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The holiday season is a magical time for connecting with loved ones, even when separated by borders

Despite political tensions, you can still send holiday care packages to friends and family in Russia in 2023 year. TSM offers personalized international shipping solutions that overcome current restrictions. We integrate major global logistics providers into one streamlined platform, giving you access to the best carrier options through a single point of contact. Our logistics experts optimize routing and negotiate discounts up to 20% for frequent shippers. You work directly with your dedicated TSM account manager, never having to coordinate across multiple couriers. Tell us what you need to send and we'll handle the details, even expediting customs clearance if needed. While many carriers now limit Russian services, TSM maintains trusted delivery channels worldwide, drawing on our specialized expertise shipping to and from Russia. Review our 5-star ratings for assurance. Due to restrictions, goods over $300 are blocked, but TSM has private couriers delivering expensive goods from the US and Europe to Russia in just 24-72 hours. We also have partners providing 5-12 day delivery through Asia.

This New Year's, surprise loved ones with a taste of your new homeland. For those relocating to Germany, send artisanal chocolates, gingerbread and Nuremberg gingerbread hearts. If France is your new residence, gift signature perfumes, fine wines or silk scarves from Parisian Maisons. Friends in America can post jeans, gadgets and sweets unavailable in Russia. The options are endless - TSM can ship small gifts or large packages virtually anywhere. We recommend sturdy outer packaging with ample interior padding to protect contents. Clearly label fragile items to indicate gentle handling. For perishables like chocolates or cakes, advise us ahead so we can utilize temperature-controlled transport. We'll provide a cost estimate specific to your parcel details including dimensions, weight, and destination. While apart for the holidays, show loved ones you're thinking of them through thoughtful gifts traversing the miles. TSM's priority is ensuring our clients can reliably connect across borders, no matter the political climate. Trust us to expediently deliver symbols of your affection and kindness - touching reminders that love transcends distance. Contact us today to schedule international transport of holiday cheer bound to warm hearts whenever sending to Russia.

What to send as a gift to Russia from Germany for the New Year 2024

German sweets and delicacies make famously thoughtful gifts to share a taste of your new home. When you want to send a package to Russia, consider selecting from a delightful array of German souvenirs that don't involve food, as sending to Russia food items via courier companies can be costly and complicated due to the numerous required documents and regulations. Explore an assortment of non-food German gifts such as traditional crafts, charming trinkets, or cultural items that reflect the rich heritage of Germany, perfect for delivery to Russia.

Beyond edibles, German household items and skincare products also carry cachet. Consider sending a package to Russia containing pampering bath products from Sea & Earth containing nourishing Dead Sea salt. You can also opt for delivery to Russia of gift sets from beloved brands like Nivea or Odol containing favorites like rich body lotion, smoothing facial creams, and triple-action whitening toothpaste. The key is choosing quality brands and specialty items your loved ones will recognize and appreciate as special imports from your new German home. Let your gifts reflect Germany's venerable reputation for precision craftsmanship and appreciation of life's finer pleasures. How interesting that you can send a gift to Russia from brands that left Russia in 2022: Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Hugo Boss.

What to send as a gift to Russia from Africa for the New Year 2024

Sending a meaningful New Year's gift from Africa to Russia is a heartfelt way to bridge the distance and share your appreciation for your loved ones. Consider gifting handcrafted African artwork like intricately carved wood masks or vibrant textiles with unique patterns, jewelry featuring traditional beads and stones, or even South African wines to add a touch of celebration. These gifts not only embody the rich cultural heritage of Africa but also convey your warm New Year wishes, creating a special connection across the miles.

Additionally, you might explore pottery and ceramics, which showcase exceptional craftsmanship and can serve as both functional and decorative pieces. African textiles, known for their distinctive patterns and vibrant colors, can be versatile gifts, whether for clothing or home decor. And for those with a taste for culinary adventures, African spices, sauces, or specialty food items can introduce them to the flavors of your adopted homeland. Each of these gifts carries a piece of Africa's beauty and culture, making them thoughtful choices for the New Year. When you want to send a gift to Russia, it's essential to ensure secure packaging to prevent damage during transit. Include a heartfelt note explaining the significance of the gift and your warm New Year wishes, adding a personal touch to your thoughtful gesture. Regardless of the gift you select, your intention to share a piece of African culture with your loved ones in Russia will create a meaningful connection across the miles, enriching their New Year celebration.

