final shipping cost will be announced to the customer according to it. Sometimes the item can be quite light, for example, only 2 kg, but its volume weight can reach all 20 kg.

Trust the manager

Remember, that in the TSM service every client has his or her personal manager. The last helps with choosing a type of international transportation according to:

  • wishful time and conditions of supply;
  • character, weight and size of cargo;
  • distance between the sender’s and recipient’s cities.

Based on this information the manager offers 3 kinds of delivery:

  • urgent way by air courier in 2–4 days;
  • standard courier service in 5–15 working days;
  • economy variant in 21–28 working days by combined cargo and through the consolidation warehouse.

Every tariff contains delivery according to the transportation contract and for 100 % prepayment due to invoice, help with completing documents for customs, reliable package of each item in the parcel especially of fragile goods, monitoring of parcel movement along the logistic route with track number, connection with manager and courier, delivery from the USA from hand to hand even on Saturday or Sunday if it is necessary.

Do you still have questions? Please, follow the website of aggregator and contact the TSM manager in online chat or WhatsApp and Telegram.

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