What to send as a gift to Russia from the USA for the New Year 2024

When pondering what to send as a thoughtful New Year's gift from the USA to Russia in 2024, you have the opportunity to share a slice of American culture and innovation with your loved ones across the globe. Consider celebrating the essence of Americana with comfortable and stylish fashion from go-to brands like Levi's, Nike, and Champion. Iconic jeans and cozy sweats not only exude the spirit of American casual wear but also provide comfort and versatility, making them ideal for the Russian winter season. These fashion items are not just clothing; they represent a lifestyle that's quintessentially American.

For those with a sweet tooth, American confectionery classics like Hershey's chocolate and Jelly Belly jelly beans can bring joy and nostalgia to the New Year's festivities. These treats are not just delicious: they carry a sense of familiarity and a taste of American tradition. Furthermore, for the tech enthusiasts among your recipients, there's no shortage of exciting innovations coming from the USA. The latest gadgets from Apple, such as iPhones, Airpods, or smartwatches, are a testament to American ingenuity and technological prowess. These cutting-edge devices encapsulate the spirit of innovation and connectivity, making them fantastic choices for a New Year's gift that transcends borders. Whether it's fashion, sweets, or tech gadgets, your thoughtful gift from the USA to Russia will be a meaningful gesture of love and celebration as you ring in the New Year together, even when miles apart.

What to send as a gift to Russia from France for the New Year 2024

When contemplating what to send as a New Year's gift from France to Russia in 2024, you have the chance to share the sophistication and elegance for which France is renowned. France is celebrated for its contributions to fragrance and fashion, making perfumed treasures from iconic maisons like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and others an excellent choice. These fragrances embody luxurious refinement and offer a touch of Parisian allure that can beautifully enhance the recipient's New Year celebrations. Fine wines and chocolates are also quintessentially French and make for exquisite gifts. A bottle of French wine, whether red, white, or sparkling, carries with it the heritage of French winemaking traditions. Paired with a selection of decadent chocolates, this gift combination is a delightful way to celebrate the New Year with a touch of French indulgence.

For those who appreciate fashion and style, France offers a wealth of options. Accessories like silk scarves and leather goods convey the timeless elegance of French chic. Consider sending a statement piece that adds a touch of Parisian flair to the recipient's wardrobe. Alternatively, for trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts, explore runway-inspired looks from renowned Parisian fashion houses like Dior, Chloé, or Balmain. These fashion gifts embody the latest trends and the epitome of French sophistication. In essence, when sending a New Year's gift from France to Russia, you have the opportunity to envelop your loved ones in the essence of French culture, whether through the art of perfumery, the finesse of winemaking, the indulgence of chocolates, or the timeless elegance of fashion. Your chosen gift will not only reflect your thoughtfulness but also bring a touch of French sophistication to the New Year's celebrations.

This holiday season, brighten the New Year for children living in Russia by sending a gift from Europe to Russia of their favorite cartoon characters purchased at Disneyland Paris. Beloved Disney princesses like Rapunzel, Cinderella, Pocahontas and Snow White make perfect presents, along with fun figures such as the Lightning McQueen toy car, Mickey Mouse, Pluto and more. These timeless Disney characters will capture the imagination of kids during the long winter ahead.

What to send as a gift to Russia from Great Britain for the New Year 2024

When pondering what to send as a New Year's gift from Great Britain to Russia for 2024, consider sharing the essence of British charm and sophistication. Few gifts evoke "cheers'' quite like a selection of fine British teas, cookies, and chocolates, with options ranging from Harrods teas to Cadbury sweets and Walkers shortbread. These treats not only offer delightful flavors but also capture the warmth of British hospitality. Additionally, consider adding local color with quirky mugs, magnets, or posters featuring iconic London symbols or cheeky British humor. For those with an affinity for fashion, British apparel brands like Burberry, Barbour, and Dr Martens provide a touch of British style. To add a touch of luxury, cosmetics from renowned British brands like Clarins and Molton Brown offer a pampering experience. Ultimately, any gift from Britain charms with its familiar and inviting flavors, making it a delightful addition to New Year's celebrations in Russia. When it comes to British souvenirs, you can't go wrong with classic symbols that instantly evoke the charm of the United Kingdom. Consider gifting your friends and loved ones memorable keepsakes like miniature replicas of Big Ben, the iconic clock tower that stands proudly in the heart of London. For a touch of royal elegance, Royal Guard figurines and memorabilia featuring the distinctive red uniforms and tall bearskin hats are a must-have. Capture the essence of London's bustling streets with miniature red double-decker buses, a symbol of the city's vibrant energy. And of course, don't forget the timeless red telephone booths that have become synonymous with British culture – these iconic structures make for charming collectibles that transport you to the streets of London with every glance. These souvenirs offer a delightful reminder of your British adventures and make for cherished gifts for friends and family.

What to send as a gift to Russia from Australia for the New Year 2024

When considering a New Year's gift to send from Australia to Russia in 2024, explore the rich cultural diversity and indigenous artistry that Australia has to offer. Think beyond traditional gifts and instead opt for items that showcase the vibrant and unique indigenous culture of the country. Consider including Indigenous Australian art pieces, such as Aboriginal dot art prints, which are not only visually striking but also carry deep cultural significance. These artworks can serve as a beautiful and meaningful addition to the recipient's home decor, representing the rich tapestry of Australian culture. Furthermore, consider gifting iconic Australian musical instruments like didgeridoos or boomerangs. These items not only hold cultural significance but also offer a playful and interactive element to the gift. They can be a unique way to introduce the recipient to the traditions and heritage of the Aboriginal people. By choosing gifts that celebrate Australia's cultural diversity and indigenous artistry, you not only convey your New Year's wishes but also provide a window into the rich and vibrant tapestry of Australian heritage, creating a memorable and educational experience for your loved ones when sending to Russia. Ultimately, the key to a meaningful New Year's gift from Australia to Russia is to select items that reflect the beauty, culture, and unique qualities of the Land Down Under, creating a thoughtful and cherished surprise for the recipient.

How to pack a New Year's gift for delivery to Russia from abroad

Proper packaging is essential to ensure holiday gifts arrive intact when shipping internationally. Items should be packed in clean, sturdy cardboard boxes without extraneous labels to avoid mistaken routing. Cushion fragile contents like ornamental glassware or snow globes with bubble wrap and crumpled paper to prevent damage. Remember to clearly mark boxes “fragile” so couriers handle with care.

Special considerations apply when sending certain cultural artifacts abroad. Ship paintings, sculptures and other fine artworks in secure plywood crates to protect against harm. For pieces bound for Russia, include a statement from your local Ministry of Culture confirming the item is not designated as national cultural heritage. Similarly, food items must be in unopened manufacturer packaging with all requisite quality and compliance certificates attached per customs requirements. Follow these best practices for international gift shipments this season to guarantee your thoughtful package arrives safely at its overseas destination. Trust TSM’s premier delivery services to overcome current restrictions and spread holiday cheer.

How are parcels with gifts delivered to Russia from abroad in 2024

TSM offers reliable gift parcel delivery to Russia from any country in 2024. We integrate all major global logistics providers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and 100+ others into one platform. This gives customers the best carrier options and rates through a single point of contact, saving time comparing costs and transit times. TSM secures discounts up to 20% for frequent shippers. Experts assist with customs forms, documentation, and tracking. If a parcel is delayed, TSM contacts customs to expedite release.

Critically, TSM maintains delivery channels to/from Russia when other carriers face limitations. We serve individuals and businesses, moving shipments of any size door-to-door, from single documents to large machinery. TSM has well-established expertise transporting diverse cargo to Russia, ensuring your holiday parcels overcome current restrictions to deliver cheer and arrive on time.

Cost and delivery time of parcels to Russia from abroad in 2023

The cost and delivery time of parcels to Russia from abroad which is from hand to hand in 2023 are influenced by several key factors, with parcel weight and size being the primary considerations. Time Saving Machine (TSM) offers competitive pricing that takes into account the specific dimensions and weight of each package, ensuring that you receive a fair and cost-effective shipping solution. It's worth noting that for high-value items, there may be import duties applicable, and TSM's experts are well-versed in providing quotes that include full upfront pricing, helping you understand all associated costs.

For those looking to send New Year's gifts, TSM aims to make the process hassle-free and efficient. Typical delivery times range from 3 to 5 business days in most Russian cities, ensuring your gifts reach their destination in a timely manner. Starting at approximately $240 for standard gift delivery, TSM's services are designed to accommodate various budgets while providing reliable shipping solutions. Whether you're sending gifts from your new home abroad or connecting with loved ones across borders, TSM is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and joyous holiday experience. This New Year's, make someone's day by sending a thoughtful surprise from abroad. The international courier service Time Saving Machine is a reliable partner for the delivery of parcels with gifts to Russia in 2023! 
TSM Company provides specialized shipping services to ensure timely delivery of holiday gifts to Russia. Their experts facilitate punctual gift shipping from anywhere worldwide, expediting shipments to arrive in 3-15 days. By managing customs formalities and documentation, TSM enables smooth transport of gifts into Russia. Their specialists advise on optimizing docs to avoid delays. TSM can overcome current delivery restrictions to spread holiday cheer. Contact them at +1213-459-5581 or

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